Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation

Combat and Defence Martial Art - We welcome all ages and abilities

The Sport


A demanding and dynamic combat sport, great for fitness, self-defence and confidence. Disciplines include Point Fighting and Semi Contact



We have classes for all ages and abilities, from the very young with our Little Ninja's, a Beginners Academy and an International Fighting Squad.



With over 30 years experience competing at the highest levels of the sport. Focused and driven providing resulting on and off the tatami

Kickboxing - Self Defense, Fitness and Progression.

Performance - define your own success


We have classes for all ages


Adult Classes 16+, focused on fighting drills, fitness and progressive belt grading

Adult Classes

Kids Kickboxing Classes

Kids Classes 7-15, Focused on devlopment, disicpline and progressive belt grading.

Kids Classes

Little Ninja Kickboxing

Little Ninja's, under 6, working on getting them used to learning, we teach the basics through fun and play.

Little Ninjas


Head over to our Classes page for a full class schedule

A progressive club - all inclusive and devlopment focused.

Welcome to all

Club News

Our latest News and Events

  • New Bungee course
    New Bungee course starts in March A popular class with only 12 spaces. Using bungees and elastics  to develop explosion and all round fitness  Message to reserve a space .
    February 13, 2019
    in Events
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  • Aviva results
    February 07, 2019
    in Events
    Read 22 times
  • Southern area grand slam
    ResultsRobbie Brown taking 1st cat 18 and 1st in cat 19 and 1st place in older kids teamsRossi Brown 3rd in cat 18 and 1st in older kids teamsMaggie Brown 4th in cat 18 and 3rd cat 54 LCKatrina 4th cat 4 and 2nd in younger kids teamsJake 2nd in younger kids teamsJasmine 1st cat 2 2nd cat 3 and 2nd in younger kids teamsJosh 1st in cat 6 then stepped up to cat 11 taking 3rd place Abby 2nd in cat 14Dan 1st in cat 10Symon 1st cat 20 and 1st in older kids teamsNicole 1st cat 28 2nd cat 32Kerry Wonderful Anderson 2nd cat 28 and 2nd cat 36 Stuart 2nd cat 26Runner up places to Andy Ellis Jake in their categories there was a bit of a mess up at the end which messed up Symon and Matt taking their categories but they were both there to support the BKO team from start to finish VERY WELL DONE ALL Very good DAY FOR BKO as always Liz Videos of some fightsRobbie Abi Stuart     
    February 07, 2019
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  • Basingstoke Sports awards
    We have a few people nominated for the Basingstoke sports awards this year. Liz is up in the senior ladies category Rob is in the senior mens  George. Coach of the year. Maggie  and Charlotte Junior girls BKO club of the year and team of the year. The awards take place on March 1st. so lets hope we  do well this year.   
    January 29, 2019
    in Events
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  • Thank you to Aviva
    Thank you to Aviva who have granted us £1000 for our kids team to enter tournaments.It has been a policy of ours to raise money for the kids team and to help develop and introduce all the kids who want to compete to  tournaments. All the childrens sections at the recent WON  tournament were paid for by the club. Last year we raised £3000 for the kids team entries and this year has started well with this award from Aviva. We also have planned more bag packs etc to raise funds ourselves. The success we have had with our kids team  has meant that we are getting recognition from companies like Aviva, Post office and Persimmons and with their help we have further developed and improved our standard. Thank you Aviva.
    January 29, 2019
    in Events
    Read 35 times

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