Kids Summer camp day 3

Day 3 saw loads more training, games, sparring and Nerf wars (Zombie apocalypse). The kids are working flat out. Some are coming to the evening classes as well and training 5-6 hours.

 click the link for vid.



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BKO summer camp day 2

Today was all about circuits and sparring.  After some team games and warm up  We began with a blitzing circuit of one minute rounds, then a punch strengthening circuit  of the same. We followed with lots of sparring, tag team and individual analysis of each fighter. Finally there was more Nerf wars mayhem and we all crashed after.


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Club refurb 2

The final (Almost) stage of fixing up the gym.


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Kids summer camp

Today saw the start of the summer camp.
We began with some Dodgeball and team games and exercises. Then after a stretch we worked on some basics and split into different groups. Advanced class worked using the boxes, bungees, leg weights and Paralettes to develop power and speed. The inters were working on avoidance and counters and the beginners worked through the red belt grading.
We the did some sparring and tag team finally finishing off with a mad nerf wars game. A great start to the week.

 Well doe all.


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Club refurbishment

Now that we have the use of the room 24/7 we have been decorating and re designing the club layout to maximise the space and make a better place to train in. 
Thanks to all the volunteers we have re painted all the walls and filled in the holes etc.  Painted the floor.Cleaned all the mats, removed the old cipboard and replaced with pigeon holes and a new bag space.

Added a mesh wall for kit bags, refurbished all the toilets and painted a logo on the wall.
The result is  a fresher and more spacious gym with all the equipment in place and organised. It will get it's first outing at the kids summer camp on Monday 24th August and we are all looking forward to it.


Thanks to Kat, Mitch, Jenn, Bob, George, Harry, Dave, Gabor, Rob, Paige, AJ, and everyone else who made this possible.


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BKO summer camp

BKO Beginners course september

Next BKO beginners course starts on Weds 5th September 6-7pm.
Get fit, Have fun, Learn a great sport, defend yourself, meet new people. For men and women of all ages.
£40 for 6 weeks plus any other BKO class free for the duration of the course. Red belt grading on completion.
What are you waiting for?
Message me to reserve a space.