Chessington and Windsor

CIMAC 17th September 
Fighters on the day Robbie – Maggie – Rossi – Rory – Ken – Charlotte – Michelle – Nicole – Jamie and myself – hopefully not forgotten anyone, please correct me if I have 
All fighters did brilliantly, was a very long day as always and great team work and support from family, friends and our favourite photographer Steve Gridley - nearly left off our team camera man Richard Brown - who was running more than anyone making sure we had footage of all the fights - great efforts as always

Charlotte and Jamie had the misfortune of being on a matt where the refs had trouble seeing shots being scored on the right side of the matt. Both fighters did so very well and got very frustrated with points not being scored. Jamie was showing great improvement and even got his opponent with a head kick twice which was missed both times by the refs.

Robbie fought in the Advanced Semi contact under 12 boys 34kg – although did well didn’t get a placing, but continues to improve in his fighting. Robbie finished 5th overall
Maggie was under extra pressure in the Advance Semi under 30kg, as took the first in the last one which put her 2nd in the League, this time although she was sharper and using hands finished 5th.

Rossi went out with extra conviction in the Advanced Semi contact under 12 boys 34kg, winning his first bout and putting me on the edge of my seat (was told to sit down a few times) as he drew first of all and went to extra time, then drew again and it went to sudden death and Rossi finally got the last score in and we all went wild. He unfortunately didn’t win his next bout finishing 4th overall. Rossi also took part in Advanced 30kg finishing 5th place.

Mitch took a 1st place in the Intermediate +65kg Semi Contact category, it was a great moment and never seen Mitch smiled as much ever. Was a great result seeing as Mitch had a sprained ankle and many were trying to deter Mitch from fighting due to her injury. Mitch also decided to compete in the Semi Contact Advanced 65+ taking 4th.

Ken Advanced Men Semi Contact took on Mr Muscle man but unfortunately even though was leading at the start lost in the final seconds, but still put on a good performance.

Nicole Intermediate +65 Semi Contact arrived without any kit (prepared as ever) but lucky for her Robbie Brown lent her all she needed and she walked away with 2nd Place.

Rory Intermediate Men -75 Semi Contact – although didn’t see his category as was coaching Ken at the time or fighting, same old waiting all day and then all being called at the same time. Rory if you can add details of your fighting that would be great – do know that Rory took first place – Well Done Rory Campion

Last was me and thanks to Ron I’ve had to continue in 3 Categories, I somehow managed to let Ron convince me to do all three at the start of the year and now leading in 2 and 2nd in another I’ve had to continue – I fought in Ladies Advanced Semi Contact +65 taking 3rd place, having to contend with a giant in the category, then advanced Light con +65kg having to fight the same giant taking 2nd place overall then also the advanced light con -65kg taking first place – it was hard work and was feeling it, but Team Brown encouraged me to carry on and finish all the categories

Was a great day – well done all



Well done to the team fighting at Chessington Today.
Great team spirit With George and Paige working the assistant coach duties and looking after the little ones today. Thanks to parents and helpers as well today
Jake fought his heart out today in his first ever competition and had 5 fights against some larger and more experienced opponent. He went from strength to strength in his fights never backing down and scored a lovely side kick.
Dan had loads of fights and was cool and composed in all of them. Showing his great timing and skill he won them all convincingly and got a gold.
Ellis also fought some more experienced girls and was scoring some nice reverse punches. When she gets that confidence in her abilities she will make them tell more.
Belle and Jasmine had the fight of the day in the under 120cm final. 9-9 at the bell and only one point in it after extra time. Very close. Jasmine won her first competition and Belle was 2nd.
George had to dig deep in his first fight against an opponent that was jumping in, kicking low and hitting hard, George was hurt a couple of times, but got up and kept firing reverse punches until he won. This affected his later fights and he had to settle for 3rd this time.
Paige showed her strength and power against a good determined opponent in her final. She kept cool and continued to follow her plan. Paige's focus was great and today it earned her a gold.
Dave had four fights in the men's section and improved on everyone scoring many points but just missing out on the win. A lovely sweep/backfist combination gained appreciation from his opponent and the refs.
A great start to the second half of the season and good experience for everyone. I am proud of you all!




jamie  rossi  Rory  rossi  mc

Yellow Belt grading August

Well done Yellow belts last night. 2 hours of hard work and showing what you can do. Bagwork, sparring, focus pads etc all worked through. 

Congratulations and on to orange belt now.
Those who couldn't make it last night, we can grade you individually over the coming weeks.
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Little Ninjas class. Kickboxing for under 5s. Using fun and movement to develop skills and understanding.
Due to the success of this class We have lots of space now and are recruiting for September as most of our Ninjas have moved up to the Kids class.
First lesson free!

Saturdays 9.30-10.15am


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BKO Beginners course

With over 130 people who have successfully completed the BKO beginners course so far and many moving up the grading ladder or competing, the next beginners course will start 6-7pm Thursday 21st September. £38 for the six week course plus all other BKO classes free for the duration of the course. 
(10 per week) Message me to reserve a place.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also have regular pay as you go adults and children's classes. First lesson free.


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BKO Wristbands

New BKO wristbands have arrived!

They come in all grading colours. When you grade you will get a belt and a wristband. If you want backdated ones they will be 50p

Remember all BKO gradings are Free

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Liz in the gazette

Liz makes the gazette.

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BKO kids summer camp

This year the summer camp took place from 15th - 18th of August.

Because the weather was good we spent the first couple of days training outside  at Eastrop park. We introduced the kids to hill sprints and running exercises and also circuit training using the park equipment. We then had  an hour or so of grading work followed by sparring and then some Nerf wars in the trees.

The last two days we spent at the club and the training intensified. Some would be taking their grading at the end of teh week while others were getting their heads around them for later in the year. There was still plenty of sparring, fun and games and teh usual Chaos of indoor Nerf wars with tennis ball granades and foottball bombs.

It was a great week with lots of fun and hard training. As usual it was wondeful to see all the kids progressing and focussing on their individual skills.


Well done to Sophia, Jasmine and Belle who gained their red belt and to Sam and Princeley who got their orange. Also well done to all the kids who came to every class and also the regular BKO classes. Especially Robbie, Maggie and Rossi who put in 21 hours of training  over four days!!!




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Congratulations to Liz Ferioli who is the latest BKO member to be selected to represent GB at the forthcoming WAKO world Championships in Hungary. Liz will d=be competing in the ladies Light contact division. We wish her all the luck and look forward to her brining home the bling for GB.


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Congratulations to Liz who is the latest member of the BKO team to be selected to represent GB in the forthcoming WAKO world Championships in Hungary. Liz will be fighting in the ladies vets Light con division. We wish ehr all the luck in the world and look forward to her brining home the bling.


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Kiraly Summer camp Hungary

The Kiraly summer camp this year was from 29th July to 8th August.

15 BKO members attended the camp this year. George, Maggie, Rossi, Robbie, Charlotte, Mitch, Kat, Nicolle, Chrystal, Chantelle, Debs, Ron, Kerry, Gribbs and Rosie.

Training was like last year. 1 early morning work out or Run. A mid morning teaching session focussing on certain aspects of fighting. Attack, Defence etc. And evening session working on fighting drills and lots of sparring.

All accomodation and food (Always Chicken. Plus loads of watermelon)! were provided, so the camp really became our home for the week. There were 136  attendees from 16 countries,s ome returning from last year and others were newcomers to the camp.

During the afternoon we would retire to the local spa to recharge batteries and ease tired legs in the hot and cold pools. This activity becomes a life saver and is essential for recuperation for the evening session. Sometimes we would go to the local bar and chill out for an hour before wearily returning yo our beds.

During the week the temperature rose steadily and was hitting 40 degrees by Wednesday. In the training hall they recorded 50 degrees, but everyone still put great effort inro their training. Plenty of water was needed by all as the danger of dehydration was high. 

Wednesday was a rest day and we visited the nearby town of Seged, Had lunch and went to the water park for the afternoon. The previous evening had seen everyone let their hair down at Gringo's pub and the Palinka was in full flow, Some people returned to their beds at 4.30am after a big party in the hallway.

The training was hard, but informative. As usual Istvan and the Kiraly team were open and friendly and passed on their knowledge with patience and enthusiasm. BKO members worked with people from all other clubs and made friendships and bonds across the  world. 
The Saturday was  a tag team tournament  with teams fighting in a round robin  to find the last four for the semi finals. BKO members were in three of the finalists, but in the end Kat and Charlotte were victorious with the winning team and Rossi and Maggie came 3rd.

Once again an amazing experience with 2 months of training crammed into a week and learning with the best kickboxers from across the world. So much happened, So many funny incidents during training, eating, and resting that it would take a huge blog to convey them all  so Iwill say Thanks to Istvan , the kiraly team and all the other fighters and supporters who we met, trained with and lughed with  this year. We will be back in force next year for more of the same.

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