Killian's Blue belt Grading

Well done Killian. An awesome performance for your blue belt tonight. It was hard work with lots of rounds and sparring, but you showed your skill and determination. A pass with distinction. Congratulations.


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BKO league mid season

BKO league tables after 19 tournaments. 45 competitors from the club, 100+ trophies. Well done Mitch for being top by just 1 point after your efforts on Sunday. Charlotte is the top Junior fighter, We have a little break from domestic tournaments now till September, but there are still 10 more competitions till the end of the year and we still have Kiraly camp and Charlotte in the team for European championships in August.


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Double day of comps

Well done to Mitch and George who went to the Watford interclub after a lot of the team had pulled out due to illness and overdoing it at George's Massmatiks gig.
Michelle got a 2nd place and George 3rd. They were generally happy with their performances and were concentrating on improvements worked on in the class
Also well done to Killian who won a bronze at the WMAC tournament in Birmingham.

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Team app

We have a new app that has profiles and calendars with reminders for all our events. Have a look and join up if you are a club member.
Click the link below to have a look.


Bungee courses

maybe you are looking to improve your fitness or get an edge over your opponent. 
maybe you just want to try something new.
its used all around the world by world champions and you will see improvement very quickly.


 message me if you are interested.

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Busy weekend

Absolutely massive and manic kids class this morning. Lots of Ninjas have moved up and are now mixing it and sparring with all the kids. A little bit of re-arranging for next week to get the most out of the class.
Well done all those who came in the heat for the two hour sparring session. Lots of work and great effort. Welcome to our friends from La Belle France The Vandommes who fought their hearts out today and put us all through our paces.
A great morning.
Now we are off to support George and Massmatiks at Basingstoke Live.

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Charlotte in the Gazette

Charlotte makes the local paper. basingstoke Gazette fro her performance at the kids Euro cup

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Maggie wins gold

 BKO took a team to the Cimac world cup in Birmingham.

This is one of the hardest fought tournaments in the Superleague circuit.

Maggie Brown entered the girls advanced division. Using her strong front leg kicks and follow up punching she powered her way through several rounds beating the British champion on the way. In the final Maggie met the World champ and after a short while was 5-1 down. It looked to be all over, but Maggie found extra strength and continued to attack her opponent with kicks. She pulled back point after point and at the final bell she won by 9-6.

Nicole Langley continued her winning performances by earning first place here. It was by no means a foregone conclusion and Nicole had to get through some tough bouts, but her timing and accurate punching won her the trophy.

Michelle Rees Got silver in the ladies section as did Liz Ferioli in the light continuous class

George Hine gained a Bronze in the boys section and father and daughter Ellis and Rory Campion also got Bronze in the girls and mens pointfighting.

Robbie had to pull out  due to illness after winning his first fight. Rossi and Paige fought well but were unlucky not to progress this time.

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Chessington June 2017

By George.


Successful day at Chessington today!

first up we had...


we were a little worried because it was open grade but turns out we had no problems!
KATRINA takes from her mother and has no fear in getting stuck in. she got a 2nd place at her first ever tournament, she has massive potential and is very talented :)

BELLE steps on the matt for the first time as the smallest competitor but nothing was going to stop her! even holding her own against some black belt fighters!!! she has no fear and loved every moment on that matt well done belle :)

ROSSI was up next and had a couple of awkward fights. once he figures out his way around fighters that just aimlessly run at him and try to hit him he will have no trouble walking away with gold. He had one fight against a points style fighter and dominated showing his true talent. Got a little bit of work to do but you should be proud of yourself as you gave a brilliant performance against in against a 'normal style of point fighter'

MAGGIE was a natural out there and is starting to use her hands! she is now becoming a strong force and listened to instructions perfectly. picked up a gold and dominated her section. next aim for maggie is to put the same thing into the super league next week. FIGHTER OF THE DAY!!

ELLIS had her second tournament and the improvement in her fighting is massive. precise side kicks to the body and blitz's were flying. she had a tough kicker at the end and faced her fears! a real fighter and brilliant attitude in training which shows in her development on the map. 2nd place for ellis in her 2nd ever tournament!!

MICHELLE had a tiring day fighting in light con and two point section but focus and mental positivity was much stronger. had an extremely tough 'light' con fight to start but she kept getting up and stuck in, its all experience. she gained a 3rd in points intermediate and fought some very tough fights on advanced. you cant fault her ability to get up and keep going and had made her mindset so strong, massive improvement.

RICHARD REES had his first tournament and went straight into the intermediate section. definitely the fastest and most technical fighter in the sections but a few distance and timings that will come with more matt time. but a great performance and unlucky not to place 3rd just couldn't get the refs majority. looking forward to seeing you at more tournaments as gold is so close.

KERRY turned up LATE!! and seemed a bit mellow before fighting in her intermediate section but quickly got her head into gear. all the work we have been doing on Thursday came into place and came off the matt saying she could actually do what i asked her. (which makes me wonder what she has been doing so far) but had a lot of energy in her fighting and tactically fought brilliant. 2nd place for kerry!!

NICOLLE (With two L's) had her family down to watch and was up and raring for her first intermediate tournament. she took no prisoners and had a great spring in her step. timing and decisions were brilliant and when she decides she is going to win she always will!! he kicks are coming along nicely and i dont think it will be long till she can use them more effectively in tournaments. 1st place for nicolle and a very strong performance

LAST BUT NOT LEAST WE HAVE LIZ!! who had some great continuous fights and i thought was robbed out of a first place as she was blocking the 'head kicks.' but more importantly her timing on when to add pressure and when to blitz has grown massively!! giving her so much more to use while fighting. This also showed in her points fighting when she was up against a very quick and impressive fighter but instead liz used her timing to score a step back side kick and her explosive power to blitz her. i've never seen her come off the matt so happy and it was great to see! she has improved so much and shows now sign of slowing down. 2nd and 3rd for liz

What a brilliant performance from everyone! but this is just the beginning we need to get back into training and become the best we can be!

Kristian and Roland seminar on Wednesday and that will help everyone!!

I am very proud of everyone today. lets keep this mindset going and when your tired and hurting remember to still come train and push your partners as it not just you your helping but your team!

GO BKO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Youtube Videos Here



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BKO camping trip June 2017

Thanks to kerry for organising theis camping trip for the club to the New Forest water park near Ringwood.

The site has a "wipeout" style obstacle course in the water with loads of inflateables to climb on, Jump off, and not be able to get back up on. We all camped together and cooked around the bbqs and in the evening we had  a log fire and plenty of drinks and snacks. etc. Played games of swing ball and football, Strummed guitars and basically chilled out
On the Saturday we had a little training session with the focus pads and started to put some meore unusual techniques and combinations together. EG:  Cartwheel, Axe Kick, forward roll, spin kick. Or  12 fast spinning kicks then try to blitz the pads. 
On Saturday we all donned wet suits and took to the assault course for an hour which was great fun and exhausting. Lots of challenging obstacles to negotiate and slides, Jumps and a spring board type thing. 

Sunday saw Mitch and Martin take to the water again to try out the wakeboard zip line and very good they were too. Syaing up and keeping their balance as they were pulled along cheered by us and the massive carp that hung around waiting for the kids to give them snacks

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