Ninja red belts

Congratulations to Xavi and Jack. two of the latest Ninjas to pass their red belt. Well done guys. :)

Grand Slam

Some great performances from the team today at the GB grand slam We have had some injuries and strains lately which put out the likes of George, Rory and Liz to some extent. But a good day and a well organised tournament. Well done also to Mitch who reffed for the first time today and spent the whole day on her feet.

Maggie. 1st, 2nd.

Paige 1st, 2nd.

Robbie 2nd, 3rd.

Liz 2nd, 3rd.

AJ 2nd

Ben 3rd

Rossi 3rd

Kat 3rd, 3rd

Adam 3rd, 3rd.

Good fighting from Katrina and Gabor, but no podium this time.

BKO kids tournament June

Great BKO kids tournament today. Some fantastic fights from everyone. Thanks to all the kids and parents and helpers who supported us. Love it!

GB team members

Well done to Paige and Charlotte who have been selected for the WAKO GB team and will be competing in the European championships in Hungary in August. Great work girls. !

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New Referees

Congratulations to kerry and Michelle who took part in the 6 hour WAKO referees course and are now qualified to ref in National tournaments.

New Ninjas class

A new Little Ninjas under 5s class is now on Tuesdays 5.00-5.45pm
Contact us for more details or to arrainge a free trial lesson

Northants open

Results from an awesome day at Northants open.
Belle 1st, 4th
Killian 1st,1st,1st.
Ellis 1st
Kessie 1st
Camille 1st, 2nd, 2nd
Annais 2nd
Kat 1st,1st,3rd.
Liz 1st,1st,1st Grand champion, 2nd
Rory 1st
George 1st,1st,1st,1st Grand champion
Taylor 1st, 2nd.
Jasmine 2nd, 3rd
Paige 2nd, 3rd.
Ollie 3rd, 4th.
Mitch 2nd, 3rd,3rd,3rd
Kerry 2nd, 2nd
Rob 2nd
Dave 3rd
Rossi 3rd
Maggie 4th
Robbie 4th
Tag teams
Maggie, Ellis 3rd
Rossi, Jamie 2nd
Killian, Robbie 1st
Belle, Jasmine 2nd
Well done Adam and Katrina who fought well but no trophy this time.
Amazing day with some wonderful fighting from everyone.
Great work team.


Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading this week. Some fine performances and lots of effort put in over the last few months to achieve them. Well done

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Yellow belt grading

Congratulations to the new yellow belts who smashed it today. Performing basic techniques, bagwork, defences and sparring. Well done everyone.

Cimac Super league

Results from today at the Super League.
Robbie. 1st & 2nd
Charlotte 1st
Maggie 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Liz 1st, 3rd & 3rd
Paige 2nd & 4th
Mitch 2nd & 4th
Ellis 3rd & 4th
Rory 3rd 
Harry 3rd
Great fighting from Jake, Belle, Jamie, Katrina and Rossi today, but no podium this time.
Fighters of the day for me were Robbie, Jasmine and Jake, But there were great improvements from all. Good to see Liz back and aggressive :) and Paige coming back on form. Jasmines fighting is maturing all the time, Jamie's speed was brilliant in his first fight. Katrina had a really good start to her bout and scored some great points. Charlotte smashed it, Maggie worked hard, Mitch broke her fighter up well and was unlucky, Ellis' reverse counter was great, Rory had a tight bout with Darrell again, Belles blitz and Jake's movement were superb. Plus much more to be excited about. A great day . :)
Andy came 3rd