Kiraly Summer camp Hungary

The Kiraly summer camp this year was from 29th July to 8th August.

15 BKO members attended the camp this year. George, Maggie, Rossi, Robbie, Charlotte, Mitch, Kat, Nicolle, Chrystal, Chantelle, Debs, Ron, Kerry, Gribbs and Rosie.

Training was like last year. 1 early morning work out or Run. A mid morning teaching session focussing on certain aspects of fighting. Attack, Defence etc. And evening session working on fighting drills and lots of sparring.

All accomodation and food (Always Chicken. Plus loads of watermelon)! were provided, so the camp really became our home for the week. There were 136  attendees from 16 countries,s ome returning from last year and others were newcomers to the camp.

During the afternoon we would retire to the local spa to recharge batteries and ease tired legs in the hot and cold pools. This activity becomes a life saver and is essential for recuperation for the evening session. Sometimes we would go to the local bar and chill out for an hour before wearily returning yo our beds.

During the week the temperature rose steadily and was hitting 40 degrees by Wednesday. In the training hall they recorded 50 degrees, but everyone still put great effort inro their training. Plenty of water was needed by all as the danger of dehydration was high. 

Wednesday was a rest day and we visited the nearby town of Seged, Had lunch and went to the water park for the afternoon. The previous evening had seen everyone let their hair down at Gringo's pub and the Palinka was in full flow, Some people returned to their beds at 4.30am after a big party in the hallway.

The training was hard, but informative. As usual Istvan and the Kiraly team were open and friendly and passed on their knowledge with patience and enthusiasm. BKO members worked with people from all other clubs and made friendships and bonds across the  world. 
The Saturday was  a tag team tournament  with teams fighting in a round robin  to find the last four for the semi finals. BKO members were in three of the finalists, but in the end Kat and Charlotte were victorious with the winning team and Rossi and Maggie came 3rd.

Once again an amazing experience with 2 months of training crammed into a week and learning with the best kickboxers from across the world. So much happened, So many funny incidents during training, eating, and resting that it would take a huge blog to convey them all  so Iwill say Thanks to Istvan , the kiraly team and all the other fighters and supporters who we met, trained with and lughed with  this year. We will be back in force next year for more of the same.

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Kiraly summer camp 2016

11 members of BKO went to the Kiraly summer camp in Hungary this year

The camp had 140 people attending and  takes place over 8 days with 3 training sessions a day consisting of a fitness workout in the morning, drills training and a sparring session in the evening. There is a rest day on Wenesday and a competition on the Saturday. Fighters  were seperated into ability/age groups and worked together for the week.

The sessions were rotated through Conditioning, Blitzing, kicking, defences and Swot analysis. On some evening sparring sessions the groups were combined so that  you could spar with fighters of other abilities. 

An important part of training like this is how you rest and recuperate your body. Most days we went to the Spa for a few hours and alternated between hot saunas and cold pools which revived your aching limbs somewhat.

Tuesday night saw us letting our hair down and visiting the local pub where beer, wine and Palinka flowed and there was even an impromtu disco complete with lights in the corridor!

Saturday was a tag team contest where we were put with random partners and competed in a round robin competition. Most fighters are quite tired at this point in the week, but there were still some great and skillful fights.


This is the third year that we have attended the summer camp and it has become a highlight ofour year and a great way to sharpen your skills for the rest of the fighting season as well as being a good holliday. The camp is open to all ages and abilities and  We will be attending the 2017 camp and already have people booking their flights.


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