Sunday 28th September 2014


While Ron, George and Debbie Peploe and Steve Gribbins were away fighting at the Flanders Open in Antwerp, BKO also represented at the Infinity South West tournament in Yeovil.

The tournament was run under Infinity Martial Arts rules, the main differences from WAKO rules are x2 points for a kick to the body and 3 points for a kick to the head.

First up was Steve Devereaux and Jimmy Pedrick in the Novice Men’s +75kg Points. Both made it through to the final, Steve in emphatic style beating his opponent with several hard head kicks and by 15 clear points to have the round stopped with still 45 seconds remaining on the clock. Jimmy had a slightly harder route to the final ending up in a sudden death fight off, but managed to secure the vital point needed.

The final was close run affair with Steve just edging Jimmy at the end, although both fighters showed a very high standard for the Novice category, a lot of spirit, never giving an inch and fighting hard right up until the final buzzer. A BKO first and second place!

Next up was Kerry Anderson and Lucy Weller in the Novice Ladies -65kg Points. Kerry battled back from a disappointing result in her first fight to gain a strong 3rd place. Lucy finished 4th although the results did not fairly reflect the standard of fighting displayed by the ladies, in particular Lucy who looked very strong and will definitely be winning tournaments before long.

Making her tournament debut was Nicky Mcghee in the Novice Ladies +65kg Points who came third overall which is a great result for a first tournament. Again, some very determined and proactive fighting on display with lots of confidence and points to work on for the next tournament.

In the intermediate Men’s +75kg Points was Paul Corio and Steve Devereaux stepped up again following his victory in the Novices section. First up was Steve who despite this being only his third competition mixed it up against some technically strong and very fast competition. Next up was Paul who went point for point with his opponent and at one stage went 2 points clear, however was just pipped in the final seconds to lose 9-8. The 3rd place fight off between Steve and Paul was also a very close fight, with Steve scoring a heavy 3 point head kick early on and Paul fighting back to make it 5-5 with only a few seconds to go but conceding a late point to give Steve the win and 3rd place overall.

Last up for BKO was Michelle Reese in the Ladies Mixed Abilities +65kg Continuous which is a tough category as novices can be matched against advanced fighters. In what can only be described as a fantastic show of determination, Michelle fought hard against a more experienced opponent and despite losing out on the day consistently pressed the fight and did not give an inch.

A very big shout out to Andy Partridge who came along purely in a coaching capacity this time and stood in our corners shouting encouragement and tips, all of the BKO fighters were very grateful to him for his help!

Another tournament, another really positive show from the BKO team, a lot of fun and more trophies to add to the 2014 haul and the best thing of all is….it can only get better! #GoBKO


Two tournaments in one day pt2

George, Ron, Gribbs and Debs went to compete in the Flanders open in Antwerp 27th September.
A very respected tournament with the cream of Europe's competitors there. no beginners or intermediate categories.

We arrived for registration and weigh in on Friday and was surprised to find only four fighting mats and one set of seating.  A tournament with this amount of quality fighters in it would have attracted a huge crowd in the uk.

The organisation was excellent. We received  a folder with all the categories and times on them as well as the running order for all the finals. There was also a warm up area with mats for the competitors and no one was allowed in the fighting areas, unless thye were a coach or competitor. This meant there was a great view of the fights from all areas of the seating.


Saturday was the junior fighters and grand championship sections We all entered these categories, but sadly despite good fights we didn't manage to progress. The standard was extremely high and the fighting very competetive and anyone who won certainly deserved the prize.


I entered the veterans grand championship section and after several fights with Norweigans a British fighter and a real battle with a German in the semi finals. I reached the final which was to be in the evening. This was 4 and a half hours later and at my age that generally means everything stiffening up, so I was a little anxious.

The final was held in the centre mat with lights and music and fanfares etc. I met another German and for the first minute and a half we were roughly equal, then he moved a couple of points ahead and I felt I needed to get a head kick in before time ran out, but this gave him the opportunity to increase his lead with backfists, so I had to settle for 2nd place. George said I went for it a bit early and could have retrieved some points more safely with punches. He was probably right there. I found out after that there was 150 Euros for the winner. If I'd have known that..........?


Sunday saw the weight divisions competition. 
Debs decided to enter dispite the fact that she was jet lagged and had been tarining only intermittently and was only a purple belt. After putting up a good fighte she succumbed to the eventual finalist

Gribbs met an excellent Irish fighter and was caught out early on with a couple of heaqd kicks that he found it hard to recover from.This fighter also went on to the finals

George was on fire! He met a Swiss team fighter and it was a real battle with points going back and forth. There is very little to seperate fights like this and George lost the bout by one point in the closing seconds.


We stayed on to watch the finals which had some fantastic bouts,then went wearily back to the hotel.


This was an  excellent tournament, well organised and set out and with the best fighters Europe has to offer.We also sampled the delights of Belgiums beer and waffles and experienced the Antwerp road system which seems to have been designed by the same person wo made the stairs in Hogwarts!!

We will be back.

Also on the same day BKO fighters took part in teh Yeovil open. See Paul's write up on here