It was a THREE tournament weekend for BKO this week. 


George and Andy competed in a fight night in Wales where they both ran out winners and beat their opponents by 10 clear points. Great practice for the WAKO world championships.

Well done guys.


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Wetook a squad to the final of the Southern area Grand slam at Eastleigh. Several of our fighters were in the running for Grand championships.


Charlotte was up first and showed great skill and control using her kicks and reverse punches to win outright  Jamie had a great first fight and used some good  defensive tactics agains charlotte coming 3rd.

Maggie, Robbie and Rossi also gave a great account of tehmselves in their section where Robbie came first, Maggie 2nd and Rossi 4th

Laynar used her reverse punch and a deadly side kick to win her section, Aimee was 3rd.


In the adults section Sean had some good fights using his strong counter techniques and sr=traight punch coming 2nd

Vinnie entered two sections and won both of them in sreat style

At the end of te day the grand champions were announced. BKO Picked up 5 Charlotte, Robbie, Sean and Vinnie who got two. 
 A great result for BKO.


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We the drove to Windsor and took part in the final Cimac Super league fo the year.


Kat was her usual formidable self in the ladies continuous where she gained a first place. She then fought in the Ladies advanced where she gave a good account of herself against bigger and more experienced opponents, coming 4th. 
chniques, scoring strongly. As the fight progressed his opponent closed Ashleigh down and managed to push him out of the mat several times. The result was a loss for Ashley in his first tournament for years, but it was only due to Ashley's tacticts and getting used to fighting in this style and on a mat. There are great things in the future for him.


Neil fought in the mens continuous and was experimenting with more movement and fluidity in the fight which worked really well. I though hedominated the bout until the last 15 seconds where his opponent scored some good kicks. the judges felt this was enough to give the bout to the opponent.


It was time to present the grand championships where BKO received 4. Kat in Points and continuous, Neil in continuous and Ron in Veterans. Best of all though BKO were awarded the team of the year trophy which is amazing  as it recognises the effort  and ability of our club as a whole and what we have achieved this year.  It gives credit to all the fighters whether they have won a bout or not and all the parents and helpers who make the club what it is and can share in the success. Well done everyone.


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