Wako British Championships

Great day at the WAKO British Championships yesterday.
Robbie was up first and had a hard bout with a very good fighter. Robbie chased his opponent fand scored a great hook kick to level the fight at 7all In extra time Robbie continued working hard but eventually lost by a couple of points. His opponent went on to win the section.
George was having a difficult day with his injured hand and his Rhythm. He fought through to the semi final of the mens under 79kg section and lost to an opponent who he would normally have beaten. He then fought in the mens under 84kg section where he won through to the final meeting World champion Thomas Banks. George's form returned and a very close fight ensued with both fighters pulling and pushing to get an advantage. All was level after the first round and the movement, faking and scores were excellent. In the last seconds George managed to gain a point and this proved enough for him to win the fight and become British Champion.
Ken was up in the Vets 094kg section. Still finding his feet in competition, Ken made it to the final where he met the world silver medalist. A long bout ensued and Ken gave the advantage back to his opponent a couple of times by employing the wrong strategy. However the final bell saw Ken the winner and British champion.
Vinnie also fought in this section and had a good close fight in the semi final but was just pipped by a low body shot and had to settle for bronze. Vin also fought in the mens o94kg section. Despite a brave performance he couldn't progress any further here.
Kat met World Champion and legend Ruth Nelson in her first round. She scored some good points and would have a had more if she did not turn her head when countering. Kat was gaining experience with this fight however and gave a great account of herself. She then met Gemma Upfold another champ in the ladies section. Hard fights for Kat today, but great experience.
Michelle met Spazzy in the semi final. and it was a battle of Spazzy's side kick and backfist against Michelle's movement and straight puncht. With seconds to go Michelle was a point ahead, but Spazzy backed her up and scored to level the fight. Extra time was also close, but Spazzy's side kick scored he decider and put her into the final. Bronze medal for Mitch.
Spazzy met Ruth in the final and came out scoring the first point and uttering war cries. Was this going to be an upset? Ruth showed her class and scored points. Spazzy gave her all but had to settle for silver this time.
Andy fought in the mens Under 85kg and won easily against his opponents. In the final his movement and fast punches coped well with his opponens kicks and he deservedly ran out a winner and British Champion.
Rob fought a very close bout in the mens under 74kg section, It was level after the first round. In extra time Rob's opponent managed to get a couple of points clear and win the bout. Rob gained valuable experience here and has great potential to win in the future.
I fought in the mens vet over 94 kg section and ran out the eventual winner. 
So a great weekend for BKO 4 British champions, 2 silvers, 3 bronze and most importantly good perfomances for everyone. Roll on Dublin.

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Wako British Championships

On the 14/15th January we headed off to Solihull for the WAKO British Championships. The National annual tournament for WAKO which had many GB squad members, British, European and World champions in attendance. There were no beginners or intermediate fighting categories, so it was a high level event.

Saturday was the continuous/Light contact categories. Michelle competed in the ladies section and won her first bout well. In the final she met European champion Gaynor Morgan and despite Mitch's valiant efforts, Gaynor won the fight leaving Michelle in silver medal position.

This tournament also saw the return of Steve Moore to the continuous arena. Steve fought in the mens section and met Mark watton in the final. It was a close run thing, but Mark managed to score more kicks and won the bout. Steve got the silver.

George also fought in the mens continuous. Despite the fact that he has not trained for continuous fighting thi syear he lost narrowly in the semi finals and gained a Bronze medal.


The points tournament took place on Sunday and was well attended this year with lots of junior and youth fighters. With each bout taking place over 2x2mins round it meant that the fighting ran well into the evening and the adult sections did not start till 9pm

There were plenty of great fights to see however First up were the ladies categories. Michelle and Kat were fighting in this one.


Kat had a bye in her first fight and then won successive fights convincingly to reach the final. Michelle also had a good win and reached the semi final where she once more met European champion Gaynor Morgan. This proved a much tougher affair and despite giving everything, Michelle lost the bout and had to settle for a Bronze medal. Kat then met Gaynor in the final where her  experience once again showed and she beat Kat into silver medal position. Kat also entered the womens veteran section and was keen to get her bout underway but her opponent pulled out giving Kat the British Championship by default!


Vinnie Turner entered both the Mens veterans under 94 kg and over 94 kg. Vinnie has been making great progress in these categories lately with his long and awkward style proving difficult for his opponents. He used his reach  to good effect in the Under 94kg winning through to a Bronze medal position. In the over 94kg Vinnie made it to the final which was a very close affair and was only decided in the last 20 seconds of the 2 round bout as His opponent edged vinnie into silver meal position.


Stephen Gribben entered two categories and has been fighting and timing his opponents well lately. After a minute of the first round it was clear there was something wrong as Steve was unusually showing signs of fatigue. Possible virus.  He wasn't moving his legs and even though he was reacting and countering he found it hard work to press the fight. Steve lost his bout and had to immediately move on to the next section where, without any recuperation time, he suffered the same fate.  


George fought next in the mens sections reaching the semi final, George had dominated his opponents with fast counters and inspired footwork. He met Top Ten Fighter Tom Evans in the semi final and an awesome bout ensued. Both fighters were seeking openings using kicks and counters, fakes and movement. With seconds to go Evans caught George with a low side kick and won the bout leaving George with a Bronze medal.


Andy Partridge also fought in a couple of mens sections. He lost narrowly in the first group, but made it to the final of the second and was expecting to meet World Champion Thomas Banks. This did not come about as the semi final was won by Thomas' opponent. In the final Andy threw everything he had at his fighter and it was evenly matched. Near the end of the bout Andy needed a head kick to take it to extra time. He threw a hook kick which connected and then his opponent countered with a spinning kick. The Referees ignored Andy's head kick and scored the spinning kick. With seconds to go this put the bout beyond Andy's reach and he had to settle for silver.


On the whole it was a great day for BKO. The quality of fighting from all levels has improved vastly and the team spirit and mental attitude shows that we can achieve good results in major tournaments. Well done everyone.


Kat Dhillon. Gold, Silver

Michelle. Silver, Bronze

George. Bronze Bronze

Andy. Bronze

Steve Silver

Vinnie. Silver, Bronze


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L to R. Andy Silver. George Bronze. Squad photo. BKO selfie