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Liz makes the gazette.

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George has been selected to represent GB in the forthcoming WAKO World championships in Budapest, Hungary. He has to fund all his travel, training and expeses. So any help would be greatly appreciated. We have set up a pledge sports page for this. Please click on the lphotos below for George's highlight vid and a link to the crowd funding pagehave a look if you have the time

 George Highlights                                                                             Pledge sports

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WAKO British Championships

Just got back after a packed day at the WAKO British championships with loads of fighting talent. Here are the results.
Jeppo 3rd
Rob 3rd
Andy E 3rd
Andy P 3rd
Vinnie 3rd
Ken 3rd
Kat 1st (opponent pulled out) 3rd
Charlotte 2nd
George 1st, 3rd
Mitch 4th  Great preparation for Dublin and the rest of the season

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Back from the WAKOworld championships. A wonderful experience and the most talented packed tournament in the world! To win a gold or even place here was an achievement. 60 countries competing with nearly 900 competitors taking place over 5 days. All the big guns were here. Kiraly. US all stars, Ireland, Russia. ( How many times did we hear the Russian national anthem? With top fighters like Roman Brundle, Dean Barry, Raymond Daniels, Zsolt Moradi to name but a few. There was also very good teams like Slovenia, Mexico, Greece etc Not to mention the mighty GB team who took away 5 gold medals, 2 silver and 9 Bronze.
"How ya feeling GB"!!
For BKO George got to the quarter finals facing a Greek fighter with amazing kicks. George had some harsh scoring go against him when they scored some kicks to his guard and he had to chase the fight. Andy also made the quarter final and met world renowned Raymond Daniels. Andy stood proud and met Daniels with his reverse punch. I though he scored in the first four exchanges, but the ref's didn't. Andy didn't capitulate or get overawed as many do, but fought it out. It was a great performance and one that he should be rightly proud of.
I made it to the semi finals and really expected to be in the final and would have loved to fight Gunter Weninger but fate had other ideas and although I thought I was hitting first, the points were not going my way.I should have changed tactically and that's the lesson to learn from this one. In the world championship you can't take anyone or anything for granted. Still, A Bronze in the world championships is fine I guess. smile emoticon
There has been lots of talk and comments made concerning WAKO and other associations and I don't get involved, but this week has shown the quality of the WAKO world organisation and the fact that this is where Zsolt Moradi wins his world championship, This is where jack Felton wins, his world championship, This is where Henrietta Nagy, Ruth Nelson, Krystian Jaroskievicz, Julia and Roberta Cavaliaro, Sharon Gill, Natasha Balwin. x2, Roland Veres, Scherbakov, Tamas Imre, Chris Collymore, Darryl Merryweather, Gunter Weninger all win their world championshipsis testament to the level at which these championships are respected throughout the world, and there are so many more competitors I could mention who Stood on the podium or were unlucky this time or are gaining experience and will be the great fighters of the future. Of course there can be great fighters in all associations and at all competitions, but the breadth and depth of the talent on display this week, and the spectacle that was the World championships demonstrated the quality of the event and I am so glad I was a part of it.


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Friday 28th February saw 17 of us jet off to the city of Dublin to compete in the 2014 Irish Open. For anyone not familiar, the Irish Open is the biggest and best kickboxing tournament on the global calendar and where the elite of our great sport come to compete every year. This year there were over 3500 fighters doing battle with each other across 3 days, watched by nearly 2000 spectators.  

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday we represented the club, fighting across many different divisions, some of us making our international debuts including Hayden Corby and Ryan O’Grady from the Kids class.

On Saturday Steve Gribbins and Heather Chilcott competed in their continuous matches and fought with a lot of intensity in two tough match ups, just losing out on the win. The day also saw our senior men Ron Peploe, George Peploe and Steve O’Grady fight points with Ron using his experience to ease through into the second round where he lost out on the final point in slightly controversial circumstances. George unfortunately suffered a broken nose just seconds into his fight with a leggy opponent and was unable to continue which was tremendously disappointing considering his recent comeback from serious injury (although it made for a great war wound and video for the Facebook page!). Steve was unable to find his usual crackerjack timing and was bested on the day to go also out in the first round.

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On Sunday Ryan and Hayden stepped up to represent the kids and fought their hearts out, just narrowly losing to more experienced competition. Both lads put on a great show and made us all very proud (especially their Dads!) demonstrating just how hard they both trained for the event and took their fighting to new dimensions as a result. Watch out for these future superstars in the years to come!

Heather stepped back onto the matt for her points fight, along with Philippa Peploe, Charisse Peploe, Debs Peploe and Kiri White all representing the BKO ladies. Particular nods go to Charisse and Kiri, who despite just losing out showed just how hard they have been training and gave both of their opposition tough fights.

Later that day Andy Partridge and Paul Corio fought in the Intermediate men’s -80kg and +80kg divisions respectively. Andy showed off his classy style and speed, very narrowly losing out to a fighter he will definitely come back and beat next year. Next up was Paul who despite a cagey start and a tough scrap (and several falls off the matt!) came back from behind to nudge the win by a point, going out in the second round losing out to a more experienced fighter.

During this time, we also took the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere, rub shoulders with world champions and watch the best of the best close up and take away some moves we can add to our own fighting styles. The experience was invaluable to us all and every single BKO fighter raised their skills to new levels to compete well and represent our little club from Basingstoke with pride on the world stage. We also managed to squeeze in a few pints of Guinness!

There are lots of tournaments coming up throughout the rest of the year and it would be great to see more representation of BKO from our men, women and kids, from novices to the more advanced fighters. If you don’t feel like fighting or just want to see what it’s like and show your support, that would be fantastic too. We will keep you updated in club and on the Facebook page for future events.








The Most Prestigious Tournament in Europe, Run By Martial Artists For Martial Artists. Every year we strive to make this tournament the biggest and best it can be. We are so grateful for your continued support as fighters, coaches, officials and staff and delighted you all choose to be part of this event.


The Schedule

1st Dec 2014
Online registration goes live at

14th Feb 2014
Online Registration Closes

Thursday 27th Feb

Touranment Opens

Friday 28th Feb

Team Events & Full Contact Eliminations

Saturday 1st March

Light Contact Sparring & Adult Advanced Point Sparring

Sunday 2nd March

Junior Point Sparring, Remaining Point Sparring, Full Contact Finals & Male and Female Grand Champion Challenge


Details taken from and further information found at

Facebook page



On 16/02/14 The BKO team kick-started their season by competing at the 2014 WAKO British Championships in Birmingham.  This prestigious tournament is a qualifier for the world and European championships and is a forerunner for amateur fighters to train with team GB.

The final of the men’s veterans under 94kg category saw a showdown between BKO head coaches, Ron Peploe and Steve O’Grady.  Although Ron Peploe edged the close bout to secure gold, he later reflected that Steve O’Grady had a slight disadvantage by competing in another section that day. The pair went on to joke that they may as well of fought this bout at their club location in Basingstoke, something they do regularly in training.

Steve ‘monster’ Gribben, who had trained hard to trim down for the under 80kg section, secured 3rd place to gain a bronze medal. This was Steve’s first tournament since the Southern Championships in September 2012 and an ideal springboard for the Irish open just around the corner. Steve’s hard work certainly paid off as he secured an opportunity to train with team GB as a result of this tournament.

Phillipa ‘Tank’ Peploe (Ron’s niece) now has a number of tournaments under her belt and, on this occasion, lost in the 1st round against the overall winner of the ‘Ladies over 75kg’ category.  Phillipa will always put up a good fight and was only just beaten on the day.  At this level, the margin between ‘win or lose’ is paper thin and it can sometimes require a bit of luck on the day.  It is ‘matt time’ which helps a fighter come of age and Phillipa has really demonstrated this.

George Peploe lost his first fight to the eventual winner in the mens under 75kg category. The inspirational BKO coach, 22, now competes at the very highest level at both domestic and international tournaments.  His selfless dedication to his students, despite his own injury set backs, is a shining example of the theme that continues to run through the core of BKO.


by Neil Jepson