Kwon Birmingham

On  Sunday. We took a squad to the Birmiingham Kwon tournament. It is a league running over 3 tournaments and BKO fighters have points in the league from the previous tournament.

George Peploe fought in two senior sections and although he reached the final in both, he was still feeling jaded after his battles in Dublin the previous week. George gained 2 silvers.

Kat Dhillon  fought in the Ladies Novice section. Still carrying a calf injury that restricts her movement and blitzing she managed to power her way to a gold. She then entered the intermediates section where she reached the second round.Not content with that she entered the Veterans section and won a gold there as well. Not bad for someone who can't move properly.

Vinnie Turner entered the mens Novice section and dominated with his long kicks and right hand, Vinnie  won gold. He then entered the Intermediate section and was pipped in the final into second place. Vinnie was meant to enter the Veterans as well but had to pull out due to a very painful ear. It turns out that he had perforated his ear drum during training that week and had it hit again during the final.



Kwon Tournament.

Sunday Jan 11th saw the first tournament of the year for BKO. Travelling to Birmingham for the Kwon International competition. This was the first time we have been to this tournament and the standard was high.

Spazzy Fought really well and showed her improvement, but is still competing with only one arm working so she was unable to progress in the tournament.
Kat gained a well earned 2nd in beginners and a 2nd in the intermediate section where she met Team mate Charisse in the semi finals and managed to nudge her out in sudden death. Charisse came 3rd.

Vinnie came 2nd in the beginners and entered the Veterans section where everyone was a black belt. Vinnie met the European silver medalist in the semi finals and after kicking him in the face and spending most of the fight at 3 points each, Vinnie eventually lost 6-3 and had to settle for 4th place. But a great achievement for someone who has not been training for a year yet!

George Reached the final of the u79 seniors section and was in command throughout the fight but kept losing focus and letting his opponent back in. This meant the fight went to sudden death and George lost having to settle for 2nd place