Southern area championships

Sunday 1st of june saw BKO take a squad to the Southern area championships in Chessington.


A nice freindly tournament and a good venue. The fighting took place in the atrium of a college with an inflatable transparent  plastic roof. So no sitting under flourescent lights all day, however it did get warm when the sun was out

The first section was the Ladies novices. This was won by Kat who demonstrated her power in the final beatiing Michelle with some hard punches. Michelle closed kat down and scored some good reverse punches, but was edged out in the second round. Kerry met Alex (Mother and daughter ) in the 3rd/4th place fight off. Kerry has been developing a strong attacking style recently. Coming forward at every opportunity and Alex has already show her kicking prowess. This time however Alex found it hard to push the fight and the bout went to Mum! Kerry. So it was 1st,2nd,3rd,4th for BKO.


Next up was George, entering 3 sections in preparation for his full contact fight next week. The first was a continuous section and George powered his way through to 1st place with some great movement and fast punching. In the second heavier continuous section. George unleashed a ferocious spinning kick to the head that rocked his opponent and caused a standing count. In the semi finals George met a far heavier opponent and had a battle to dominate. The fight was a draw, so an extra minute was fought. George sttacked immediately and drove his opponent back. He then received a blow to the nose which caused bleeding. Although it did not stop George, I feel that this influenced the judges who gave the fight to the opponent 2 to 1. George then won the 3rd place fight off. He fought 12 2 min rounds of contionuous up to that point and decided to pull out of the points section.


Gribbs was up next and fough a rangy opponent in the semi finals. Gribbs used his timing well and was causing the other fighter problems by pushing his side kick down and countering. His opponent had to be more considerate with his attack and was completely taken by surprise when Gribbs launched a blitz at him. The fight went to extra time and after a couple of dubious descisions Gribbs lost and had to be content with 3rd place.


Ron took to the mat next in the veterans section Final. After 30 seconds and 3 points to 2 up. Ron's opponent slipped on the edge of the mat and injured his knee giving away 1st place to Ron.


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