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New Bungee course

New Bungee course starts in March

A popular class with only 12 spaces.

Using bungees and elastics  to develop explosion and all round fitness 

Message to reserve a space

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Aviva results

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Basingstoke Sports awards

We have a few people nominated for the Basingstoke sports awards this year.

Liz is up in the senior ladies category

Rob is in the senior mens 

George. Coach of the year.

Maggie  and Charlotte Junior girls

BKO club of the year and team of the year.

The awards take place on March 1st. so lets hope we  do well this year. 

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Thank you to Aviva

Thank you to Aviva who have granted us £1000 for our kids team to enter tournaments.
It has been a policy of ours to raise money for the kids team and to help develop and introduce all the kids who want to compete to  tournaments. All the childrens sections at the recent WON  tournament were paid for by the club.

Last year we raised £3000 for the kids team entries and this year has started well with this award from Aviva. We also have planned more bag packs etc to raise funds ourselves.

The success we have had with our kids team  has meant that we are getting recognition from companies like Aviva, Post office and Persimmons and with their help we have further developed and improved our standard.

Thank you Aviva.

Aviva logo portrait

New Monday class

Monday night is the time. BKO is the place to be for the new Light con padwork and sparring class run by Harry.

It was good to see some new comers and a few of the old BKO Crew.


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Rob in the Gazette

Rob Finally gets in the Basingtoke Gazette


Timetable Jan 2019

Here is the timetable for January 2019.  More classes added as we move into the year. Watch this space.




Happy new year to all our members. I hope 2019 bring you all the success and peace that your deserve.
Here is a timetable of our classes. Loads more are being added this year, so Watch this space!


BKO Christmas party

Saturday 15th December saw the event of the year. The BKO Christmas party took place at the Riverdene pub.

There were about 50 in attendance and the night kicked off with someparty games organised?? by George. Catching a grape in your mouth and speed pints were but a few of the items. There was also a quiz and whos baby photo competition.  Everyone got involved and it was chaotic fun!
One of the main  events each year is the giving of the prizes and trophies. Many were given out, but the main ones went to Liz who won the BKO Grand championship. Andy E. Who became student of the year  and we had a tie for fighter of the year between Rob Payne and Rory. There was only one way to decide, so we got  out a game of Battling Robots and each fighter took their seats. After much pounding of buttons and smashing of fists into faces it was Rory's Robot's head that leaped up and declared Rob teh winner! Despite this we decided to give a joint award to both Rob and Rory this year. There were many other awards such as Injury of the year for Seans Back. Killer of the year for Kat's fighting, Newbie of the year for Erin and even good vintage of teh year for Larissa who keeps us supplied with wine! Many more were handed out too numerous to mention, but equally as important.
Following the presentations and the many thank yous on the mic. We moved on to teh aprtying with Karaoke, food, dancing and general merriment. Some of us were a bit over enthusiastic with teh booze, but it was a grat fun night and everyone had a good time and got home safe... eventually. :)

Happy Christmas. 

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Black belt grading

BKO had their first black belt grading in four years. Rob, Andy, Harry and Neil  have been dedicated to training for it for the last 6 months. 
The grading included pressured technical drills and defences. Many 3 minute rounds on bags and pads plus sparring disciplines such as against the wall, back to the line and in line sparring. Culminating in 16 rounds of technical disciplines which took  6 hours.

The sparring section covered 20 rounds and included points, light continuous and full contact sparring. They had to perform all disciples to a high physical and knowledgable  standard and show the dedication, spirit, integrity and honesty that come s with being a BKO black belt.

BKO have been grading people to black belt for 32 years and these four pupils have brought the count to 27 black belts passedin that time.


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