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Bagwork class tonight 09/06/2017 and teh classes tomorrow 10/06/2017 are cancelled as we are all at the BKO camp.
Everything back to normal next week though.


Well done to everyone who took their grading this month. From red to Green belts. Everyone perfomed fantastically and gave everything to achieve the next leve;. Congratulations


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Grading may 2017

Congratulations to Andy for getting his yellow belt last night. Great work on basics, combinations, defences, bagwork and sparring. Well done

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Grading may 2017

Congratulations to Andy for getting his yellow belt last night. Great work on basics, combinations, defences, bagwork and sparring. Well done

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We finally made the paper!!!
Took 3 months to get in, but we must be grateful that we receive the coverage. Well done Nicolle for winning the Irish open.

We run 12 classes a week have 150 members with 60 competing in 30 tournaments a year including many internationals, win loads of  big championships, British, European, Dublin etc. Have  loads seminars a year with top proponents of the sport. Have several members representing Britain in the WAKO squad, perform at fetes and charities,  I think we deserve more coverage from the local paper? We will keep informing them of our many activities and hope they will realise what we do? :)

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Some other articles from the Gazette over the last 3 years.

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Well done the beginners tonight. Passing their red belt grading. Demonstrating good form in basics, combinations, defences and bagwork. it took a couple of hours but we got there. Congratulations!
Next week we start the Yellow belt course.

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Last of the bungee class last night saw a few who couldn't make it but a great fun atmosphere and hard work. Killing the timings now, lots of sweat and a little bit of being sick. :)
Next one starts in a few weeks  so don't let it all go in between times.

Video here:




What a great evening we had with Jadi Tention. This is the third time he has come to BKO and taught. 

We warmed up with the jumping jack buffet! and knee raises for 5 mins plus other exercises, then into learning the footwork and set up drills. Following this Jadi produced some x ray film! that we held as focus pads and  practiced blitzing through. 

We then all sparred, Including Jad to the end of the 3.5 hour seminar

A great night and entertaining night with a brilliant exponent of his art and an excellent teacher.

Look forward to doing it again next year!

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"Wow! What an incredible experience! I realise tonight that I am very lucky to have the opportunity to take part in something that positive and meet great people such as Jadi. Thanks Ron for making this one happen and thanks BKO for being a great club "!
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"Great night at Jadi seminar last night. He's energetic, full of charisma and made everyone of all abilities feel great. I especially liked his speech at the end about making yourself uncomfortable, I definitely need to do that." ??
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NEW BKO Minibus

Thanks to RB Specialist Laundry engineering BKO now have a brand new minibus. RBSLE has supported the club for years and has helped us set up and become the dedicated and successfull Kickboxing club we are.

The van is a Ford Tourneo which is apt as it will be used perdominantly for taking fighters to tournamnents. :) 

This is an amazing gesture and an enourmous asset to the club and we cannot thank our sponsors enough for their support.


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Gradings April 2017

Congratulations to all who passed their gradings in April.. Geoff (Yellow) Pat and Dale (Orange) and Jess and Josh  (Red)

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