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BKO league 2017

Final results for the BKO league.  No surprises that Liz is out in front by 100 points followed by Mitch and George. Top kids competitor is Charlotte with Maggie closely behind.  49 competitors, 28 tournaments, 145 1st 2nd and 3rd placings. Great effort from all competitors this year. Golds in all the major tournaments. Bronze in the world Champs, Grand champions etc. We are already compiling the calendar for next year. :)

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The club had the annual trip to a firework display on Saturday.

This year we went to the Winchester display and after a long search for something to eat, we bought some lighted tourches and processed through the streets with around 20,000 other people until we reached the riverside park. 
The display was amazing and the largest in the south. Everyone had a great time and was impressed with the fireworks. We eventually made our way home tired after a good weeks training and a long walk.


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Well done Red belts passing their grading tonight. Focus pads, Basic techniques and combinations, defences and bagwork all drilled hard, with good technique and understanding. On to Yellow. :)

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Halloween 2017 fell on a tuesday so we thought we would have a special training session at the kids class that night.

Everyone came in costume and there were spooky games, face painting, Forfeits, Training in the dark. Zombie fighting, sweets and lots more.

Great fun was had and it was VERRYYY SCARRRRY!



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Aviva funding

We are attempting to raise money for the kids to travel to and enter tournaments. 
We have already done the spinathon and teh bag pack will be up in future. At the moment we have applied to the Aviva community fund and need people to register and vote.

If you could take the time to vote  by clicking on teh AVIA link below we would really appreciate it. Voting finishes on 21st November 2017


Thank you



Brownies training

We were invited to Emily and Drew's brownie troop to give a 1 hour BKO session as part of their Physical fitness badge.

We started with a small talk about kickboxing as a sport and the equipment and scoring system. Then a small warm up, Games and some basic techniques on the bags.
The Brownie girls were well behaved and attentive and enjoyed the training.  The last 15 mins we gave them gloves and allowed them to attack the bags and let off steam. All of a sudden all the girls flew into kickboxing mode and let go with  flurries of punches and kicks with energy and enthusiasm. I have never seen such a transormation. :) They  kept grabbing the gloves and coming back to the bags for another go, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

We finished with a talk about control, safety and not using anything they had learnt outside of the class and then we finished with a bow.

It was great fun.


Thanks to Emily, Charlotte, Aimee and Belinda for organising and helping out.


We are available to give talks, demonstrations and sample classes to other groups free of charge. Just contact us.

Chris Aston Seminar

 Once again we had Chris down for a seminar.
The day was split in two with kids taining for 2 hours and then adults for 2 hours.

It was good to see some of our youngest enjoying the training and showing their understanding and enthusiasm. Chris worked their timing, bouncing and distance and they enjoyed every second of the session, finishing with sparring.

The adults worked similar themes and the improvement of their  timing of kicks and countering was evident as they sparred.

As the World championships comes up in November and Chis and George are WAKO team members, they took the opportunity for a sparring session after evryone had left

A great seminar. Fun, informative and friendly. Thanks to Chris and everyone who came along. I'm sure you got some great things out of it.



BKO members  Belinda, Grim and Jenny took part in a sore 7 hour spinathon ride to raise money for the kids team. The ride was  at the local Tesco store and consisted of the team taking it in turns to keep the bike going. Belinda also helped out with other charities and so was constantly cycling throughout the day.

The BKO kids turned up to collect money, give out leaflets and key rings and generally be around

Thanks to everyones generosit and also Nicolles sponsorship trawl we raised £557 which will go towards paying entry fees for the kids team and any child that wishes to compete on the national circuit.


Well done all. A brillant effort.



Well done Yellow belts last night. 2 hours of hard work and showing what you can do. Bagwork, sparring, focus pads etc all worked through. 

Congratulations and on to orange belt now.
Those who couldn't make it last night, we can grade you individually over the coming weeks.
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Little Ninjas class. Kickboxing for under 5s. Using fun and movement to develop skills and understanding.
Due to the success of this class We have lots of space now and are recruiting for September as most of our Ninjas have moved up to the Kids class.
First lesson free!

Saturdays 9.30-10.15am


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