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Bristol Open 2017

We took a team to the Bristol open last week. This is the biggest tournament in the UK and brings fighters from all over Europe and the USA.

This year we could only pre register for the competition and we put in 34 entries

On Saturday Liz entered two light con divisions. Her new movement and tactical fighting is paying off as she reached the semi final of both. In the first she was narrowly beaten but in o65kg she won through to the final. Once again Liz moved and picked her points when needed and she came away with the gold.

George fought in the open weight section against the best fighters of the tournament. In his first fight he beat the Italian that he lost to last week, then dominated his fight against a British fighter and went through to the quarter finals. He met Alex Veres of the Kiraly team. George kept it close for the first round, but during the second the fight got away from him and he lost the bout.

Robbie and Rossi fought in the Tag team as a warm up for the points sections tomorrow. They reached the second round.


Today was all the points sections and the majority of BKO fighters were entered today.

Good performances were seen from our fighters today and great improvements in attitude and experience.

The lower grades saw Jamie score a lovely blitz, but couldn't make it count to win, Dan showing great timing but losing in the quarters by a point as did Joe who was his usual aggressive attacking self. George T. fought well to the quarter final and was just pipped in extra time.
Andy Fought the world champion in the men's final and showed a great improvement in his footwork and timing gaining a silver.

Mark Won the first round of his fight in the men's section, but lost the bout in the 2nd round. We found out later that it should only have been one round, but it was too late to change the result!

Neil fought through several rounds to the semi finals and lost a close bout getting a silver.

Nicolle got a silver as well after winning her fights with her characteristic reverse punch. There was a complaint that she should have moved up a section because she won the Irish open, but the officials said that she was within the rules.

Crystal fought her first time in inter/advanced and used her great kicking and blitzing skills to score. She is gaining experience here and lost her bout eventually.

Paige has been sporting a hip injury, but was determined to get some mat time. She met a good Irish fighter with great kicks. Paige pushed her back and unfortunately fell on her hip. Paige's punches were strong, but she was hampered by her injury and had to finish second here.

Adam showed some great maturity and control in his fight where he constantly pulled his opponent onto his defensive backfist. In the quarter final he met a very good Irish fighter who hit him hard and knocked him down. Adam received some attention and then came flying back at his opponent. It wasn't enough to win him the bout, but showed his talent and spirit.

Richard also had a great couple of fights reaching the semis in the men's intermediate. His vision and control of the fight gave him an easy win in the quarter finals. He met an unorthodox Slovenian fighter who slowed the fight down and Richard followed the pace which cost him the fight.
Rory was also in this section and fought a good fight against a tactical reverse puncher. It was a close fight and it was only the fact that Rory elected to attack the head a bit too much and opened up to his opponents reverse that cost him the fight. Good to see his jump kick employed again although it did not hit this time.

Maggie, Charlotte, Robbie and Rossi all fought in 2 categories for experience. Maggs used her kicks to back her opponent up and score and gained herself a good silver. Charlotte was also beating opponent after opponent but lost in extra time in the quarter finals. Rossi is starting to use more and more hand attacks and coupled with his evasion techniques it is causing his opponents problems. Robbie had the fight of the day for him in the boys section with a very close fight where he scored with kicks and counter punches and was unlucky for the refs not to see his jumping side kick. He lost narrowly.

George Met Alex Veres again in the u74kg category. The fight was much closer this time with George being more patient and cagey. He lost the bout in the last seconds after what seemed like a one each was given to his opponent. This meant he had to chase the fight and was unable to level it back.

George then fought an American fighter in the U79kg category. Once again a very close fight happened and was only separated at the end of the final round where George lost.

A great tournament, well run and Organised and a pleasure to be at with our best performance so far. Our results 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 7 Bronze.
Well done all who fought and those that helped out as well as all the parents and people who came and supported.

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Dorking 2017

Great days fighting at the Superleague today. 
Charlotte 2nd
Maggie 3rd
Robbie 2nd &3rd
Rossi 5th
Ellis 4th
Mitch 2nd &4th
Liz 2nd & 2nd &3rd
Nicole 3rd
Rory 3rd.
Neil 2nd
No golds today, but some amazing battles and great improvements in our fighters. Well done all.  Kids all fought well and had some amazing battles with opponents they would have really struggled with a year ago. Liz's new found movement is paying dividends. Neil's light con fight was the best I've seen from him so far. And Rory's attempted jump kick to save the fight would have been technique of teh year had he not fallen over afterward. :)
We have several club members in the running for the grand championship places this year. So lets train hard and put every effort into the last Superleague in November.

Flanders Open 2017

Back from a long and successful weekend at the Flanders open in Antwerp Belgium.

BKO took a team of 9 to this tournament which has the best of Europe competing and no beginner or intermediate categories.

Saturday was the Kids and open weight.

First up was Maggie who used her kicking power and follow up combinations to fight through several rounds reaching the evening finals.
Charlotte came up next and was looking strong in her section, but some unfortunate decisions lost her the fight this time. Charlotte then came into the u37kg category and blasted her way through with her movement and powerful kicks into the final.
Maggie then cam on again in the under 32kg category and once more proved dominant winning all her fights and reaching the final once again.

Robbie won his first fight and was unlucky not to reach the semi finals after a close fight when a kick was scored on him in the last seconds. He then moved up a section to the heavier weight and fought bravely pushing the bigger opponent but was unlucky not to proceed this time.

Rossi used his characteristic movement to avoid a very tough and hard hitting Russian. The fight was close and Rossi attempted a lovely blitz attack in the final seconds but eventually lost by a point.

George was up next in the Open weight against a large Italian. He was moving well and hit with his front hand against his opponents side kick, but the refs were scoring the kick and at the final bell George lost. One of those fights where it is hard to see what happened.

The finals took place at the evening show with lights, demos, presentations etc.
Maggie was up first in her 2 round final. Her opponent was clever and strong, but once again Maggie's strong and accurate kicks and her backfist won the day making her our first gold of the tournament.
Charlotte came up next and repeated Maggie's success. She was confidant and played a tactical game scoring with a wonderful side kick to the face to open the gap between her and her opponent. Gold for Charlotte.
Maggie then re appeared for the heavier final. Maggie pressed the fight all the way, but it was a difficult task against the bigger opponent. She chased her down at the end of the fight, but couldn't make up the points so a Silver for Maggie this time.

By the time the presentations were done it was 11.30 and we had been at the venue for over 14 hours! So it was back to the hotel and up early for the adults sections tomorrow.

The next day saw the adults sections.

Liz was up in the ladies points and had to meet the open weight champion from last night. Liz employed her movement around the mat and was attempting to pick her points. On one clash she unleashed her right cross and the Italian felt it hit her hard. Liz put up a great performance, but was unable to beat her experienced points opponent.

George came to form today fighting one of the best Italians in the under 74kg section. Points going either way and George just losing out in the final seconds.

In the U79kg section he hit his stride and cleared his first opponent, then dominated a very good German and cleared another one to reach the semi final

In the semis the points went either way and George was working the fight and looking dominant, but the refs were seeing other things and what should have been George clearly ahead at the bell was instead a draw. In extra time it was the same thing At the end of the round George pulled his opponent into a side kick and hit him with a backfist, but the kick was scoreds and left George with 3rd.

The evening was Andy's turn to fight under the lights in the men's u74kg vets final.
Andy came out pumped and was in the mood to fight. His timing and striking was good, but a few mistakes left him chasing the fight. Andy stepped out twice unaware that an extra set of mats had been put around the area. His attacking reverse punch was scoring on his opponent all the time and his pulling and pressing was great but he could not make up for the earlier lost points. A well deserved silver.

The Flanders Open is one of the best, well run and smallest tournaments on the WAKO circuit. With top level fighters no crowds and good organisation. Plus we found “all you can eat ribs and curried Frogs legs!
We will be heading back next year.

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BKO club tournament

The BKO kids club tournament took place last Saturday>
This is our first try at running a small club comp designed to give experience to kids that have not competed before and some mat time to those who have.

It was a round robin tournament under WAKO rules with 5 sections of mixed boys and girls  covering higher and lower grades.

There was a great atmosphere and many of the club's younger members turned up to compete. There was no prisoners taken as all tried their best to win a medal. Some great bouts were seen and also great team spirit. Certificates were handed out to 2nd and 3rd places and all participants.

The day was such a success that we are planning to run a series of four torunaments of this type throught next year and have a club league ranking system. Eventually we hope to make it an open local tournament for all comers.


110cm. Josh.
-120cm Jasmine.
-130cm Katrina.
-140cm Robert.
-150cm Dan.
Higher Grades
-130cm Robbie.
-140cm Dan.
-150cm Joe.
+150cm Adam

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Neil and George went to the Infinity south west tournament on Sunday.

Neil fought in the light con class. In his fight he showed some good movement and long range kicks and scored well, but needed more combinations to take the ffight. Neil eventually lost to the winner.

George was getting mat time for the upcoming World Championships and was very tired after his band's tour. He  won his under 80 section well. scoring strong points and dominating his opponents.
In the lighter weight class he was the victim of a couple of strange decisions after he hit his opponent with a back kick and several punches that weren't scored.

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Chessington and Windsor

CIMAC 17th September 
Fighters on the day Robbie – Maggie – Rossi – Rory – Ken – Charlotte – Michelle – Nicole – Jamie and myself – hopefully not forgotten anyone, please correct me if I have 
All fighters did brilliantly, was a very long day as always and great team work and support from family, friends and our favourite photographer Steve Gridley - nearly left off our team camera man Richard Brown - who was running more than anyone making sure we had footage of all the fights - great efforts as always

Charlotte and Jamie had the misfortune of being on a matt where the refs had trouble seeing shots being scored on the right side of the matt. Both fighters did so very well and got very frustrated with points not being scored. Jamie was showing great improvement and even got his opponent with a head kick twice which was missed both times by the refs.

Robbie fought in the Advanced Semi contact under 12 boys 34kg – although did well didn’t get a placing, but continues to improve in his fighting. Robbie finished 5th overall
Maggie was under extra pressure in the Advance Semi under 30kg, as took the first in the last one which put her 2nd in the League, this time although she was sharper and using hands finished 5th.

Rossi went out with extra conviction in the Advanced Semi contact under 12 boys 34kg, winning his first bout and putting me on the edge of my seat (was told to sit down a few times) as he drew first of all and went to extra time, then drew again and it went to sudden death and Rossi finally got the last score in and we all went wild. He unfortunately didn’t win his next bout finishing 4th overall. Rossi also took part in Advanced 30kg finishing 5th place.

Mitch took a 1st place in the Intermediate +65kg Semi Contact category, it was a great moment and never seen Mitch smiled as much ever. Was a great result seeing as Mitch had a sprained ankle and many were trying to deter Mitch from fighting due to her injury. Mitch also decided to compete in the Semi Contact Advanced 65+ taking 4th.

Ken Advanced Men Semi Contact took on Mr Muscle man but unfortunately even though was leading at the start lost in the final seconds, but still put on a good performance.

Nicole Intermediate +65 Semi Contact arrived without any kit (prepared as ever) but lucky for her Robbie Brown lent her all she needed and she walked away with 2nd Place.

Rory Intermediate Men -75 Semi Contact – although didn’t see his category as was coaching Ken at the time or fighting, same old waiting all day and then all being called at the same time. Rory if you can add details of your fighting that would be great – do know that Rory took first place – Well Done Rory Campion

Last was me and thanks to Ron I’ve had to continue in 3 Categories, I somehow managed to let Ron convince me to do all three at the start of the year and now leading in 2 and 2nd in another I’ve had to continue – I fought in Ladies Advanced Semi Contact +65 taking 3rd place, having to contend with a giant in the category, then advanced Light con +65kg having to fight the same giant taking 2nd place overall then also the advanced light con -65kg taking first place – it was hard work and was feeling it, but Team Brown encouraged me to carry on and finish all the categories

Was a great day – well done all



Well done to the team fighting at Chessington Today.
Great team spirit With George and Paige working the assistant coach duties and looking after the little ones today. Thanks to parents and helpers as well today
Jake fought his heart out today in his first ever competition and had 5 fights against some larger and more experienced opponent. He went from strength to strength in his fights never backing down and scored a lovely side kick.
Dan had loads of fights and was cool and composed in all of them. Showing his great timing and skill he won them all convincingly and got a gold.
Ellis also fought some more experienced girls and was scoring some nice reverse punches. When she gets that confidence in her abilities she will make them tell more.
Belle and Jasmine had the fight of the day in the under 120cm final. 9-9 at the bell and only one point in it after extra time. Very close. Jasmine won her first competition and Belle was 2nd.
George had to dig deep in his first fight against an opponent that was jumping in, kicking low and hitting hard, George was hurt a couple of times, but got up and kept firing reverse punches until he won. This affected his later fights and he had to settle for 3rd this time.
Paige showed her strength and power against a good determined opponent in her final. She kept cool and continued to follow her plan. Paige's focus was great and today it earned her a gold.
Dave had four fights in the men's section and improved on everyone scoring many points but just missing out on the win. A lovely sweep/backfist combination gained appreciation from his opponent and the refs.
A great start to the second half of the season and good experience for everyone. I am proud of you all!




jamie  rossi  Rory  rossi  mc

Maggie wins gold

Maggie and the team make the local paper after the Cimac World Cup.



Interclub tournament

A date for the diary. 30th September. We are hosting a charity tournament at BKO With Ian's club from Thame. It's round robin and will be the first of many of these types of competition that we will be running. It will be great experience and open to all kids under 14 yrs.. Message me


to register.Screenshot 135

Maggie wins gold

 BKO took a team to the Cimac world cup in Birmingham.

This is one of the hardest fought tournaments in the Superleague circuit.

Maggie Brown entered the girls advanced division. Using her strong front leg kicks and follow up punching she powered her way through several rounds beating the British champion on the way. In the final Maggie met the World champ and after a short while was 5-1 down. It looked to be all over, but Maggie found extra strength and continued to attack her opponent with kicks. She pulled back point after point and at the final bell she won by 9-6.

Nicole Langley continued her winning performances by earning first place here. It was by no means a foregone conclusion and Nicole had to get through some tough bouts, but her timing and accurate punching won her the trophy.

Michelle Rees Got silver in the ladies section as did Liz Ferioli in the light continuous class

George Hine gained a Bronze in the boys section and father and daughter Ellis and Rory Campion also got Bronze in the girls and mens pointfighting.

Robbie had to pull out  due to illness after winning his first fight. Rossi and Paige fought well but were unlucky not to progress this time.

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Chessington June 2017

By George.


Successful day at Chessington today!

first up we had...


we were a little worried because it was open grade but turns out we had no problems!
KATRINA takes from her mother and has no fear in getting stuck in. she got a 2nd place at her first ever tournament, she has massive potential and is very talented :)

BELLE steps on the matt for the first time as the smallest competitor but nothing was going to stop her! even holding her own against some black belt fighters!!! she has no fear and loved every moment on that matt well done belle :)

ROSSI was up next and had a couple of awkward fights. once he figures out his way around fighters that just aimlessly run at him and try to hit him he will have no trouble walking away with gold. He had one fight against a points style fighter and dominated showing his true talent. Got a little bit of work to do but you should be proud of yourself as you gave a brilliant performance against in against a 'normal style of point fighter'

MAGGIE was a natural out there and is starting to use her hands! she is now becoming a strong force and listened to instructions perfectly. picked up a gold and dominated her section. next aim for maggie is to put the same thing into the super league next week. FIGHTER OF THE DAY!!

ELLIS had her second tournament and the improvement in her fighting is massive. precise side kicks to the body and blitz's were flying. she had a tough kicker at the end and faced her fears! a real fighter and brilliant attitude in training which shows in her development on the map. 2nd place for ellis in her 2nd ever tournament!!

MICHELLE had a tiring day fighting in light con and two point section but focus and mental positivity was much stronger. had an extremely tough 'light' con fight to start but she kept getting up and stuck in, its all experience. she gained a 3rd in points intermediate and fought some very tough fights on advanced. you cant fault her ability to get up and keep going and had made her mindset so strong, massive improvement.

RICHARD REES had his first tournament and went straight into the intermediate section. definitely the fastest and most technical fighter in the sections but a few distance and timings that will come with more matt time. but a great performance and unlucky not to place 3rd just couldn't get the refs majority. looking forward to seeing you at more tournaments as gold is so close.

KERRY turned up LATE!! and seemed a bit mellow before fighting in her intermediate section but quickly got her head into gear. all the work we have been doing on Thursday came into place and came off the matt saying she could actually do what i asked her. (which makes me wonder what she has been doing so far) but had a lot of energy in her fighting and tactically fought brilliant. 2nd place for kerry!!

NICOLLE (With two L's) had her family down to watch and was up and raring for her first intermediate tournament. she took no prisoners and had a great spring in her step. timing and decisions were brilliant and when she decides she is going to win she always will!! he kicks are coming along nicely and i dont think it will be long till she can use them more effectively in tournaments. 1st place for nicolle and a very strong performance

LAST BUT NOT LEAST WE HAVE LIZ!! who had some great continuous fights and i thought was robbed out of a first place as she was blocking the 'head kicks.' but more importantly her timing on when to add pressure and when to blitz has grown massively!! giving her so much more to use while fighting. This also showed in her points fighting when she was up against a very quick and impressive fighter but instead liz used her timing to score a step back side kick and her explosive power to blitz her. i've never seen her come off the matt so happy and it was great to see! she has improved so much and shows now sign of slowing down. 2nd and 3rd for liz

What a brilliant performance from everyone! but this is just the beginning we need to get back into training and become the best we can be!

Kristian and Roland seminar on Wednesday and that will help everyone!!

I am very proud of everyone today. lets keep this mindset going and when your tired and hurting remember to still come train and push your partners as it not just you your helping but your team!

GO BKO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Youtube Videos Here



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