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BKO tournament league

BKO League.
10 tournaments completed so far this year. Here are the top 10 fighters
Liz is topping the league with Maggie 2nd . Both are way out in front at the moment. George and Robbie chasing hard in third and fourth place. Page is still strong in 6th and Andy Evans has fought his way to 7th. followed by Charlotte in 8th. Our highest youngest fighter is Katrina 9th and Mitch holds on to 10.
Have a look and see where you are.
Different points scored for the difficulty level of each tournament. For example Winchester scores 8 for a win and Point fighting cup 15.
Next tournaments 
22nd Chessington
29th France.

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Double tournament for BKO today.
Point fighting cup In Milan Italy.
Maggie 3rd X 2
Charlotte 3rd
Robbie 3rd
Rossi 4th. 

George reached the quarter finals in the mens open weight where he lost narrowly to the eventual overall winner.
Awesome achievement against the best in the world well done . :)
At the other end we took a little team of beginners, first timers and restarters for an enjoyable day to Winchester Grand slam. This is the smallest tournament we attend and is great for first timers or people gaining mat time.

Belle 1st
George 1st
Gabor 1st Light con 3rd Points
Jazmine 2nd
Abbie 2nd
Tianna 2nd
Emily 2nd
Rory 2nd
Ellis 2nd
Bob 3rd and 3rd in light con
Josh 4th 
Jamie 4th
Andy 4th
Rich 4th.
Some great fights today and I saw loads of improvement which is the most important thing.  Notable  were Abi. Who after not fighting for 18 months was dealing with kicks really well and jamming her opponents legand countering. Jamie also had some great head kicks in his bouts and Bob was a demon in his first light con. Emily too coming back from a long absence showed her natural ability and was unlucky not to win. Joshie went for everything and showed great improvement. Too many great things to mention. Proud of you all.
Next tournament is Chessington on 22nd.
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Next tournaments

Next tournaments for BKO will be Winchester April 8th and some of the team will be travelling to Points fighting cup in Milan, Italy. I know where I'd rather be!. Oh well! :)

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This week BKO entered two tournaments.


George headed for the Dutch open in Amsterdam. It was along drive to get to the venue which this year was run on one day. This made it especially long. George started competing at 9.30 am a nd finished at 11.30 pm. There was also very strong competition this year.

He entered the open weight where he eventually met Richie Veres from Kiraly team. It was a close and shut out affair and |George lost 5-2 in the end.

In the Tag team he was with Brando Prince and they fought a stong fight against the Norweigan opponents, but it seemed the refs were unable to see their scores and they lost by a point.


In the -74kg  section George beat several opponents 10 clearing some and scoring with spinning kicks and a tornado kick. He was extremely tired at this point and had a deal with Brandon that if they reached the semi finals and had to mette eachother one would drop out giving the other energy for the final. Because it was the -74kg category it was George who had to step aside leaving Brandon to win the section and George to pick up 3rd.

George v Richie Veres.

The rest of the team went to the Cimac Superleague in High Wycombe. A great new venue and a well attended tournament.

We saw Katrina start the day by running from mat to mat to compete in several sections and get a third.

Star of teh day Was Maggie who gain 4 GOLDS!! in light con and points. She also won the -37kg section which is 9 kilos heavier than her. An amazing performance and one that inspired the whole team  as Maggie showed her workmanlike approach and never say die attitude.
Robbie then emulated Maggie and gained his first Gold at the Superleague with a great composed performance, following this up wath a silver.

Charlotte also improved her game and fought through to the finals where she fought a great fight but lost by a point.

Liz also got a silver and showed how her points fighting has improved.
Adam also got a bronze.

There were some great performances today. Andy Evans timing and strategy was much better. Rossi fought well and and was brave enough to enter the light con, a discipline he  has not had ,uch practice in. where he fought a very experinced fighter who hit hard. Andy Gould also entered his first tournament and gave a great performance as did his son Dan.

Not a bad start to the  Super league, but there will be plent more opportunities to get on that podium and become a grand champion.

Irish Open 2018

The Irish open was very difficult this year. Not necessarily because of the talented  fighters that attend, but because of the atrocious weather that shut down Dublin Airport und several inches of snow.

Some of us were stuck at Gatwick for 10 hours and then had our flights cancelled with no way of re scheduling.  More of our team spent 3 days at the Ferry terminal in Holy head waiting for the weather to clear. Their preserverance paid off and they managed to arrive on the Saturday.. This was too late for Liz however as she missed her 5categories that she entered!!

Everyone was understandably tired, but still competed in teh much reduced tournament giving some good bouts to their opponents.
Paige, fighting in her first Irish open fought with great skill and determination to get a 3rd place losing narrowly to the eventual winner of her section. It has long been an ambition of Paige to compete at this tournament and she is keen to return and take the top spot next year.



Paige at Dublin.


We  took a team of 10  to the WAKO British Championships in Birmingham this year. On Saturday it was the light continuous sections and Maggie was up firs. She gave a great account of herself and narrowly lost in the final. Maggie is improving at a great rate because of her light con  training and it's helping her points fighting as well.

Ollie from Sweden had two greulling fights and was unlucky in the semi finals not to progress. He hit his opponent with hard shots and took the fight to him, but  a split decision gave it to teh other guy. Bronze for Ollie.

Neil was up next and despite some good strong punching and movement in the second round he was hit by his opponents long side kicks and this took the fight away from  him. Bronze for Jeppo.
Saturday was a very long day at this tournament and we didn't get home till midnight, but we were up and ready to go again the next day. Another long drive to Birminham.
Liz  and Kat showed their strength  and carachter when they met in the final of the light con vets. A great tactical fight eventually went to Liz. British Champion.

It was points fighting today.

Maggie excelled at this and won her section after 10 clearing one opponent and stopping another in the final. British Champion for Maggs.
Rob Payne had some tough fights, but showed his heart, spirit and composure by winning the final and becoming our 3rd British champion of the weekend.

Liz then steped up in points and won her first section. then once again met Kat in the final. A very close fight with Liz eventually winning by 2 points.
In the lower weigh Liz met Sharon Gill in the final and gave a great account of herself against one of the sports legendary points fighters. This time Liz had to settle for Silver.
Andy Evans fought through to the semi finals and met a world  champion.. He was unlucky not to score with his side kicks, but a great learning experience.

Rob Read made areturn to tournament sparring after an 18 year lay off!!! He was strong and moving well, but just needs to shake off some of the rust and this will be his title in the future.

George was up finally and dominated some very good fighters. the final of the -84kg category was  a hard bout against a good opponent with a strong, long side kick. George moved and dominated and finished British Champion.

In the -79. George once again had tough fights and his energy was dropping when he reached the final. In the second round George's opponent ducked his head low and George threw an uppercut which connected hard and broke the nose. It wasn't maliciouly done, but the judges deemed it to be excessive conact and disqualified George so he had to settle for silver
Paige also fought a great fight against a strong and experienced opponent. She improves with every tournament .
Charlotte also fought well, but no trophies this time..

Maggie Gold, Silver.
Liz. 3 x Golds, 1 Silver.
Rob Payne Gold. Bronze
George. Gold. Silver.
Kat 2x Silver.
Andy E. Bronze.
Jeppo. Bronze.
Ollie. Bronze.
Rob Read. Bronze.

Results from today at Chessington.
Jake 2nd
Robert 4th
George T. 3rd
Emily 1st
Belle 2nd
Jasmine 1st
Charlotte 1st
Maggie 1st, 2nd light con.
Paige 1st, 1st
Katrina 3rd
Ellis 2nd
Ben 1st
Nick 4th
Andy 2nd
Liz 1st, 1st, 2nd.
Mitch 2nd, 4th
Callum and Sam fought well but no place this time. Well done all.

Watford Open 2018

Results from a loooong day at the Watford open. Not bad seeing as a lot of us are moving up the levels, weights grades etc. Well done BKO. Proud as usual.
Katrina 1st
Curtis 1st, 3rd
Maggie 1st, 2nd
Jasmine 2nd
Belle 3rd
Adam 3rd
Andy E 3rd
Nicole 3rd
Mitch 3rd, 3rd
Liz 2nd, 3rd, 3rd
Charlie 3rd
George 2nd.
Jamie, Charlotte, George, Mark, Nick, Paige and Ellis had some great and close fights, but no trophy today 
Improving all the time people.


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Superleague Nov 2017

Some great results from the Last Super league. 
Liz 1st and 3rd
Maggie 2nd
Ellis 2nd
Robbie 3rd
Rory 3rd
Grand Champions:
Liz. Points and Continuous
Rory and Mitch.
Some great fights from Rossi, Charlotte, Andy, Nicole, Mitch and especially Katrina.

We are proud of you all!! :)
Great end to a great year team. Full steam ahead for the Grading in December.

We Welcomed the return of Liz and George from the WAKO World championships yesterday. Liz brought home the Bronze and they both fought brilliantly but were unlucky not to medal in all three categories. Liz losing out by a split decision and one point to both world champions and George narrowly losing to the finalist and WAKO world series champion. George also fought in the team Which reached the quarter finals also.  They did BKO and GB proud and are already gearing up for next seasons internationals. We are lucky to have such calibre people in the club. People who show the dedication, determination and commitment to compete at the best level in the world and then come back and share their experience and expertise with the rest of us.
I couldn't be more proud of them both.
I would also like to congratulate BKO France :) star Annais Vandomme fighting and gaining experience in her first World championships. Well done.


The WAKO World Championships were hosted in Hungary and it was an awesome spectacle. Looking everybit as professional as the Olympics. Plus the online streaming and results service meant you could watch and keep up with all the action during the day. An amazing achievement.

Next year is the European championship fpr the adults and the World championships for teh kids and we have a few of our members with an eye on a place in the squad.