Tournaments (65)

BKO members competed in three tournaments this weekend. Flanders. (See below) Chessington and Peterborough.

Harry fought in the advanced light con section at Chessington and won gold. Liam moved up to the adults light con as well and gained a silver.

Adam fought at the Peterborough open and won the open weight section and got a silver in his weight category.

Well done guys, great results. 

next tournament is this weekend. Cimac Dorking open.


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Flanders open 2018

We took a team in the battle bus to the Flanders open in Antwerp, Belgium. This is one of the best and hardest tournaments to win. No lower grades or intermediates. Just one section for each weight division and it brings the best out from Europe and beyond. Yet it is still a small tournament.
We travelled by ferry on the Friday and arrived at the venue to weigh in. All the people running the event  are very friendly and accommodating and the organisation is excellent. We then took off to the hotel. checked in and went out for something to eat.
Saturday was the kids and open weight section. George fought a tough German opponent and hit him with some great straight body shouts, but the refs refused to see them and he ended up chasing the fight and narrowly losing.
Robbie came out against a heavy Russian opponent, but couldn't get his attacking head on today.
Paige found out that we entered her in the Musical Forms!!! I thought  she should have a go and I could yodel on the side!

Paige then entered her two other sections and dominated with her strong kicks and powerful punching she won through several rounds to the evening finals. She the joined a some other British girls for the team event and won through to the final again. 

Charlotte showed great improvement and is building on the experience gained from the World championships. She is fighting the bigger opponents much better now and controlling the bout. She too was in the evening final.

Charlottes second section saw her once again fight the bigger opponent well and not receive the points that she scored. It is so frustrating when this happens. We look at the videos after and can see the shots that are missed, but ther is not much you can do at the time.

After all the round fighting had finished we settled down for the finals which  were in a great setting with spotlights and entry music etc. Charlotte was up first and fought a great bout once again. The points going either way for two rounds. With a few seconds to go Charlotte hit her opponent with a round kick in the face which would have sealed the deal, but the refs missed it. In the dying seconds she scored a body shot as her opponent scored and the refs favoured the other girl so Charlotte had top settle for silver this time.

Kat was fighting in the ladies -75 light continuous. Kat is in the British team for the European championships next mont fighting in the Ladies vets section. here she was aginst teh younger ladies and was not expecting to win, but get some valuable practice in. She gave a great account of herself against a strong and fast opponent. Kat never flinched and hit some nice straight shots and combinations. She lost the bout, but she got some great exoerince and has raised her confidence for the Euros.

Killian fought in his section as well and made it to the semis. He was showing some great kicking and blitzing skills in the prvious rounds and it was an even fight in the semi finals, but he was looking away when throwing punches and that dropped his accuracy level. Eventually he lost, but got a bronze.

Paige came up against a very strong German girl  and world champion in her first final. The first round saw the points going back and forth and it was even at the bell. In the second round Paige seemed to freeze and allowed her opponent to score some body shots and move ahead. Paige found it difficult to  recover and eventually lost the bout.
In her second final it was a similar story. Paige was strong and dominating at first and then let her opponent move ahead to win.  This was unusual for her as she normally fights like a tiger for the whole fight.The finals were high pressure in front of everyone and she has picked up great experience and not forgetting 2 silvers against the toughest opponents.

Next was the team finals and paige once again came out to face strong opponents. this time she focused for the whole bout and gave a great fight. Her team was always chasing the points and at the end they were once again in the silver spot.
After the presentations the day finished about 11pm and we all trudged wearily back to the hotel.

Next day was the adults sections George was up first against Stefan. He fougt a good fight, but once again the refs were not scoring the body punch. I stopped the fight to ask them if they were scoring that technique today? They said yes and the next moment they scored George's punch! Sometimes refs seem to be geared to score only certain moves?? george pulled the fight back from 5-0 to 5-5, But in the end he lost by a point .

Rory was in the semi final of the  mens -75kg vets. At first he got caught by a kick and a punch from his opponent, but when he settled down he got the measure of him and was controlling the leg and scoring reverse punches. Near the end of the bout he did his usual thing of scoring a head kick to draw himself one point behind. In the final seconds he was desperately trying to get that extra point but it was not to be and so Bronze for Rory. His opponent went on to win the final easily and we discovered that he was a 4th dan and world champion, which made Rory the Purple belt feel much better.

George's final fight was in the -74kg category and here he did not rais ehis game against an opponent that he should have beaten comfortably. The fight game requres you to have everything working well in a  bout, especially at this top level. When you are off your game you just have to chalk it up to experience and move on, which George knows how to do. 

Annais was up in the ladies section and another close bout. When she attacks and does not hesitate after the leading kick Annais scores, But sometimes that hesitation allowed her opponent in and she lost by a point here.

I was up in te mens vets +75kg finals next against the world champion in the 2nd to last bout of the whole weekend at 8.30pm. It was a long wait and after 2 years out and an serious leg operation I did not know what to expect.  |I got out there and made all the mistakes that I have a go at all our other fighters for making. :) I lost the bout by quite a few points, but once again. I felt  I was not getting the points that I scored. I was pleased with some aspects of the fight and some need attention, but my fitness was ok and I gained a silver for the team.

Following the presentations we went into Antwerp and found a bar that sell 300+ beers. After drinking that dry we had the Belgian version of a Kebab and then went back to the hotel.
During the trip home on Monday we stopped off in Bruges for some sight seeing, shopping and waffles. 

It was a great weekend and  we had some good bouts and won some bling, but of coures we want golds and we could have had 5  this weekend. That's fighting for ya. Flanders is a great tournament with awesome organisation and a friendly attitude. I think the reffing was a litte below par this year though.
We will be back next year.

Well done team.

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WAKO World Champs

Well done to Charlotte, Liam and Killian who all competed in the WAKO Junior world championships in Venice Italy this week. There has been lots of preparation  and effort put in by these students in order to give their all at this, their first World Championships. 

Charlotte had a tough draw, facing the most experienced fighter of the group and also fighting above her regular weight.  She came out a bit nervous first of all but pulled the fight back to 6 points each in the second. Unfortunately in the last few seconds she got caught with a head kick and  had to concede the fight. Great experience for her and she will come back stronger next time.

Liam is from Thame kickboxing club but trains regularly with BKO in the light con Discipline. He has shown great improvements in the last couple of months and this showed in his epic first round fight with an Italian. In the quarter finals he met a strong German and although the fight was close he was edged out and lost. Another world champion in the making here. Well done Liam.

Killian Fights for the French team and comes over to the UK to train and grade with BKO at regular intervals. He fought in the points section and was moved around severalt times before he found out which fighter hes was drawn against. He easily out fought his first opponent  and moved to the quarter finals. Once again  he was unlucky to win this bout, but has learnt a lot form this experience. GO BKO FRANCE!!
WAKO world championships are the pinnacle of the points fighting. Competing at this level is the hardest and most demanding of any tournament. The experienced gained by fighters sets them up for  improvement and better results in their domestic leagues and for their future world and European championship bids. 
I am certain that we will see these three fighters  Gain the championship in the not too distant future.


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Look out for them !

3rd BKO kids tournament

Well done everyone who competed and helped today in a manic BKO kids tournament! Some great fighting from everyone including the Ninjas :)
Loved it.
Final one for the year is in December.


1st Robbie. 2nd Rossi. 3rd Maggie. Princeley. 4th. Ellis. Jamie.
1st Belle. 2nd Jasmine. 3rd Josh. 4th Sophia.
+150 1st Joe. 2nd Ellis. 3rd Chillie.
1st Jake. 2nd Luke. 3rd Bob. 4th Callum, Katrina.
1st. Jack. 2nd Dexter. 3rd. Jamie Lee. 4th Aislyn. Ollie


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Southern area Grand slam

We took a group of first timers and mat timers to the Southern area grand slam today. This is the smallest tournament we do, but it is local and is good for beginners  and those who need  to shake off the rust after summer hols.

Fighter of the day for me was Jake who changed tactics and had to come back to win after taking some hard hits. Great spirit. Also well done to Todd who has only been training a couple of months and gained a silver in a close final. Chris and Matt shared the honours in only their second tournament and first time at light con. It was good to see Russell jeff back after a short 15 years lay off!
Well done also to Rory and Belle who got the Grand championship trophies.
Jasmine 1st
Jake 1st
Robbie 1st
Rory 1st
Chris 1st
Cat 1st
Matt 1st
Todd 2nd
Belle 2nd
Rossi 2nd
Russell 2nd
Ellis 2nd
Maggie 3rd
Chris 3rd
Rory Grand champion
Belle grand Champion.
Katrina fought well today but was unlucky not to place.
Well done all. :)


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Cimac Kids open

Results from a loooong day at the Cimac kids open.
Jasmine . Gold, Bronze team
Paige Silver
Charlotte Silver., Bronze team
George Silver, Bronze team.
Princeley. Bronze, Bronze team
Bob Bronze team.
Jake Bronze team
George Bronze Open weight.
Some great performances today. Jasmine showed her strength of spirit and adaptability in her fighting. Coming back from 4 points down and after being hurt.
Princeley did the same in his section. 
Paige was strong in her individual category and it was just a short loss of concentration that cost her the gold.
Charlotte's fighting is going from strength to strength with much more variation and determination now. Unlucky in the final.
Jake and Bob had to take on bigger and more experienced opponents today
George hit some nice shots in the open weight but the refs were not all in agreement today.
A good start back, but it took some time to get through it today.
Well done all.



2nd BKO Kids Tournament

Well done everyone today. Everyone fought their hearts out and gained lots of valuable experience on the mat and running things.
Results. Ninjas. 1st Jamie Lee. 2nd Xavier. 3rd Jazzy.
Lower grades -110cm. 1st Freya. 2nd Sophia. 3RD Daisy.
-120. 1st Belle. 2nd Callum. 3rd Josh. 4th Alex & Jacob.
-130 1st Sam. 2nd Jake. 3rd Remi. 4th Ollie & Katrina.
-130. 1st Maggie. 2nd Bob.
-150. 1st Charlotte. 2nd Robbie. 3rd Rossi. 4th Princeley. Dan. Josh and Jamie. great fighting but to medal this time.
+150 1st. Joe. 2nd George. 3rd Ellis 4th Chillie. 
It was good to see the new guys fighting with the more established fighters and also how the middle grades are now pushing our top fighters and scoring a lot on them.
Thanks to all the helpers, time keepers, scorers and of course refs and also to all the parents who came to support.
Next one is in September.



Cimac World cup

We took a small team to the Cimac World cup yesterday. Our 22nd tournament of the year and the last before the summer break.

It took place in Birmingham on a very hot day

Maggie was up first in the light con and secured herself a first place again in a well controlled battle.

Charlotte then took to the mats and fought through several rounds to the final where she won a tense and tight conflict to gain the gold.

Maggs was up again in the heavier points section and once again she got to the final, but lost narrowly 

Charlotte also fighting in a heavier weight made the semi final and lost by a point settling for 3rd this time.

Paige was up next. After fighting for her brown belt yesterday she was feeling a little tired but still fought her heart out.first in the girls section and then after getting to the final of the open weight she had a great battle. Losing by 1 point .

Andy Evans also had a good day beating a far larger and aggresive opponent in the semi finals. Throwing some great counter reverse punches  and side kicks. In the final he was up against a strong experienced fighter who took a couple of points at the beginning, but once Andy got his timing in the fight was quite even. It was too much for him to pull back however. Andy  continues to fight opponents who are more experience and black belts compared to his purple belt. Yet he is closing the gap on them all the time. He  has finally broken his  3rd place habit this year and won the silver. !!!

Liz fought in her usual three sections. Up first was the ladies under 65kg which she won comfortably. In the +65 She had a tough final against a very hard hitter. Liz moved and used her footwork to maneouver her opponent and avoid the punching power. She then countered and blitzed to score. Near the end of the fight a short lapse in concentration saw her opoonent score a head kick which prover the difference in scores at the end. Silver for liz

She was up again for the points section winning through to the final.  Her opponent score first and was happy to let Liz move and stay back looking for an opening. Liz attacked a couple of times, but was not punching straight today and missed an opportunity to level it. Silver again.


George was suffering from an illness and had entered the open weight and -84 categories which were running continuously, so it was constantly running from one mat to the other. George won through a few rounds and was looking sharp considering his condition but the reffing at  the end of a long day and in the heat was becoming rather erratic for all fighters. many points were missed and strange decisions made. George met  fellow sparring partner Brandon in the semi final of both sections and they were both close calls with demonstrations of excellent techniques, countering, pulling and fast attacks. Brandon had the edge on the day and George had to settle for Bronzes this time.

Rossi was his usual kicking self today and did not use his hands enough which resulted in him losing by a head kick in his battle. better luck next time.

Robbie also had a good fight against a strong opponent, but was unable to get the lad and lost a close battle.


Next week there is a tournament in Gloucester that some of the team are interested in 

We also have the 2nd in our Kids BKO league club tournament on Saturday.

Hands down Chessington

A really hot day at Chessington.
WE took a team of mainly first time fighters to this tournament. It was great that they decided to fight in both points and light con. A great team spirit in there today with everyone supporting each other.

John Ayres fought in a section above his grade and weight as well and showed great skill and fighting spirit.
Mitch had her best fights since her comeback where her reverse punch timing was great.
Jake fought his heart out and demonstrated his good timing.

So many more good performances from everyone. A great day BKO
Princeley 1st
Kat 1st
Gabor 1st, 3rd
Paige 1st
Chris 1st
Jasmine 2nd
Mitch 2nd x2
AJ 2nd
Andy 2nd
Charlie 2nd, 4th
Lee 2nd
Dan 3rd
Jake 3rd
Martin 4th
John 4th
Matt 4th.
We took a lot of first timers to this one and there were some great fights and improvements from some of our seasoned fighters. . Well done team BKO

Grand slam. Crawley

First tournament for the Grand Slam at Crawley and an excellent, well organised tournament it was.
From the registration on Sport data to the inclusion of Facillitators to help organise the mats, The competition was Excellent. It even started on time........and nearly finished on time as well.
Paige 1st
Liz 1st x2, 3rd
George 1st
Kat 2nd x2
Maggie 2nd 
Rossi 3rd
Robbie 3rd
Andy E 3rd
Adam 3rd
Katrina, Bob, Charlotte and George fought well but no medal this time.
Fighter of the day was difficult to pick But I think it must be Rossi. His first fight was Excellent. LIz's final was also awesome. Her patience and timing was spot on. Paige fighting the girl she lost to in the previous section and then beating her by several points was a great moment. George doing the same. Andy's timing and focus. Robbie fighting hard against a much bigger opponent. Kat's semi final. Adam's kick that Almost hit.
As usual it's great to win trophies, but the improvement is where the long game is and each tournament is showing this whether we win or lose. Great work today team