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Cimac Childrens open

Some great fighting from at the Children's open today. I was pleased to see the improvement that everyone has made over the summer. Particularly the younger fighters who attacked and used their hand techniques more. 
Robbie 1st, 2nd

Szymon 1st, 2nd

Maggie 1st, 1st, 4th

Charlotte 1st, 1st Open weight

Rossi 3rd

Ellis 4th

Ollie 4th, 4th

Belle and Katrina didn't get a podium spot this time but were fighters of the day because they had improved so much and showed great spirit .
Well done team! :)


BKO had two representatives at the WAKO Junior European championships in Hungary. This is the culmination of all the hard work and tournament training, competing and squad training that Paige and Charlotte have done over the last year.
The tournament runs for a week with each fighter cometing one round per day and if successful progressing to the final on Saturday.

Paige fought hard in her first round against a polish opponent. She dominated the fight with her strong punching and stopped her opponent several times in the second round to finish a clear winner. In the semi final her form improved and she once again dominated using her strong kicking combinations to pressure her opponent and then striking hard with her hands, Paige cleared her fighter by 10 points and went on to the final to meet her fellow GB team mate. Paige was giving away a large weight advantage here and she didn't get off to the best start after getting caught with a few simple shots. Paige constantly pushed her opponent in the second round and made gains using her punching combinations and speed, but she left herself too much to do and lost the bout. But it was a gold and silver for team GB in this section.

Charlotte has been working on movement and countering for this championships and it stood her in good stead for her first round fight against an Italian opponent. Charlotte pressed her back with her kicks and then pulled her opponent into counters. In the final seconds of the bout Charlotte's movement proved it's worth as she avoided her opponent and then countered with a jumping side kick as she was being chased. This secured her a semi final place. In this bout she faced a German. As the fight progressed Charlotte was once again moving and evading and pulling her opponent onto her punches, but the referees seemed to see her opponents scores before Charlotte's. She pushed back and tried to recover the points, but was unable to change the result. Bronze medal for Charlotte and team GB.

Charlotte was then selected to fight in the team event. GB were to face Ireland first of all and Charlotte showed her strength easily pressuring her Irish opponent with her legs and backfist follow up. Team GB progressed to the semi final where they faced Hungary. Charlotte was last fighter up and unfortunately had a lot of points to recover from the previous bouts. She continued with her usual style of forcing and pulling the opponent, but the Hungarian was content to keep a distance and let the time run down. Charlottte scored points, but it was to big a difference for her to get back. Team GB had to settle for Bronze this time.

Well done girls! A great achievement and good grounding and experience for the World Championships next year.

BKO league

After 16 tournaments so far this year. Paige is top of the BKO league table with Charlotte close on her heels just 7 points behind. In third place (No it's not Andy)! but Maggie followed closely by her Brother Robbie. George comes in at 5th Rory going strong at 6th and Liz taking 7th place despite being out of the circuit for a while. Jasmine is our youngest fighter in the top ten at position 8 Nicolle is 9th and sneaking into 10 place is Michelle. :)

16 tournaments entered so far this year with 52 fighters competing and 180 podium places. Nice work team, we still have a packed summer with BKO socials, Kids summer camp, Kiraly summer camp. Wako squad weekend and the Junior European championships. In Hungary. Then there are 10-15 more tournaments national and international before the final tally in December. so, it's still wide open. We are having equipment prizes for the top people this year. Check where you are in the league below. :) #GOBKO


1  3

Cimac world cup

Results from yesterday (to my memory)
Jasmine - ?
Mini Mancino - 4th (but fought excellently first time stepping up to a harder tournament)
Maggie ??
Charlotte - ??including open weight champion!! 
Robbie -??
Rossi - 4th but fought his first fight very well. 
Paige - ??
Ellis - ??lost to Freya who is a top level fighter and with a bit more time will be a strong challenger.
Liz - ???
Michelle- ?
Kerry - ?
George -??
Rory ??
Andy - ?

 ? brilliant fighting from everyone

Hands down tournament

Results from today at Chessington. Good fighters here today and loads of work to do. Fighters of the day were Ollie, who took on everyone and Taylor who kept his head throughout. Great work from the whole team in the heat though. proud of you all. Thanks to all the helpers, parents and coaches, Especially Paige who took on the coaching roll well. Nice work.
  • Taylor 1st, 1st
  • Ollie 1st, 2nd
  • Paige 1st, 2nd
  • Matt 2nd
  • Ellis 2nd
  • AJ 3rd
  • Ben 3rd
  • Szymon 3rd
  • Alex 4th
  • Joshie 4th
  • Jamie 4th
  • Jake 4th

Southern area grand slam

Southern are grand slam in Easleigh had good quality fighters there today. well done to everyone who fought and supported. Great team spirit.
Results from today.

Jasmine 1st, 1st.

Ellis 1st.

Paige 1st, 1st.

Charlotte 1st.

Jamie 1st.

Kat 1st, 2nd.

Szymon 1st.

Ollie 2nd, 2nd.

Joshie 2nd.

Kerry 2nd.

Belle 3rd.

Dan 3rd.

Jake 3rd.

Andy 3rd.

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BKO kids tournament June

Great BKO kids tournament today. Some fantastic fights from everyone. Thanks to all the kids and parents and helpers who supported us. Love it!

Northants open

Results from an awesome day at Northants open.
Belle 1st, 4th
Killian 1st,1st,1st.
Ellis 1st
Kessie 1st
Camille 1st, 2nd, 2nd
Annais 2nd
Kat 1st,1st,3rd.
Liz 1st,1st,1st Grand champion, 2nd
Rory 1st
George 1st,1st,1st,1st Grand champion
Taylor 1st, 2nd.
Jasmine 2nd, 3rd
Paige 2nd, 3rd.
Ollie 3rd, 4th.
Mitch 2nd, 3rd,3rd,3rd
Kerry 2nd, 2nd
Rob 2nd
Dave 3rd
Rossi 3rd
Maggie 4th
Robbie 4th
Tag teams
Maggie, Ellis 3rd
Rossi, Jamie 2nd
Killian, Robbie 1st
Belle, Jasmine 2nd
Well done Adam and Katrina who fought well but no trophy this time.
Amazing day with some wonderful fighting from everyone.
Great work team.

Cimac Super league

Results from today at the Super League.
Robbie. 1st & 2nd
Charlotte 1st
Maggie 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Liz 1st, 3rd & 3rd
Paige 2nd & 4th
Mitch 2nd & 4th
Ellis 3rd & 4th
Rory 3rd 
Harry 3rd
Great fighting from Jake, Belle, Jamie, Katrina and Rossi today, but no podium this time.
Fighters of the day for me were Robbie, Jasmine and Jake, But there were great improvements from all. Good to see Liz back and aggressive :) and Paige coming back on form. Jasmines fighting is maturing all the time, Jamie's speed was brilliant in his first fight. Katrina had a really good start to her bout and scored some great points. Charlotte smashed it, Maggie worked hard, Mitch broke her fighter up well and was unlucky, Ellis' reverse counter was great, Rory had a tight bout with Darrell again, Belles blitz and Jake's movement were superb. Plus much more to be excited about. A great day . :)
Andy came 3rd

Results from today.
Jasmine 1st
Belle 4th
Dan 3rd
Ellis 3rd
Ollie 4th
Paige 1st x2
Nicolle 1st & 2nd
Andy 1st
Matt 1st
Chris 2nd. 
Well done guys. Some great performances today. Seeing the improvements with the newcomers to tournaments