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BKO in the Gazette

BKO in the Basingstoke Gazette. 


BKO league 2019

Here's the data from this years competitions.
This year we fought in 30 tournaments

We took 298 trophies. 86 1st 87 2nd and 104 3rd
We had 15 national Grand champions.

World Championships. 1 Gold, 1 Sliver 1 Bronze.

European Championships. 1 Silver 2 Bronze.

3 British champions

Cimac Fighter of the year.

Top of the league this year is Me with 5005 points! :) . Not bad as I only fought in 2 tournaments, but I did meet myself in the final of one which is pretty awesome time travelling!

The actual first place is Maggie with 366 points. Charlotte is 2nd just 18 points behind. followed closely by Robbie and then Paige in 4th. The highest adult is Liz. Not bad after having a baby this year, then George in 6th Rory 7th and the youngest member of the team Jasmine making a great 8th place. Ellis has a well deserved 9th place and Nicolle completes the top ten.

54 members competed and Robbie did the most tournaments this year at 20

Have a look and see where you came. Merry Christmas and happy hunting for next years circuit everyone. 


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WAKO world championships

Wehad 3 members selected for the WAKO British team for the World Championships in Turkey and came away with a Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Andrew was making his first trip with the team has had a good year competing both Nationally and internationally.

fighting in the men's Vets -84kg section. A heavier section than he is used to. Andrew reached the Semi finals and was against a strong Mexican opponent. Andrew used his movement and driving punches to score and evade. In the second round Andrew got caught with a head kick for 2 points. This meant he had to chase the fight and was unable to regain points. Andrew received a bronze medal for his first time at the championships.

Liz Ferioli

Liz has only been competing for the latter half of the season as she had a baby in March. She had a mountainous task to get herself fit for competitions but her dedication and training paid off as she was selected for the squad. Liz was also mad flag bearer for the opening ceremony.

Liz made the final of the Ladies Vets section against a very strong Italian with neat and quick techniques. Liz's strengths lay in her ability to rush an opponent and her hard hitting power. She has fought her opponent on many occasions with wins going either way. This time Liz's strategy was to fake her opponent and keep clear of scoring till she saw an opening. This worked well in the first round as the score was very close. During the second round Liz made attacks at her opponent, but despite both fighters hitting each other the Italian was given the score. This left Liz with no option but to attack and try to get the points back which played to the |Italian's strength. At the bell Liz had to settle for a silver. She was disappointed but with missing half of the year's training it was a very big task.

Rob Payne.

Rob is the current British and European champion in the men's -63kg section and was keen to add the World championship to his collection. He had suffered setbacks this year with a broken nose received at the British Championships and a back injury. This kept him out of training and competing regularly.

Rob fought his way through the early round and found himself in the final against the same Danish opponent he faced in the Europeans. Rob wasted not time in using his speed and timing to score. His opponent responded with hand techniques and pulled back the score. At the end of the first round it was very close. In the second round Rob raised his level and started to score more punches, intercepting his opponents kicks and using his fast attacks. He moved further and further ahead. At the end of the bout Rob was 10 points clear and world champion.

Brother from another clubber and regular at BKO Darrell Merryweather is also World Champion at mens vets -74kg and Sammi Jassim got Bronze and gold for the team. Well done guys.


Symon 1st ?
Rory 1st?
Maggie 2nd and 3rd GB grand slam champion ??
Ellis 2nd?
Liz 2nd?
Belle 3rd?
Robbie 4th southern area grand champion
Paige GB grand slam champion
AJ 1st?
Jasmine 1st?southern area grand champion
Dan 2nd? southern area Grand champion
Nicole southern area grand champion
Kerry southern area grand champion

Well done everyone a great end to the year
On to gradings and Christmas paaaaaartty

Super league grand finals

Results from the final Super league of the year.
Rossi 1st, 3rd
Charlotte 1st
George 1st, 2nd
Szymon 1st
Rory 1st
Liz 1st,1st,2nd
Maggie 2nd,2nd
Robbie 2nd, 2nd, 3rd
Ellis 3rd
AJ 3rd, 4th
Katrina 4th
Ollie 4th
Mitch Grand Champion.
Charlotte Grand Champion.
Liz Grand Champion.
George. Grand Champion.
Rory Grand Champion.
Szymon Grand Champion.
Maggie Grand Champion.
Robbie Grand Champion x2
Robbie Superleague fighter of the year.
Rossi is fighter of the day for a wonderful performance in the
light con and his first Super league gold.
Jamie and Jasmine had great fights today but no podium place this time Great work team Lots of success for the awesome effort you have put in this year

Bristol \Open

Results today from a packed Bristol open

Ollie 1st

Laurence 1st

Charlotte 1st, 3rd

Gabrielle 2nd

Liz. 2nd, 3rd

Maggie 2nd,3rd

George 2nd, 3rd

Rory 3rd.

Robbie 3rd

Adam, Belle, Ellis, Katrina, Mitch, Rossi, Kerry, Cat, Paige and Andy, no podium today but some great fighting against tough opponents.

The year has taken it's toll on  our team with injuries keeping a few people out . Well done to Liz and Rory though for fighting with broken noses and for Paige fighting with a broken hand.
Bristol was a tournament bristling with national and international talent this weekend.
Belle and Katrina really showed improvement today Much better and really tightening up those techniques.
Laurence did well in his first tournament, winning it outright in style. Some great head kicks there as well.
Gabby also showed his talent in his first tournament. Great reverse punches. Brother Ollie showed him the way with a fine gold medal as well. 
Regardless of result it is always the  performance and development that matters. To see our intermediate grade veterans fighting and beating much more experienced fighters, Our kids moving up to different  size, age, weight  and grade categories etc or watching Cat gaining experience taking  on the best (and biggest) in the world unflinchingly shows a great future. Our fighters span the complete competetive spectrum from youngest to oldest, from beginner to international champion, the ladder of success is there for all to climb however far you wish to scale it.
There were some unlucky points and some  very dubious ones. I was fighting as much as our team throughout the day against some bad and incompetent decisions for which I got disqualified! 
All people make mistakes, and we accept that, we may moan or roll our eyes, but it is a  fact and we acknowledge and understand this, But  there is a great gulf between the class and professionalism of the competitiors and the way some officials  run their mats. They make a great show of acting official and professional, but tend not to display the necessary knowledge and experience to give good value for money to the paying competitors, Coaches and spectators. Some also display, Dare I say it, a lack of honesty to admit their  mistakes. The prevailing attitude seems to be to get the fights done and move on regardless of the quality of decision or accuracy fo results. Differnt officials (from the top down) have competing ideas on what the rules are which also compounds the issue. I was told when I complained about a referees sheer lack of ability to keep up with the speed of a top level fight (Not my fighter) that it was ok because in the next bout she gave a bad decision our way!?  I can only surmise that the attitude is "It's ok as long as the incompetence is spread evenly"!  When I asked to report an official  I was told that if I want to make a complaint about the organisation and i'ts  officials then I have to pay that very organisation £50 for the privilege and that they will not accept video evidence. How's that for a way of stopping people making complaints?
When Referees are asked to be on the mats concentrating for over 11 hours each day is it any wonder that mistakes are regularily made, even by the best and most experienced. The argument is that we do not have enough refs and therefore we have to work what we have hard to meet the demand, but this highlights the fact that we do not have the human resources to run tournaments of this  size and quality and and should admit this and start building the infrastructure and training regime  that is needed before they attemp it. Because it is the competitors, coaches, clubs and spectators that are paying their time and money to watch organisers and officials  fudge things and stick bandaids on gaping wounds whilst we  are informed that it will be better in the future.
My personal opinion is that an odd number of referees, (3)  taking up space on a square  mat, watching 2 fighters who constantly change their position is not the best system to start with. With refs  on their feet all day and and having to move  to get a better angle to view or to look where other referees are positioned, get out of the way of the fighters etc, interact with scorers, officials and coaches while the fight is running, plus the many other distractions and tasks is it any wonder that more mistakes are made than need be and the stress levels of all is sky high.
Better I think to have the refs sitting down on each corner of the area and focussing only on what they can see from their fixed vantage point. (as in light contact bouts) With one experienced official on the mat controlling the fight. It will take more referees, but the job will be simpler and people can be brought up to speed quicker without the all the miriad of multitasking required at the moment. 
The spectacle of the Bristol open is amazing and many aspects have been developed and improved by the  organisers to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. We all apppreciate the hard work and effort they exert just to put it on. My concerns are not with the running and organisation of the tournament. neither are they isolated to this one tournament.
There are certain people making inroads into improving the situation and we applaud them and give them our full support and backing, because it is through them and their integrity, new deas and thinking that we will take our great sport to the level it deserves. The competitors and clubs are already there, we are just waiting for the rest of them to catch up.
I live in hope.


On to the Grand Slam in November Team. 

Cimac Dorking

Results from a quick day at the Superleague.

Charlotte 1st

Robbie 1st, 1st
Maggie 2nd, 2nd

Rory 2nd

Andy 3rd

Mitch 4th

Rossi 4th

Katrina 4th

Jasmine had a hard fight against a bigger and older opponent today. Liz's sections weren't running, Also well done to Adam from WKO who got 2nd in Light con.

We have quite a few in the running for the grand champions places in November.

Flanders 2019

Back from the Flanders open, for me one of the hardest tournaments to win with amazing talented fighters throughout. It is long, but worth being part of and watching.


Maggie 1st, 3rd

Liz 1st, 3rd

Paige 2nd

Rory 3rd

Annais 3rd

Killian 3rd

Unlucky Ellis, Robbie, Rossi and George.

Great fighting from BKO squad. Maggie's final was awesome and Paige was unlucky to lose by just one point in hers. Liz would have done more but suffered a suspected broken nose and had to pull out of the light con sections. She came back to win the final of the points, battling the blood from her nose. Rory had great battles in a packed vets section and was robbed by a dubious decision in one and just missed in sudden death in the other.

A great weekend and a tiring one. We spent some time in Bruges after of course.
Thanks to MATNAV for guidance and Support and to Richard for getting kicked off by the ref. :) plus entertainment form Gianni.


Southern area grand slam

We took a small team down to the Southern Grand slam today. Some great fighting from everyone. .Jasmine showed her improvement in attack and strategy. Robbie had a run out and won his main section well, but lost concentration in his second final.Liz was dominant throughout and was gaining mat time for the upcoming world championships. Andy showed his improvement as well countering a kicking opponent . Kerry made her first step on  the mat this season and her front hand and timing served her well. Jaime once again showed his strong kicking in a section that was dominated by bigger and older opponents. Well done to Pete on his first ever tournament

Jasmine 1st, 1st

Robbie 1st, 3rd

Liz 1st,1st,1st

Andy 3rd

Kerry 1st, 2nd

Jamie 4th

Pete 2nd

GB Grand slam Bristol

Results from a great GB Grand slam tournament today. Great fighting from all today. Good to see Nicolle stepping up to the advanced category working her reverse punch and taking on all comers. 

The grand slam is making inroads into the tournament scene and Jacee and the crew are adding great innovations to push tournaments to the next level. 
The day started on time! Everyone knew what time they were on and what area! It also finished an hour ahead of schedule! This is thanks to the effort put in to running the registration and categories. The facillitators who run each mat is a brilliant idea and helps all the officials and fighters to have a clear idea of running order etc. It also takes a lot of the pressure from the scoring table and the refs who seem more relaxed and able to do their jobs.

BKO are committed to supporting anyone who is attempting to better the tournament scene for the fighters, competitiors and organisers and seeking to develop a more professional attitude and platform for the sport we all love.


Review of the day

Georges Spinning kick in the -79kg division and his performance in the final in the open weight was a classic. George showed how to deal with an exceptional kicker with variety and precision. Just one mistake cost him the gold, but what a bout!

Paige smashed both sections using her kicking and power punching and she beat opponents that she had lost to before.

Rossi raised his game using his punching and blitzing more. He is gaining in confidence with his hand techniques.

Olly battled his way to 1st, some great ridge hand counters made sure he got to the final in both of his sections. Winning one and silver in the other.

Maggie used her vision so well today. Moving and turning as she kept her eye on her opponent and waited for the leg to drop before striking with the reverse punch. 

Charlotte kept her cool once again and used her clinical counters and pressing kicks to win gold.

Rory's countering worked well for him in the semi final as he ground his opponent down and took the lead. Then strode away with his counter reverse punches.

Liz's movement and attack are improving all the time. She is playing a more clever game at the moment, keeping opponents guessing as to what she is going to do.

Ben's blitz is awesome and when he gains more confidence in it he will realise what a weapon he has.

Ellis' reverse punch worked well against an experienced opponent today, she warmed into the fight and showed some great timing and distance decisions.

Well done also to Kerry who Reffed for the first time today. 

Paige 1st, 1st

Olly 1st, 2nd

Maggie 1st

Charlotte 1st

George 2nd

Rossi 2nd

Rory 2nd

Liz 2nd, 4th

Ben 3rd

Ellis 3rd

Nicolle 3rd, 3rd, 3rd

Robbie 3rd

Belle, attacked everyone with great timing, but her accuracy was not on form. 

Katrina's reverse punch blitz was hitting, but the refs were not scoring it today.

Jasmine's attacking was great in her second fight. she had to keep charging in and showed great courage and deternmination.

Joshie's mind! Where is that!!! :)

Jamie's awesome axe nearly took his opponents head off.

Andy warmed into his fight and when he moved and faked he was a great difficulty to his opponent.

Cat's kicking is amazing and she threw some great blitzes today. She just needs to have more confidence in leading with her hands which are very good.
No podium this time for these fighters, but great fighting and super spirit. Well done all and thanks to all the parents and helpers who make it all possible.

And rest!