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Kiraly summer camp

Kiraly Summer camp.

The Kiraly summer camp took place 1st to 9th August and we had 10 BKO members in attendace.

The camp has 3 training sessions a day. The first being either an early morning run or fitness workout.
The second session is mid morning and has 5 stations covering Kicking with Zsolt, Defences with Tamas and Richie, Blitzing with Lazslo and Conditioning with Kristyan. These were rotated throughout the week.
The evening session was taken by Istvan and involved sparring and sparring drills and insights.

There was also a full hospitality program with trips to the hot spa or the leisure pool and evenings out at the bar or other venues.
Accommodation consisted of 2 to 4 to a room and full board.

On the Saturday we arrived and had a warm up training session in the gym. Following this we were asked if we would like to go to the Hungarian music festival in the evening. Most of the BKO team took off with the others expecting an evening of folk tunes and Balalaikas. We were quite pleasantly surprised to find that it was a full on Glastonbury type music festival with bars and clubs blasting it out all night. Some of the BKO team stayed all night as well. George and Charisse coming home at 4am!

Needless to say they were absent from the first early morning class, but appeared at the mid morning one.
I the early morning session some of the girls went running with Zsolt. The runners stretched out and Zsolt went ahead to check on others. BKO stayed together and kept running. After a while they realised that they were lost and decided to run back. Meanwhile all the other runners had finished and Zsolt was re-running the course looking for them. It turned out that they had run twice the distance and was late for breakfast. After this our ladies had Roland as a chaperone every time they ran.

As the week went on the Hot spa became a life saver. After the mid morning session we would get the bus to the spa which had various hot and cold pools and a resting pool to ease the aching muscles.

We went to the bar on several occasions and got involved in some serious sing-alongs and drinking of much Palinka! Especially on the Tuesday night as Wednesday was a rest day.

The training at the camp was intense and so much was taught and absorbed. Sparring and training with all the Kiraly team as well as excellent fighters from across the world. By the end of the week we were all feeling the pace.

The final day was a tournament that we all took part in. George was on fire and worked his way to the semi final where he had a great battle with a Hungarian fight that went to sudden death. George lost the bout, but it was a very close thing.

Once more we were all at the bar for the last evening, More Palinka and beer flowed and more songs were sung till the early hours.

The next day we woke tired and a little hung over and it was time to catch the Flight home.

An excellent week of training and fun. We learnt so much and met some great people from all over the world. Istvan and the Kiraly team were great hosts and did all they could to make sure we had a great time.


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 On Wednesday 15th July, the hottest day of the year multiple world and european champion and member of the Kiraly team Krisztian Jaroszkievicz came to BKO for a 3 hour seminar. Krisztian is known for his tactical thinking, footwork explosive fighting style.
The class started with a general warm up and some mobility practice and getting the stance right. Then we moved into devolping attacking and countering drills. Beginning with single attacks and counters, the drills became more and more complicated developing not only your physical techniques but your thinking and concentration as well. The temperature rose and the room became a little like a sauna measuring 90 degrees. The drills we had learnt were then put into more of a sparring situation. Everyone was dripping with sweat and tired but the night had not finished yet. Krisztian them introduced some kick strengthening exercises that finished the night off.


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Zolt Moradi seminar

Several times world and European champion, Irish open winner 2015 and member of the famous Hungarian Kiraly team came to BKO to hold two seminars.


Both were two hours long and covered  attack,defence and how to disguise you initial movements. Zsolt went into the details of techniques which increases speed and reaction time as well as footwork and kicking exercises. Stripping down sparring drills and highlighting technique by removing bouncing and timing from the exercises was most interesting and demonstrated the quality of technique and delivery.

The seminars were attended by BKO students of all levels and grades and members from other clubs who had a great time and learnt valuable lessons from this great fighter and champion.


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Cimac World cup

Great tournament yesterday. The Cimac world cup. Lots of talent in depth. Great to watch and a difficult one to win. It was a 3rd place day today for most of BKO.
Liz 2nd
Spazzy 3rd
Sean 3rd
Ian 3rd
Jeppo 3rd
Jamie 3rd
Jimmy 3rd
Ron 3rd.
Fighter of the day for me was Andy taking it to Kalon Page in a close fight in the open weight was unlucky not to score a head kick. Also Lucy performed really well with her kicks and a beautiful blitz. She is improving all the time. Liz fought with her usual power and aggression in the final but lost the bout on what seemed like a computer error??? Jeppo had a hard bout in his semi and got knocked down near the end, but recovered to finish. Jim got kicked in the balls again. (we think he likes it)! Ian lost after he stopped to adjust his glove and the refs carried on. Jamie had a close continuous bout, but was just edged out 2-1. Not a bad day for us. but not the placings we are used to. Some good things to take away and some fine individual performances. Well done team BKO!

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Last week BKO competed in it's 16th tournament of the year at the Northants open.

This is a tournament that attracts the best fighters from across

the UK and has open weight grand champion categories as well as weight and grade categories.

BKOs team consisted of several fighters of various experience and ability.

George peploe entered several weight categories and ended up having four fights back to back. This resulted in a 3rd place. Then George entered the Mens Open weight section which had top fighters from the UK including European champions and GB squad members. George fought his way through several rounds to meet Blaine Watson in the final. A very close and exciting match ensued and at the end the scores were level. Following an extra time extension it was still even, so the fight went to sudden death. Blaine powerfully launched himself forward, but George scored a face punch which won him the Grand championship and £150 prize money.

Ron Peploe then entered the Veterans +35 years open weight. Fighting through three rounds, he met World champion and renowned fighter Daz Ellis in the final. Points were score back and forth during an energetic bout. At the bell it was 16 points all. In extra time there was no let up. Finally Ron got the last point and won the bout 21-20 making him Grand champion and taking the £150 prize money.

This is the first time in any event that a father and son team has won both Grand championships.

In the Ladies novice section Kerry Anderson Notched up her first gold medal by employing superior strategy to beat each of her opponents. Kerry has been kickboxing for a year and has competed in several national and international tournaments placing in most of them, but this is her first win.

Vinnie Turner entered several categories including black belt and veterans section. Using his long reach and movement to score Vinnie gained two third places. Vinnie has been training for just over a year and has competed in 15 tournaments and won many titles and places.

Sean Adams entered the Light continuous category. He fought a round robin with two other fighters. This resulted in a draw and so the fights had to be staged again. Resulting in another draw. It was decided to add up each competitors points which gave Sean the 2nd place.


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Dutch open and top ten

Dutch open


On 15th May BKO travelled to Amsterdam to compete in the Dutch open. A major tournament that attracts the best competitors from Europe.

After driving fro 8 hours. The team went straight to the venue as there was not time to book into the hotel before the tag team fighting.

George Peploe entered the Men's open weight grand champion section and had a tough fight against Roland Veres from Hungary. George was suffering from fatigue due to the travelling and narrowly lost his bout. The same happened in the tag team. Where BKO lost to a team that they should have beaten.

The following day and after a good nights sleep the team was raring to go.

First up was Kerry Anderson who fought in the ladies novice section. At first she battled her way to a third place, But there was a mix up and two fighters had not been entered correctly. This resulted in Kerry losing her third place trophy and having to settle for 4th.

Stephen Gribben fought in several sections and showed good skills throughout, but couldn't quite make the final placings finishing 4th in the men's senior u79kg

George Peploe fought in three sections reaching the quarter finals in two (where he knocked one opponent out with a spinning kick to the head) and the semi finals in the men's U84kg section where he met a very experienced and talented German Fighter. Over the two rounds the fight was very close. With 5 seconds to go George was trailing by 1 point. He launched a round kick which caught his opponent in the face. Scoring 2 points this would have won the bout for George, but the referees didn't see it! This gave the bout to his opponent. Afterwards he admitted that the kick had hit him, but he wasn't going to say anything to the refs. George earned himself a bronze medal in this section.


Top Ten

Lucy Weller fought in the Ladies novice section and put in a great performance, but was beaten into 3rd place by one point.

Andy Partridge fought in the men's open weight and in the first round met Roman Brundle. One of the worlds best fighters with many titles and constantly in the placings of international tournaments. Andy threw himself into the fight and had to cope with Brundle's huge left kick which is constantly pumping at you. Andy moved and twisted to get round the kick, which he did successfully on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately this time he couldn't make enough points tell and he lost the bout. But a valiant effort and lessons learnt for the next time these two meet.




Kwon Birmingham

On  Sunday. We took a squad to the Birmiingham Kwon tournament. It is a league running over 3 tournaments and BKO fighters have points in the league from the previous tournament.

George Peploe fought in two senior sections and although he reached the final in both, he was still feeling jaded after his battles in Dublin the previous week. George gained 2 silvers.

Kat Dhillon  fought in the Ladies Novice section. Still carrying a calf injury that restricts her movement and blitzing she managed to power her way to a gold. She then entered the intermediates section where she reached the second round.Not content with that she entered the Veterans section and won a gold there as well. Not bad for someone who can't move properly.

Vinnie Turner entered the mens Novice section and dominated with his long kicks and right hand, Vinnie  won gold. He then entered the Intermediate section and was pipped in the final into second place. Vinnie was meant to enter the Veterans as well but had to pull out due to a very painful ear. It turns out that he had perforated his ear drum during training that week and had it hit again during the final.



Chessington April

We took a squad of 20 down to the Chessington open in April. There would have been more peole fighting, but the previous day was the trampolining session for the club and some were nursing sore legs.


Chessington is a round robin tournament and a great opportunity for fighters to get mat time and experience, or just have a run out. There are a mix of abilities and grades here.


Up first were the teams and in ours were George, Curtis, Gribbs and Kat. The points were accrued rather than individul fights scored. We had a very close fight with Guildford. All fighters giving their best, especially Kat who fought the winner of the Irish open and refused to back down eventually getting a draw. George stepped out for the fight off and although we thought he scored on his opponent, he lost the bout by one point?? 


Kids were up next. Rossi fought his usual cagey fights, but lost all four of them 1-0. It is to his credit that he can keep his opponent from scoring, but we are now working on his punching and attacking so that he can win these bouts in future.


Maggie had a good final bout in which she was using her reverse punch much more and her usual excellent kicking. Her opponent had the better of the punches however and Maggie had to settle for 2nd.


Laynar met Aimee in the final and it wasa close affair with Laynar pushing her side kick out and using her accurate reverse punch and Aime blitzing her points. Laynar ran out the eventual winner and Aimee 2nd.


Chloe fought in her first ever tournament and only had one opponent in the tiny's category. She had to fight two rounds and threrw some excellent punches. Chloe can sometimes become static and her opponent capitalised on this scoring two or three points. Chloe attempted to fight back and hit a lovely stepping backfist in the final seconds. It wasn't enough however and she was 2nd.


Owen fought his first tournament as well, Using his front hand to good effect in the early rounds. He met a very competent fighter in the final and the points were close. Near the bell Owen had to score to level the fight. He Chased his opponent down and hit a lovely backfist. Unfortunately the Ref said he just called time a split second befor the strike, so Owen had to have 2nd place.


Gribbs fought in the seniors and gave a great perfomance. Some lovely straight punches to the head. Sometimes he can be impatiant and throw attacks from too far  away and this proved costly today.


George Fought in the seniors and won his first round 8-1 against an opponent he has lost to on previous occasions. It is showing how he has improved. In the final He fought against someone who he had beaten and felt comfortable, but his points didn't seem to be scored. In the final seconds he scored a backfist and the refs gave it the other way giving the fight to his opponent. George through his gloves up in the air in frustration but soon got over it. This is the fight game, there are many variables and the decisions are made by others. When you fight alot you can risk losing more. You peak for the big tournaments and sometimes at the smaller ones there is not so much to psych for.


Andy Evans fought Vinnie in the first fight  of their section and had to contend with Vinnies long and broken style which he did well. Throwing counter kicks and reverse punches. Vinnie Ran out the eventual winner of the section however With Andy gainin a creditable 2nd.


Andy then went on to fight in the Intermediate section against a heavier and more experienced opponent. Andy's Front leg scored well as a counter and his reverse punch and movement has made great improvements. This led to him controlling the fight and winning the section 1st place


More to come.

Zsolt Moradi seminar