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Superleague May

Good day at the Superleague for BKO
Jamie won his first fight well and reached the quarters
Robbie aslo got to the quearter finals in the Inter/advanced section.Rossi missed out this time in the same one
Adam won his first and had a hard fight with a good fighter in his section Maggie also showed her great kicking skills but was unfortunate not to win.
Abi had a very hard bout in her final and was injured by some excessive contact but she gained a silver.
George got gold in the mens senior section
Jim got a silver after some tough bouts
Dylan had some fantastic fights in the mens divis and got a silver despite his 16 years. He then had a great fight in the mens advanced section but was unlucky not to win.
Michell missed out this time in her section but is showing more improvement. She also had a tough fight in the ladies black belt section.
Liz fought her way to 3rd in points and an excellent 3rd place win in the continuous section.
George gold
Abi Silver. 
Jim Silver.
Dylan Silver.
Liz 3rd, 3rd

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Hello Rosie

Congratulations to Kerry and Gribbs on the birth of their little Rosie. The first BKO baby! She is gorgeous!


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Kwon British open

BKO's 5th British champ this year. Vinnie won the vets section at The Kwon British championships today. He also got a siver in the mens under 94kg section and had a close fight 8-6 against Rhys Phillips. Well done Vin.

Michelle fought in the ladies section fighting a German that was as big as Vinnie! Michelle got round her legs and scored nicely a couple of times, but had to settle for 4th place. She then took a silver in the ladies vets. Her fighting is going from strength to strength now and her faking and timing gave all her opponents problems.

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Saturday squad training

Adults class was Squad training this week and thanks to Allen, Ben and his team who came to work out. 2 hours of strategies, tactics and exercises designed to improve tournament sparring. Amazing effort from the kids who did both classes today 3 hours of sparring wore them out, but they didn't give in and carried on to the end. 
Look out for next months Squad training.

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Chessington may

  Well done everyone who took part in a packed Chessington Hands down tournament today. Lots of great development shown and some things to work on to further improve our fighting. 
Abi 1st Tanna 1st Jeppo 1st Tyler 2nd Aimee 2nd Michelle 2nd, 3rd. Ashley 2nd. Robbie 3rd. Harry 3rd. Maggie 3rd. Rossi 4th. Regan 4th.
After 9 tournaments this year 46 people have competed. We won 63 trophies. 17 1st 21 2nd and 25 3rd.

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Liz finally got her white hoodie and now she is street. !

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Jadi Tention seminar

Had a great time last night.Three hours learning triggers and footwork sparring etc withJadi Tention. A great guy and an awesome instructor. We introduced him to a cheeky nandos and a Kebab though! 
Thanks to all the adults and kids who came along and supported, worked hard and sweated . I know a few had to leave a little early and missed the photos. We will try and photoshop you in. :)

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Wako squad/Refs course

WAKO GB squad training withMaggie, Robbie, Charlotte, George, Andy, Neil, Liz, Michelle. Spazzy also completed the WAKO refs course and is now qulified as a WAKO ref.

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Little Ninjas class

Little Ninjas class under 5 years. Saturdays 9.30-10.15am



Ladies kickboxing returns

Back on from this Wednesday.

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