BKO Christmas Party

Tickets have arrived for the ???? BKO CHRISTMAS PARTY ????
Karaoke, Burritos, Awards, Drinks, Music and dancing ????.
Grab your tickets ASAP as we need to know numbers for food.




BKO gradings will take place on Saturday 7th December  with intermediate and Higher grades completing their sparring disciplines on Thursday 12th

Gradings are £10 and you will have a time slot  to come along. You can come early and warm up aor stay longer to help out if you like.

Ninjas 9,30

Red  10.00

Yellow 11.00

Orange 12.00

Green /Purple 12.30

Blue 2.00

Brown 3.00

Black 5.00

Live time updates will be available on facebook.

Then there will be an outing to the White hart at 8pm to celebrate and George's birthday.


New Gradings

Well done t Alex and Michelle who passed their Orange and yellow belts respectively this week. They are the first to take their gradings this december and had to perform, basics, combinations, defences, bag and pad work, and sparring which they did in style. Congratulations.

WAKO world championships

Wehad 3 members selected for the WAKO British team for the World Championships in Turkey and came away with a Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Andrew was making his first trip with the team has had a good year competing both Nationally and internationally.

fighting in the men's Vets -84kg section. A heavier section than he is used to. Andrew reached the Semi finals and was against a strong Mexican opponent. Andrew used his movement and driving punches to score and evade. In the second round Andrew got caught with a head kick for 2 points. This meant he had to chase the fight and was unable to regain points. Andrew received a bronze medal for his first time at the championships.

Liz Ferioli

Liz has only been competing for the latter half of the season as she had a baby in March. She had a mountainous task to get herself fit for competitions but her dedication and training paid off as she was selected for the squad. Liz was also mad flag bearer for the opening ceremony.

Liz made the final of the Ladies Vets section against a very strong Italian with neat and quick techniques. Liz's strengths lay in her ability to rush an opponent and her hard hitting power. She has fought her opponent on many occasions with wins going either way. This time Liz's strategy was to fake her opponent and keep clear of scoring till she saw an opening. This worked well in the first round as the score was very close. During the second round Liz made attacks at her opponent, but despite both fighters hitting each other the Italian was given the score. This left Liz with no option but to attack and try to get the points back which played to the |Italian's strength. At the bell Liz had to settle for a silver. She was disappointed but with missing half of the year's training it was a very big task.

Rob Payne.

Rob is the current British and European champion in the men's -63kg section and was keen to add the World championship to his collection. He had suffered setbacks this year with a broken nose received at the British Championships and a back injury. This kept him out of training and competing regularly.

Rob fought his way through the early round and found himself in the final against the same Danish opponent he faced in the Europeans. Rob wasted not time in using his speed and timing to score. His opponent responded with hand techniques and pulled back the score. At the end of the first round it was very close. In the second round Rob raised his level and started to score more punches, intercepting his opponents kicks and using his fast attacks. He moved further and further ahead. At the end of the bout Rob was 10 points clear and world champion.

Brother from another clubber and regular at BKO Darrell Merryweather is also World Champion at mens vets -74kg and Sammi Jassim got Bronze and gold for the team. Well done guys.


Symon 1st ?
Rory 1st?
Maggie 2nd and 3rd GB grand slam champion ??
Ellis 2nd?
Liz 2nd?
Belle 3rd?
Robbie 4th southern area grand champion
Paige GB grand slam champion
AJ 1st?
Jasmine 1st?southern area grand champion
Dan 2nd? southern area Grand champion
Nicole southern area grand champion
Kerry southern area grand champion

Well done everyone a great end to the year
On to gradings and Christmas paaaaaartty

Chris Aston seminar

Chris came down to give us a competition sparring seminar this week. 
We ran through loads of sparring drills and strategies and some new ones. Using the rear leg to change space and distance. Both kids and adults had a great time and the session was invaluable for developing or fighters. Lots of sparring followed and set us up for the GB grand slam the next day.

Thanks Chris.

Demo for Children in need

We were asked to do a demontration at Basingstoke Flip out Trampoline centre where they had a night dedicated to raising funds for Children in need. We had a good squad of people who turned up to sho padwork, defences and sparring. The space was quite small, but everyone gave their best  and after both demonstrations were through people could use the facilities while a band were playing. Well done everyone.

Super league grand finals

Results from the final Super league of the year.
Rossi 1st, 3rd
Charlotte 1st
George 1st, 2nd
Szymon 1st
Rory 1st
Liz 1st,1st,2nd
Maggie 2nd,2nd
Robbie 2nd, 2nd, 3rd
Ellis 3rd
AJ 3rd, 4th
Katrina 4th
Ollie 4th
Mitch Grand Champion.
Charlotte Grand Champion.
Liz Grand Champion.
George. Grand Champion.
Rory Grand Champion.
Szymon Grand Champion.
Maggie Grand Champion.
Robbie Grand Champion x2
Robbie Superleague fighter of the year.
Rossi is fighter of the day for a wonderful performance in the
light con and his first Super league gold.
Jamie and Jasmine had great fights today but no podium place this time Great work team Lots of success for the awesome effort you have put in this year