The course runs for 6 weeks with a red belt grading at the end.
Come and learn a great sport, keep fit, learn self defence and have fun. Become a champion.
Working with other beginners and developing skills at your own pace in a safe and friendly environment.
All other BKO classes are free for the duration of the course. (15 a week)
Message to reserve places.

BKO had two representatives at the WAKO Junior European championships in Hungary. This is the culmination of all the hard work and tournament training, competing and squad training that Paige and Charlotte have done over the last year.
The tournament runs for a week with each fighter cometing one round per day and if successful progressing to the final on Saturday.

Paige fought hard in her first round against a polish opponent. She dominated the fight with her strong punching and stopped her opponent several times in the second round to finish a clear winner. In the semi final her form improved and she once again dominated using her strong kicking combinations to pressure her opponent and then striking hard with her hands, Paige cleared her fighter by 10 points and went on to the final to meet her fellow GB team mate. Paige was giving away a large weight advantage here and she didn't get off to the best start after getting caught with a few simple shots. Paige constantly pushed her opponent in the second round and made gains using her punching combinations and speed, but she left herself too much to do and lost the bout. But it was a gold and silver for team GB in this section.

Charlotte has been working on movement and countering for this championships and it stood her in good stead for her first round fight against an Italian opponent. Charlotte pressed her back with her kicks and then pulled her opponent into counters. In the final seconds of the bout Charlotte's movement proved it's worth as she avoided her opponent and then countered with a jumping side kick as she was being chased. This secured her a semi final place. In this bout she faced a German. As the fight progressed Charlotte was once again moving and evading and pulling her opponent onto her punches, but the referees seemed to see her opponents scores before Charlotte's. She pushed back and tried to recover the points, but was unable to change the result. Bronze medal for Charlotte and team GB.

Charlotte was then selected to fight in the team event. GB were to face Ireland first of all and Charlotte showed her strength easily pressuring her Irish opponent with her legs and backfist follow up. Team GB progressed to the semi final where they faced Hungary. Charlotte was last fighter up and unfortunately had a lot of points to recover from the previous bouts. She continued with her usual style of forcing and pulling the opponent, but the Hungarian was content to keep a distance and let the time run down. Charlottte scored points, but it was to big a difference for her to get back. Team GB had to settle for Bronze this time.

Well done girls! A great achievement and good grounding and experience for the World Championships next year.

WAKO GB team members

Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation have 5 members of the club representing Great Britain in the upcoming WAKO World and European kickboxing championships this year

Father and Daughter Charlotte and Andrew Evans have both made the team in the Juniors and adults section respectively. Charlotte will be travelling to Hungary to compete in the Junior European championships. She has been a member of the team for a few years and this is her second championships. Andrew will represent GB for the first time in the +41 yrs men's section of the WAKO world Championships in Turkey in November.
Also competing in the junior championships for the first time is junior instructor Paige Adcock. Paige has been winning many tournaments this year and is looking for a good performance and a podium spot.

Also in the adult team is Rob Payne who won the men's +41yrs British and European championships last year and is now looking to add the world championship title to his honours

Another BKO instructor Liz Ferioli and regular GB team member will be taking on the daunting task of competing in the Points fighting world championships in Turkey and then travelling to take part in the Light continuous world championships in Slovenia. This is an excellent comeback for her after giving birth earlier on this year and she stands a good chance of a medal in both categories.

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50 rounds of sparring

Team Wessex  (George, Brandon, Callum and Cat) ran an afternoon of 50 - 2 minute rounds of sparring. Both points and light con. It was a great success with some top  fighters in attendance. 44 fighters took part in total with many BKO members.  Everyone had a great time and took away some Valuable sparring experience.




Summer social

This Saturday following the sparathon is the BKOsummer social. at the White Hart Worting Rd.  7-late

We have over 150 members in the club at the moment and run 17 classes a week. Most people attend one or two class and some of you don't even know the others exist, so we thought it would be nice to have a meet up and introduce you to each other. Ther will be a video of our achievements this year and of course some drinks. Thai and English Food can also be purchased from the bar.

Looking forward to it.

See you there.

On Saturday George's Wessex warriors have a 50 rounds sparathon happening at the Falcons martial arts school in Andover. 1-3.30pm.  Many top and experienced fighters are going to be in attendance  so it will be a valuable experience for anyone wanting to improve their points and light con fighting. 
Open to all, Just come along.



Kiraly Summer camp

This year we took 10 people to attend the Kiraly Summer camp in Csongrad Hungary

As with previous years there were mainly 3 training sessions a day. A run in the morning. A technical session mid morning and a sparring session in the evening. This year the sessions were taken as a whole group rather than splitting into different stages  and it worked well. Each day a member of Kiraly team would run a session on their own particular tactics and the class would work through and apply what was taught. 
As usual the afternoon was taken up with going to the spa and resting before the evenings sparring. On Wednesday we had a day off and  most of the team met up at the famhouse that was rented by Kerry and Gribs for a BBQ.......and Palinka.

  We worked through each session every day and concluded with a round robin tag team  tournament for each category. With Andy winning his section and Gribbs coming 2nd. All the BKO members worked hard and enjoyed the experience once again, of training with top class athletes and with many competitiors from around the world. It was great meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.The intense training gives a great boost and helps to prepare for the 2nd half of the season starting in September.

The following week Liz, Kat, Robbie, Killian and Maggie stayed on to  attend the light revolution camp. Hosted by Kiraly and taught by instructors Oleg Solovey and Thomas Barada. It was a hard physical experience and the team members learnt so much and were put through their paces in every aspect of light con and kicklight fighting. 



Thanks to all the Kiraly team for their expertise, patience and advice. 
We will be back next year.


New Orange belt

Well done to Kieran who passed his Orange belt last night. Bagwork, sparring, basic techniques and defences all performed with maximum effort. Great work and he did it all on his own.


BKO kids Summer camp for all grades, ages and styles. Beginners welcome.
Training, sparring fun, games, and Nerf wars!!!
27th-31st August. 10-2pm each day £12 per day £50 for the week
Message us to reserve a space.