Superleague Nov 2017

Some great results from the Last Super league of 2017
Liz 1st and 3rd
Maggie 2nd
Ellis 2nd
Robbie 3rd
Rory 3rd
Grand Champions:
Liz. Points and Continuous
Rory and Mitch.
Some great fights from Rossi, Charlotte, Andy, Nicole, Mitch and especially Katrina.

Well proud of you all!!! :)
Great end to a great year team. Full steam ahead for the Grading in December.

We Welcomed the return of Liz and George from the WAKO World championships yesterday. Liz brought home the Bronze and they both fought brilliantly but were unlucky not to medal in all three categories. Liz losing out by a split decision and one point to both world champions and George narrowly losing to the finalist and WAKO world series champion. George also fought in the team Which reached the quarter finals also.  They did BKO and GB proud and are already gearing up for next seasons internationals. We are lucky to have such calibre people in the club. People who show the dedication, determination and commitment to compete at the best level in the world and then come back and share their experience and expertise with the rest of us.
I couldn't be more proud of them both.
I would also like to congratulate BKO France :) star Annais Vandomme fighting and gaining experience in her first World championships. Well done.


The WAKO World Championships were hosted in Hungary and it was an awesome spectacle. Looking everybit as professional as the Olympics. Plus the online streaming and results service meant you could watch and keep up with all the action during the day. An amazing achievement.

Next year is the European championship fpr the adults and the World championships for teh kids and we have a few of our members with an eye on a place in the squad.


The club had the annual trip to a firework display on Saturday.

This year we went to the Winchester display and after a long search for something to eat, we bought some lighted tourches and processed through the streets with around 20,000 other people until we reached the riverside park. 
The display was amazing and the largest in the south. Everyone had a great time and was impressed with the fireworks. We eventually made our way home tired after a good weeks training and a long walk.


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Well done Red belts passing their grading tonight. Focus pads, Basic techniques and combinations, defences and bagwork all drilled hard, with good technique and understanding. On to Yellow. :)

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Halloween 2017 fell on a tuesday so we thought we would have a special training session at the kids class that night.

Everyone came in costume and there were spooky games, face painting, Forfeits, Training in the dark. Zombie fighting, sweets and lots more.

Great fun was had and it was VERRYYY SCARRRRY!



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Aviva funding

We are attempting to raise money for the kids to travel to and enter tournaments. 
We have already done the spinathon and teh bag pack will be up in future. At the moment we have applied to the Aviva community fund and need people to register and vote.

If you could take the time to vote  by clicking on teh AVIA link below we would really appreciate it. Voting finishes on 21st November 2017


Thank you



Brownies training

We were invited to Emily and Drew's brownie troop to give a 1 hour BKO session as part of their Physical fitness badge.

We started with a small talk about kickboxing as a sport and the equipment and scoring system. Then a small warm up, Games and some basic techniques on the bags.
The Brownie girls were well behaved and attentive and enjoyed the training.  The last 15 mins we gave them gloves and allowed them to attack the bags and let off steam. All of a sudden all the girls flew into kickboxing mode and let go with  flurries of punches and kicks with energy and enthusiasm. I have never seen such a transormation. :) They  kept grabbing the gloves and coming back to the bags for another go, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

We finished with a talk about control, safety and not using anything they had learnt outside of the class and then we finished with a bow.

It was great fun.


Thanks to Emily, Charlotte, Aimee and Belinda for organising and helping out.


We are available to give talks, demonstrations and sample classes to other groups free of charge. Just contact us.

Chris Aston Seminar

 Once again we had Chris down for a seminar.
The day was split in two with kids taining for 2 hours and then adults for 2 hours.

It was good to see some of our youngest enjoying the training and showing their understanding and enthusiasm. Chris worked their timing, bouncing and distance and they enjoyed every second of the session, finishing with sparring.

The adults worked similar themes and the improvement of their  timing of kicks and countering was evident as they sparred.

As the World championships comes up in November and Chis and George are WAKO team members, they took the opportunity for a sparring session after evryone had left

A great seminar. Fun, informative and friendly. Thanks to Chris and everyone who came along. I'm sure you got some great things out of it.


Bristol Open 2017

We took a team to the Bristol open last week. This is the biggest tournament in the UK and brings fighters from all over Europe and the USA.

This year we could only pre register for the competition and we put in 34 entries

On Saturday Liz entered two light con divisions. Her new movement and tactical fighting is paying off as she reached the semi final of both. In the first she was narrowly beaten but in o65kg she won through to the final. Once again Liz moved and picked her points when needed and she came away with the gold.

George fought in the open weight section against the best fighters of the tournament. In his first fight he beat the Italian that he lost to last week, then dominated his fight against a British fighter and went through to the quarter finals. He met Alex Veres of the Kiraly team. George kept it close for the first round, but during the second the fight got away from him and he lost the bout.

Robbie and Rossi fought in the Tag team as a warm up for the points sections tomorrow. They reached the second round.


Today was all the points sections and the majority of BKO fighters were entered today.

Good performances were seen from our fighters today and great improvements in attitude and experience.

The lower grades saw Jamie score a lovely blitz, but couldn't make it count to win, Dan showing great timing but losing in the quarters by a point as did Joe who was his usual aggressive attacking self. George T. fought well to the quarter final and was just pipped in extra time.
Andy Fought the world champion in the men's final and showed a great improvement in his footwork and timing gaining a silver.

Mark Won the first round of his fight in the men's section, but lost the bout in the 2nd round. We found out later that it should only have been one round, but it was too late to change the result!

Neil fought through several rounds to the semi finals and lost a close bout getting a silver.

Nicolle got a silver as well after winning her fights with her characteristic reverse punch. There was a complaint that she should have moved up a section because she won the Irish open, but the officials said that she was within the rules.

Crystal fought her first time in inter/advanced and used her great kicking and blitzing skills to score. She is gaining experience here and lost her bout eventually.

Paige has been sporting a hip injury, but was determined to get some mat time. She met a good Irish fighter with great kicks. Paige pushed her back and unfortunately fell on her hip. Paige's punches were strong, but she was hampered by her injury and had to finish second here.

Adam showed some great maturity and control in his fight where he constantly pulled his opponent onto his defensive backfist. In the quarter final he met a very good Irish fighter who hit him hard and knocked him down. Adam received some attention and then came flying back at his opponent. It wasn't enough to win him the bout, but showed his talent and spirit.

Richard also had a great couple of fights reaching the semis in the men's intermediate. His vision and control of the fight gave him an easy win in the quarter finals. He met an unorthodox Slovenian fighter who slowed the fight down and Richard followed the pace which cost him the fight.
Rory was also in this section and fought a good fight against a tactical reverse puncher. It was a close fight and it was only the fact that Rory elected to attack the head a bit too much and opened up to his opponents reverse that cost him the fight. Good to see his jump kick employed again although it did not hit this time.

Maggie, Charlotte, Robbie and Rossi all fought in 2 categories for experience. Maggs used her kicks to back her opponent up and score and gained herself a good silver. Charlotte was also beating opponent after opponent but lost in extra time in the quarter finals. Rossi is starting to use more and more hand attacks and coupled with his evasion techniques it is causing his opponents problems. Robbie had the fight of the day for him in the boys section with a very close fight where he scored with kicks and counter punches and was unlucky for the refs not to see his jumping side kick. He lost narrowly.

George Met Alex Veres again in the u74kg category. The fight was much closer this time with George being more patient and cagey. He lost the bout in the last seconds after what seemed like a one each was given to his opponent. This meant he had to chase the fight and was unable to level it back.

George then fought an American fighter in the U79kg category. Once again a very close fight happened and was only separated at the end of the final round where George lost.

A great tournament, well run and Organised and a pleasure to be at with our best performance so far. Our results 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 7 Bronze.
Well done all who fought and those that helped out as well as all the parents and people who came and supported.

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Dorking 2017

Great days fighting at the Superleague today. 
Charlotte 2nd
Maggie 3rd
Robbie 2nd &3rd
Rossi 5th
Ellis 4th
Mitch 2nd &4th
Liz 2nd & 2nd &3rd
Nicole 3rd
Rory 3rd.
Neil 2nd
No golds today, but some amazing battles and great improvements in our fighters. Well done all.  Kids all fought well and had some amazing battles with opponents they would have really struggled with a year ago. Liz's new found movement is paying dividends. Neil's light con fight was the best I've seen from him so far. And Rory's attempted jump kick to save the fight would have been technique of teh year had he not fallen over afterward. :)
We have several club members in the running for the grand championship places this year. So lets train hard and put every effort into the last Superleague in November.