orange belts september

First of the Orange belt gratings. Well done everyone. You worked hard, knew your stuff and demonstrated your understand and skill to a high level. The other half of the class grades next week, then it's on to green belt.14292514 10205679167813453 5399043941487221964 n

BKO bring home the bling!
The CIMAC super league is a regular tournament in Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation’s (BKO) calendar. This weekend's tournament, at Windsor Leisure Centre, was the UK Open Championships and BKO’s 18th tournament of 2016. 
George Hine, aged 10, has only been a member of BKO for a short time but is a determined fighter when on the mat. Fighting in the novice boys section, he got through to the final and narrowly lost by 1 point. It was a good return to tournament fighting after the 6 weeks summer break. 
After waiting around for the kids and junior sections to finish, it was then the adult squads turn. 
Having fought through the rounds, Liz Ferioli, who also fights for the GB team, landed 3 clear sidekicks on her opponent in the final and the judges did not score any of them meaning that Liz had to settle for second place. Following her points fighting, Liz returned to the mat, this time for light contact continuous. Once again she fought through to the final and faced up against her rival Katarzyna who brought some new moves to the mat on this occasion and managed to outmanoeuvre Liz to take first place and the trophy. 
George Peploe, another member of the GB team, has been ramping up his training in preparation for the European championships in November. Despite the tiredness from his intense training schedule, he flew through the rounds and won the final with 10 clear points.
Neil Jepson, having recently passed his blue belt grading, was full of confidence heading into the tournament today. He was drawn against a very tough opponent in his continuous fight. His opponent, Alex Kennedy, has previously won 5 golds from the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) and the World Kickboxing and Karate Union (WKU) world championships. Neil gave it everything but Alex’s vast experience was a little too much for him.
Vinnie Turner fought in the intermediate section and earned a 4th place. He also fought in the veterans section (over 35), getting through to the final to earn silver.
Michelle Rees, fighting in the intermediate sections, took to the mat for her first light contact continuous tournament fight in over a year, getting through to the final and winning silver. Immediately following her final, she moved onto another mat and was tasked with fighting points in the advanced section. It wasn’t her day in that or the intermediate points section that followed and came away with mat experience and a bruised nose.
Some BKO members from across the pond (France) travelled over for the day to take part in the tournament as well! Anais Vandomme has consistently been improving and this showed with a confident performance and her silver and bronze medals. Killian Vandomme is an awesome fighter and one to watch for the future. He confidently took first place and the trophy in his section. 
Then came BKO’s novice men points fighters. Justin Haigh and Nick Woodley are very new to kickboxing and tournaments and being yellow belts (2nd grade) were meant to be fighting in the novice section. Unfortunately with limited fighters in that section, they were moved up to the intermediate/ advanced section. They didn’t falter and fought hard. In the semi-finals, Justin narrowly lost out to Nick in the battle for the bronze.
Overall it was a great day for bling for BKO - 2 golds, 6 silver and 2 bronze. Some great performances and some areas to work on….their next tournament is in Winchester on the 18th September.
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Gazette write up

Published in the local newspaper this week.


read the full item here.



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New yellow belt

Well done to Dale who got his yellow belt on Tuesday. (finally).

He missed the first grading and then was away for a couple of weeks, then I was away! But we finally completed and he passed all the disciplines of Basics, combinations, defence, bagwork, padwork and sparring. Well done Dale.

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Kiraly summer camp 2016

11 members of BKO went to the Kiraly summer camp in Hungary this year

The camp had 140 people attending and  takes place over 8 days with 3 training sessions a day consisting of a fitness workout in the morning, drills training and a sparring session in the evening. There is a rest day on Wenesday and a competition on the Saturday. Fighters  were seperated into ability/age groups and worked together for the week.

The sessions were rotated through Conditioning, Blitzing, kicking, defences and Swot analysis. On some evening sparring sessions the groups were combined so that  you could spar with fighters of other abilities. 

An important part of training like this is how you rest and recuperate your body. Most days we went to the Spa for a few hours and alternated between hot saunas and cold pools which revived your aching limbs somewhat.

Tuesday night saw us letting our hair down and visiting the local pub where beer, wine and Palinka flowed and there was even an impromtu disco complete with lights in the corridor!

Saturday was a tag team contest where we were put with random partners and competed in a round robin competition. Most fighters are quite tired at this point in the week, but there were still some great and skillful fights.


This is the third year that we have attended the summer camp and it has become a highlight ofour year and a great way to sharpen your skills for the rest of the fighting season as well as being a good holliday. The camp is open to all ages and abilities and  We will be attending the 2017 camp and already have people booking their flights.


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Kids Summer camp

The summer camp started on Monday with 3 hours training a d ay for a week. Lots of kickboxing based games and drills on the first day, plus plenty of sparring and grading work was done.

The class was split into four coloured teams re, Blue, Green and yellow with all games and tournaments giving points to each team. A captain was nominated for each team every day who was to organise and control them.

On the second day the sun was shining, so after a few competitions in the gym we went to the park and continued grading work and defences, then a game of Kickboxing rounders. We rutrned to the gym and had a short game of Nerf wars using the extra mats as bases and shields. It was utter mayhem but great fun.


Wednesday saw us setting out an arena with the punchbags for various fighting games of Horses, spiders etc. then grading work and bagwork followed by a more prolonged game of Nerf wars.

More to follow

INerf wars


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Congratulations to Neil, Charisse and Rob who passed their blue belts. Lots of hard work in preparation for the grading showing great skill, determination, stamina, heart and the ability to push yourselves beyond your limits. Over the last year they have been working their techniques and combinations and  had to perform them continuously on the night. Then do the same with their defences. 3 minute rounds of bagwork and pad work then 12 rounds of sparring, points and continuous with 30 seconds rest in between. It was hard but it was worth the effort. Well done.

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Summer camp

Kids Summer camp 2016. Mon 25th-Friday 29th July 10am-1pm. Training, Sparring, Grading, fun and games,

Open to all clubs and beginners

£55 for one child, £90 for 2 children, £125 for 3 children. £15 daily bookable in advance.

Contact me for details.