Gradings April 2017

Congratulations to all who passed their gradings in April.. Geoff (Yellow) Pat and Dale (Orange) and Jess and Josh  (Red)

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Chessington 2017

Great day at the Hands down tournament Chessington.
Liz and George won the tag team competition and the £100 prize money. Plus loads of other wins and placings as well some great fights can be seen here.

Chessington Playlist

Congratulations to all the teams that took part in our open weight doubles, and an even bigger congratulations to the winners - Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation classes They took home £100 prize money, dog tags and Hands Down tshirts!

Great day yesterday at the Hands Down Interclub, thank you all for coming down! Thank you to all the refs and table assistants for your continuous help with our events, without you our day doesn't run! 

 Sunday 23rd April results below:
1st Place - Hands Down Epsom (28 points)
2nd Place - Absolute (26 points)
3rd Place - Watford (22 points)
4th Place - Mavericks 
5th Place - Croydon & BKO 
7th Place - Pro Elite 
8th Place - KBK
9th Place - Hands Down Cobham 
10th Place - Athena 
11th Place - ZDL & BLMA 
13th Place - WOMAA
14th Place - BBL

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Gradings March 2017

Well done to all those who graded this month. Lots of hard work and effort goes into getting your belt and you all performed wonderfully. Congratulations to Princeley, Dan, Sam, Marvin, Sophia, Mason, Isabella, Catroina, Jake, Maebh,  and Sinead.

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Results from a packed Superleague today with good quality fighters throughout.
Maggie 4th 
Mitch 2nd, 4th
Charlotte 2nd
Jamie 4th
Liz 1st,1st, 3rd
Rory 3rd
Ben 3rd
Nicolle 1st
Mitch 2nd, 3rd
Dale 1st
George 3rd.
Neil 4th
Dave 4th
Emily, Rossi, George, Ken, Paige, gave their best and were unlucky not to progress today.

Great fighting from everyone, showing improvement through a long tough day and to the parents and supporters without which it wouldn't happen. Proud of you all.
Next one is the Dutch open and then Chessington next month.

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Grand slam Southampton

From the biggest tournament last week to a local one today.
Well done Jamie for getting a 3rd place at Southampton and to Princeley for getting a 1st place. Some tough fighting today. You showed great attitude and fighting skill. 
 Nice one guys.

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WAKO squad training

Andy, Charlotte, Neil, George, Liz were all here at the first squad training session for WAKO GB which was held at North Solihull Sport Centre on Sunday 19th March. A fantastic turnout across the board with athletes from all disciplines working hard with their respective coaches. A little highlight video capturing just a few moments from the four hour session.
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Irish open 2017

What a weekend we have had at the Irish open Everyone fought their heart out. Such an improvement. Andy Partridge got bronze. Charlotte got silver and Langers gave everything she had and pulled off a gold. So proud of everyone in the team Great attitude, great support and great skill. Onwards and upwards
Time for a Guiness. ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Sunday Spar Jan 2017

Well done everyone who turned up for Sunday sparring today Especially those that travelled long distance. We really appreciate you guys coming along. 2 hours of great fighting, tips, strategies and analysis. :)

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