Thanks to Neil Jepson for the write up from the Superleague event.

BKO did well today at the Dorking Superleague! Kiri fought well and lost against a tough fighter but she found her stride in the second half of the fight. Heather won her section with some clinical fighting including a head kick on the bell. Andy won a tough fight against an eastern european (with a lethal axe-kick) then went on to lose against an in form Kevin Fish in the final. I lost against Kevin Fish in my first fight but managed to beat the Eastern European in the play off to secure 3rd place behind Andy. Steve had 2 good fights in the seniors against some brilliant fighters, he was a bit unlucky not to have had a few points go his way but added to his overall league position. In the end, BKO took home heather's winning trophy which was flanked by 2 medals so a good result all in all.

On 16/02/14 The BKO team kick-started their season by competing at the 2014 WAKO British Championships in Birmingham.  This prestigious tournament is a qualifier for the world and European championships and is a forerunner for amateur fighters to train with team GB.

The final of the men’s veterans under 94kg category saw a showdown between BKO head coaches, Ron Peploe and Steve O’Grady.  Although Ron Peploe edged the close bout to secure gold, he later reflected that Steve O’Grady had a slight disadvantage by competing in another section that day. The pair went on to joke that they may as well of fought this bout at their club location in Basingstoke, something they do regularly in training.

Steve ‘monster’ Gribben, who had trained hard to trim down for the under 80kg section, secured 3rd place to gain a bronze medal. This was Steve’s first tournament since the Southern Championships in September 2012 and an ideal springboard for the Irish open just around the corner. Steve’s hard work certainly paid off as he secured an opportunity to train with team GB as a result of this tournament.

Phillipa ‘Tank’ Peploe (Ron’s niece) now has a number of tournaments under her belt and, on this occasion, lost in the 1st round against the overall winner of the ‘Ladies over 75kg’ category.  Phillipa will always put up a good fight and was only just beaten on the day.  At this level, the margin between ‘win or lose’ is paper thin and it can sometimes require a bit of luck on the day.  It is ‘matt time’ which helps a fighter come of age and Phillipa has really demonstrated this.

George Peploe lost his first fight to the eventual winner in the mens under 75kg category. The inspirational BKO coach, 22, now competes at the very highest level at both domestic and international tournaments.  His selfless dedication to his students, despite his own injury set backs, is a shining example of the theme that continues to run through the core of BKO.


by Neil Jepson



BKO Christmas Party 2013

Some photos of the trophies, winners and the fun from the Christmas party. Congratulations to all the winners of the high quality trophies. It was well deserved. Roll on 2014.


A massive congratulations to BKO’s Craig Ashford, Michael Skeat’s and Stu Rosier who braved the wilds of Pippingford Park in West Sussex on Saturday 8th November 2013 to complete the Spartan Race Beast.

The Spartan Race Beast is the grand finale of the obstacle racing season attracting competitors from all over the UK and Europe and comprises a 11+ mile muddy trek through countryside tracks, up hills, through lakes, mud holes and several obstacles such as monkey bars, the ice pit, fire jump, Hercules lift and a 20m rope climb before being battered with pugil sticks while crossing the finishing line.

Despite the added challenge of torrential rain and an average temperature of 9 degrees made worse by a biting southern wind, the lads got round the course in just over 4 and a half hours each. There was even some time on the way round to bust out some dance moves and throw in a couple of spin kicks. If BKO had been around in 400BC, I don’t think the Persians would have stood a chance!

There are more obstacle races coming up in 2014 such as Tough Mudder and more Spartan Races in which BKO members will be taking part in. If you fancy a challenge in 2014, keep checking the website where we will post further details as and when.

Spartans we salute you…  AROO, AROO, AROO!!!




Six week adult introductory kickboxing course for complete beginners. All those people who have wanted to give it a go but havent plucked up courage to walk through the door for the first time. People of the same ability, starting at the same time. So your all in the same boat.

At the end of the six weeks we'll undertake a red belt grading and you should have enough confidence to join one of the mixed ability pay as you go classes we run.

We are going to limit the number to a maximum of 16 participants and once the course has started no new participants will be allowed.
We start on Saturday 4th JANUARY at 12:30pm until 13:30pm and run every saturday for 6 weeks.
The cost of the course is £35 which includes all 6 sessions, your first grading and free entry to your first class out of any of the mixed ability classes we run. Part of the deal is you will need to pay for the course in advance, meaning that you commit to give it a proper go and we will limit the numbers and not allow any others to join the course once its started.
Age, shape, size and fitness level are not a barrier to starting, all we need you to do is to work hard
If you want to know more like our facebook page and drop a message.


BKO Christmas Party 2013


Friday 13th December 2013 is the Kickboxing Christmas party at the Skewers pub. (directions here) We have booked out the bar and are having a Caribbean buffet,l but we need to know what numbers so we can get enough food. Everyone is welcome, including partners and we will be presenting trophies for Injury of the year, Timekeeper of the year, the Invisible man and many more! Lets make it as much fun as it was last year.

kick dinner


Congratulations to all the red bels who succesfully gained their grading on Saturday. After completing the six week beginner course, each student had to demonstrate their basic techniques, combinations, defensive blocks and perform  2 minutes on the bag showing good form, speed and power. The standard was high and maximum effort was needed to come through. Well done everyone!

These students can now attend any of the other classes. In addition we are now looking to create a dedicated Yellow belt class for any red belts. Keep looking on here for more information over the next week.


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Starting 11 November we have the brown and black belt course.

A 6 week course running on Mondays 8-9pm and concentrating on working techniques and disciplines related to the higher levels and culminating in a grading.

Although this course is for higher levels anyone can attend regardless of experience or grade, but the focus will be on advanced level work.

Look farward to seeing you there.