Just before Christmas the Black and Brown belt gradings took place. Dan Kipping and Tom Wilson gained their black belts and Robert Rivers and Rhys Clarke their Brown Belts.

All four candidates had been specifically training for six weeks prior to their grading which took place over two days. All had to successfully perform basic and advanced techniques, many defensive disciplines. 

18 rounds of bagwork and 18 rounds of sparring including ponts, continuous and full contact. It was very hard work, testing all aspects of kickboxing  and each performed to their best ability.

Well done and congratulations to you all.


BKO Review of 2013 By Paul Corio

2013 has been a very successful year for BKO and its members. Here are some of the highlights…

January kicked off 2013 in awesome style for BKO as in Ron Peploe was crowned the British WAKO champion.

BKO attended the biggest international event of the kickboxing calendar in February at the Irish Open with Ron Peploe, Deb Peploe, Charisse Peploe, Philippa Peploe, George Peploe (yes, lots of Peploes) and Heather Chilcott all competing and putting in some impressive performances both on the mat and in the pub drinking Guinness.

In April Craig Ashford, George Peploe and Steve O’Grady took on the challenge of Tough Mudder, a 10 mile assault course which includes fire, ice and even electrocution among a course of obstacles designed by Special Forces soldiers. The boys stuck together and got around in a very respectable 4 hours.

In May the WAKO British Squad came calling at BKO inviting Ron and George Peploe into the training squad for the 2013 European Championships in Greece and the World Championships in Brazil. Although Ron and George didn’t make it to the final squad, we suspect they will get further invitations in 2014.

July saw the Green and Purple belt gradings take place with some fantastic personal displays of great fighting, grit and determination. This was on one of the hottest days of the year with temperatures on the mat reaching in excess of 95 degrees and gradings taking just over 3.5 hours to complete. Needless to say it was challenging, exhausting, sometimes painful and emotional, however everyone showed tremendous character to come away with their belts.

In October and November BKO welcomed 2 classes of beginners who braved a six week course of training, culminating in their achieving their red belts. It’s great to see so many new faces at the club training and working hard, well done to all who stuck at it!

The 8th November saw 2000 Spartan Warriors descend on Pippingford Park in West Sussex for the Reebok Spartan Race Beast, including BKO’s Craig Ashford, Stu Roshier and Michael Skeats. The Spartan Race Beast is the grand finale of the obstacle racing season attracting competitors from all over the UK and Europe and comprises a 11+ mile muddy trek through countryside tracks, up hills, through lakes, mud holes and several obstacles such as monkey bars, the ice pit, fire jump, Hercules lift and a 20m rope climb before being battered with pugil sticks while crossing the finishing line. Despite the added challenge of torrential rain and an average temperature of 9 degrees made worse by a biting southern wind which saw many competitors succumb to hyperthermia, the lads got round the course in just over 4 and a half hours each. There was even some time on the way round to bust out some dance moves and throw in a couple of spin kicks. If BKO had been around in 400BC, I don’t think the Persians would have stood a chance!

November also saw the final CIMAC Superleague of the season with Steve O’Grady being named Grand Champion in the Executive Category after 7 tournaments throughout the year. Ron Peploe also placed in the same category. Also placing well overall were heather Chilcott in the Novice Ladies section, George Peploe in the Senior Men Under 75kg section and Andy Partridge in the Intermediate Men Over 75kg Section.

Fight Night on 7th November in Andover saw Steve O’Grady, Heather Chilcott and Nev Norval representing BKO. Just to set the scene, this is different to normal club and tournament fighting as it takes place at a rival club, on their mat, in front of a large crowd and can be a daunting challenge. This was Nev’s first ever tournament and after a cagey start, overcame his nerves, found his blitz and broke down his opponent beautifully to come away with the win. Heather too overcame her nerves early on to put in a cool and measured performance, again coming away with the win. Steve had a very tough fight with an experienced opponent, which was exciting and at times emotional with both fighters digging deep and giving their all. Unfortunately Steve just lost out on points, however is guaranteed to come back stronger than ever for his next fight.

On 13th December BKO invaded the Skewers pub for our Christmas meal and a cracking night of Caribbean food, a few drinks (just a few) and awards given out; the highlights included Heather Chilcott winning ‘fighter of the year’, Andy Partridge winning ‘student of the year’ and Jamie Smyth winning the much sought after ‘injury of the year’ award. I’m also told that a few of our more insane members braved their hangovers and went to Steve’s Saturday class the next morning…nutters!

Ending the year on a high was Tom Wilson and Dan Kipping who after 2 nights of demonstrating attack and defence techniques and 19 rounds of fighting, including 2 rounds of full contact fighting achieved their black belts. This is a fantastic and hard earned achievement which is the culmination of many years training and ultimately what we are all aiming for as kick boxers. Rob Rivers and Rhys Clarke also achieved their brown belts.

A special mention must also go to the BKO kids class who have also worked exceptionally hard, attending many tournaments and coming away with a bumper haul of trophies this year. If you’ve ever seen any of the kids in action you will know the class is producing an amazing sqaud of young fighters, many of whom could easily give the adults a run for their money and some will no doubt be training with us adults very soon.

All in all 2013 has been a great year for BKO and everyone involved in the club. They key to why BKO is such a strong club is its people. It doesn’t matter if you’re winning tournaments, achieving gradings or starting out, everybody contributes something unique to the team, which means 2014 looks set to be another great year which everybody should be looking forward to. We have lots of tournaments including the Irish Open in February, Superleague starting again in March, more beginners classes, plus lots of gradings coming up throughout the year to train hard for.

Keep checking the BKO Facebook page and here on the website for regular updates, or make sure you turn up regularly for class!

Here’s hoping everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year…See you in all January!


Monthly BKO Round-up

Another great month for BKO and the club is going from strength to strength.

It has been an eventful past month,

A massive well done to Heather who fought in Andover, 3 Rounds of full continuous and was victorious. Head over to the BKO YouTube channel or the video page for videos of the round. Heather showing her ability to adapt and power through as always. Big well done Heather.

BKO also say another beginners class come to a conclusion. It great to see new blood and energy joining the club, and to see the new faces at the lesson's after. The beginners course are proving a successfully in providing a way for people to join the club at a more suitable pace. Well done red belts and we look forward to seeing you in the lesson. 

The next beginners course is coming, please get in contact here to get a space on the next course, please tell anybody you know, and bring your mates. There is also a yellow belt course coming soon for those who have progressed on from the red belt.

Also worth noting is the couple of the guys attend Team GB training over the weekend which shows the level of commitment and abilities of the club.

The month ahead looks to be a busy one. We have two tournaments on Sunday the 27th, Superleague in Birmingham and one in Chessingston. The Chessington tournament is Round Robin so great opportunity to get lots of mat experience.

Also new website has gone live, hopefully it gives easier access to the information you need both desktop and mobile, any feedback welcome.

I going to finish by giving a shout out to George, he has a full contact fight coming up, coming back from injury he is looking fitter than ever. He has a blog of his journey, please check out his blog at http://www.sportsblog.com/profile/committedtovictory I will be watching with great interest.

The club has been building on the experience of the instructors and the ambition of the students, I look forward to the things to come. #GoBKO

Details of the CIMAC SUPERLEAGUE Events 2014 taken from the CIMAC site http://www.sportsmartialart.com/events.html



*Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Mead, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5JB

*North Solihull Sports Centre, Conway Road, Chemsley Wood Solihull, Birmingham B37 5LA 


*Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Mead, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5JB


*Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham B146ER


*Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Mead, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5JB


*Dorking Leisure Centre, Reigate Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1SW


*Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Mead, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5JB


 Cimac Superleague Dates 2014 have been posted

March 16th,

April 27th,

May 25th,

July 6th,

September 7th

October 5th

November 9th



More information will be posted when it becomes avaliable....

Lets make it a good one


The Most Prestigious Tournament in Europe, Run By Martial Artists For Martial Artists. Every year we strive to make this tournament the biggest and best it can be. We are so grateful for your continued support as fighters, coaches, officials and staff and delighted you all choose to be part of this event.


The Schedule

1st Dec 2014
Online registration goes live at www.entr.ie

14th Feb 2014
Online Registration Closes

Thursday 27th Feb

Touranment Opens

Friday 28th Feb

Team Events & Full Contact Eliminations

Saturday 1st March

Light Contact Sparring & Adult Advanced Point Sparring

Sunday 2nd March

Junior Point Sparring, Remaining Point Sparring, Full Contact Finals & Male and Female Grand Champion Challenge


Details taken from and further information found at http://www.irishopenonline.com/

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IrishOpenInternational



The final tournament of the year is approaching....


Sunday 17th November. Doors open at 10.30am
PLUS International challenges England vs Spain Light Contact
Points fighting challenge AND not to be missed the REFEREES CHALLENGE.
Daytime FIGHTERS CHAMPIONSHIP followed by awards and challenges.



Find out more on https://www.facebook.com/CimacSuperleague


BKO will be in attendance :-)


Beginners Classes

2 SPACES LEFT...... NEW WEDNESDAY.....six week adult introductory kickboxing course for complete beginners. All those people who have wanted to give it a go but havent plucked up courage to walk through the door for the first time. People of the same ability, starting at the same time. So your all in the same boat.

At the end of the six weeks we'll undertake a red belt grading and you should have enough confidence to join one of the mixed ability pay as you go classes we run.

We are going to limit the number to a maximum of 16 participants and once the course has started no new participants will be allowed.

We start on Wednesday 16th OCTOBER at 8:15pm until 9:15pm and run every wednesday for 6 weeks.

The cost of the course is £35 which includes all 6 sessions, your first grading and free entry to your first class out of any of the mixed ability classes we run. Part of the deal is you will need to pay for the course in advance, meaning that you commit to give it a proper go and we will limit the numbers and not allow any others to join the course once its started.

Age, shape, size and fitness level are not a barrier to starting, all we need you to do is to work hard

If you want to know more like our page and drop me a message