Great day at the WAKO British Championships yesterday.
Robbie was up first and had a hard bout with a very good fighter. Robbie chased his opponent fand scored a great hook kick to level the fight at 7all In extra time Robbie continued working hard but eventually lost by a couple of points. His opponent went on to win the section.
George was having a difficult day with his injured hand and his Rhythm. He fought through to the semi final of the mens under 79kg section and lost to an opponent who he would normally have beaten. He then fought in the mens under 84kg section where he won through to the final meeting World champion Thomas Banks. George's form returned and a very close fight ensued with both fighters pulling and pushing to get an advantage. All was level after the first round and the movement, faking and scores were excellent. In the last seconds George managed to gain a point and this proved enough for him to win the fight and become British Champion.
Ken was up in the Vets 094kg section. Still finding his feet in competition, Ken made it to the final where he met the world silver medalist. A long bout ensued and Ken gave the advantage back to his opponent a couple of times by employing the wrong strategy. However the final bell saw Ken the winner and British champion.
Vinnie also fought in this section and had a good close fight in the semi final but was just pipped by a low body shot and had to settle for bronze. Vin also fought in the mens o94kg section. Despite a brave performance he couldn't progress any further here.
Kat met World Champion and legend Ruth Nelson in her first round. She scored some good points and would have a had more if she did not turn her head when countering. Kat was gaining experience with this fight however and gave a great account of herself. She then met Gemma Upfold another champ in the ladies section. Hard fights for Kat today, but great experience.
Michelle met Spazzy in the semi final. and it was a battle of Spazzy's side kick and backfist against Michelle's movement and straight puncht. With seconds to go Michelle was a point ahead, but Spazzy backed her up and scored to level the fight. Extra time was also close, but Spazzy's side kick scored he decider and put her into the final. Bronze medal for Mitch.
Spazzy met Ruth in the final and came out scoring the first point and uttering war cries. Was this going to be an upset? Ruth showed her class and scored points. Spazzy gave her all but had to settle for silver this time.
Andy fought in the mens Under 85kg and won easily against his opponents. In the final his movement and fast punches coped well with his opponens kicks and he deservedly ran out a winner and British Champion.
Rob fought a very close bout in the mens under 74kg section, It was level after the first round. In extra time Rob's opponent managed to get a couple of points clear and win the bout. Rob gained valuable experience here and has great potential to win in the future.
I fought in the mens vet over 94 kg section and ran out the eventual winner. 
So a great weekend for BKO 4 British champions, 2 silvers, 3 bronze and most importantly good perfomances for everyone. Roll on Dublin.

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another tournament down.

abi was up first and had a two round fight in the final. she has improved massively since watford and is starting to come forward with a reverse blitz. a strong performance and a 1st place for abi.

next up was jamie is a very large category. he had a lot of battles and was throwing at the right times we just need him to tighten up his guard and his punches. his last fight he was getting hit hard but he carried on the fight and saw it through to the end.

sean's turn for continuous. he had a great first fight moving his head and countering. need to get him moving his feet when he punches instead of reaching for the opponent. he won 3 lost 2 and then had to fight for third which in my opinion he won but the judges thought differently.
sean was knocked and had points after. i think id he was fully fit the result could have been different.

next up we the return of phillipa. who's strength and power was scaring the other opponents. drew her first fight and the got kicked in the head twice against someone she should b. but a top performance from her especially as this is her first tournament in 2 years and back from an ankle injury.

next was kat. she won he first points and is now starting to read the bounce and rhythm of her opponent to make sure she lands that reverse punch first. he walked into a head kick which shook her but carried on fighting. 
she then had the same girl in continuous and she was scared. it was a two round fight and she was fighting her usual self until the last 20 second where she got annoyed and completely destroyed her opponent with punches by then it was too late to secure the win.
she was then back in the advanced section for points where her reading of the opponents rhythm started to shine. she caught a big punch in the face but shook it off and carried on 3 2nd places for kat

next up was graham who was a little tentative at first but warmed into the rounds. first fight if i remember right was a draw but there was some close calls. we need to get you working the gap between you and the fighter more. stepping in and out of the gap.

last but not least we had richard back for his 2nd ever tournament. who was addicted to the backlist tot he body. it was working for a few of the fights but we need to switch up the move when they start recognising it. but the attitude of hitting the opponent was much better after phillipa gave you a telling off for being to nice! a 3 rd place for richard and for a second tournament a great performance

thats chessington done onto the WAKO british championship!!!!!!

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Watford Open

Great day out at the Won yesterday coaching over 30 of our fighters and being run ragged from one mat to another. The atmosphere was amazing with some of the highest quality fighting. Well done to all the fighters and supporters for being there. Thanks to Michelle who also ran around the mats coaching and organising. As did Gribbs and many other BKO fighters who were coaching, advising and supporting. Great team work. Well done Kerry who made all the food (and ate most of it)! Thanks to All the parents who gave up their Sunday to bring their little fighters along.
Laynar 1st. Abi 2nd, Ciel 3rd, Charlotte 3rd, George 2nd, 3rd Teams, Vin 2nd, Curtis 1st, 2nd continuous, Andy 3rd, Kat 2nd, Mitch 3rd, Alex 3rd, 2nd, Steve 3rd. Killian 1st, 3rd. Anais 1st, 1st. (apologies if I missed someone, I had to cover 50 fights. Just let me know and I will amend)!
Getting places are great of course, but perfomance and attitude is the key to longevity in this sport and so many people raised their game today.
Chloe fought in quite a difficult section as it was open grade and took some hard kicks, but did not give up and fought her best to the end.
Abi demonstrated her understanding of controlling kicks in her fight and was unlucky not to win the semi final. Laynar also showed this skill and it paid off for her as she won the section.
Robbie had a very close bout with someone who 6 months ago beat him 8-0. Losing by just a couple of points.
Charlotte was nervous about being in with black belts, but demonstrated a cool head by winning through to the semi final.
Adam also had to dig deep and show his character as well winning his first bout.
Curtis returned after a several months away and showed his natural ability by winning and placing 2nd in continuous.
Steve Moore at 59 took on world champions and young fighters in both points and light con getting a 3rd place
Richard had a great first tournament putting into practice what he has learn. 
Liz still produced the goods despite having an abcess in her Jaw. Cannonball as usual pummeled away at Giants
John showed great spirit and skill as he fought the guy who he lost to in the fight night. Scoring head kicks and some great punches. The refs eventually gave it to the other guy, But I thought it was a draw at full time.
AShley also demonstrated what a great continuous fighter he is and was unlucky with that final decision.
George is going from strength to strength, Keen to fight everyone and getting great results. The final against Tamas was awesome. Two class fighters playing chess. What more do you want.
Just some of the notable things that happened yesterday and the season has only just started. There will be other victories and losses but we will reach the end of this year Much improved and wiser for it.
That's it for Watford this year then! Next week we are at the Hands down tournament at Chessington. ‪#‎GOBKO‬.

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Kwon open

Long day today at theKwon open. We got back at midnight! First tournament of the year for BKO
Nicole entered her first tournament as well, attacking strongly and winning her first fight in the ladies novice section, she was unlucky in the final and had to settle for a silver. Today saw the return of Michelle back to tournament fighting after nearly a year out. She is not back to her best just yet, but she got a bronze in the intermediate section and a silver in the ladies vets.
George fought in the mens senior section. Won his first fight and narrowly lost his second but really pulled everything out of the bag for the third place fight off with the best performance of the day. Then he fought in the senior mens continuous winning two hard bouts convincingly and taking gold. No medals for BKO world champ Vinnie today, but he can take a lot from a great performance by him against Daz Ellis in the mens veteran section where he took the fight to his opponent but just lost 6-4 in the quarter finals.
Next tournament should see most of the club competing at the Watford Open on 31st January.

New year 2016


Happy new year!
 Here is the timetable and calendar (so far) for 2016

jan2015 class times  Screenshot 283

BKO world Championships

Well done to Charlotte and Vinnie who won the BKOworld championshipslast Tuesday. some epic battles and both finals against George and Rob were hard fought affairs. Looking good for the battles to come in the new year.

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Back from the WAKOworld championships. A wonderful experience and the most talented packed tournament in the world! To win a gold or even place here was an achievement. 60 countries competing with nearly 900 competitors taking place over 5 days. All the big guns were here. Kiraly. US all stars, Ireland, Russia. ( How many times did we hear the Russian national anthem? With top fighters like Roman Brundle, Dean Barry, Raymond Daniels, Zsolt Moradi to name but a few. There was also very good teams like Slovenia, Mexico, Greece etc Not to mention the mighty GB team who took away 5 gold medals, 2 silver and 9 Bronze.
"How ya feeling GB"!!
For BKO George got to the quarter finals facing a Greek fighter with amazing kicks. George had some harsh scoring go against him when they scored some kicks to his guard and he had to chase the fight. Andy also made the quarter final and met world renowned Raymond Daniels. Andy stood proud and met Daniels with his reverse punch. I though he scored in the first four exchanges, but the ref's didn't. Andy didn't capitulate or get overawed as many do, but fought it out. It was a great performance and one that he should be rightly proud of.
I made it to the semi finals and really expected to be in the final and would have loved to fight Gunter Weninger but fate had other ideas and although I thought I was hitting first, the points were not going my way.I should have changed tactically and that's the lesson to learn from this one. In the world championship you can't take anyone or anything for granted. Still, A Bronze in the world championships is fine I guess. smile emoticon
There has been lots of talk and comments made concerning WAKO and other associations and I don't get involved, but this week has shown the quality of the WAKO world organisation and the fact that this is where Zsolt Moradi wins his world championship, This is where jack Felton wins, his world championship, This is where Henrietta Nagy, Ruth Nelson, Krystian Jaroskievicz, Julia and Roberta Cavaliaro, Sharon Gill, Natasha Balwin. x2, Roland Veres, Scherbakov, Tamas Imre, Chris Collymore, Darryl Merryweather, Gunter Weninger all win their world championshipsis testament to the level at which these championships are respected throughout the world, and there are so many more competitors I could mention who Stood on the podium or were unlucky this time or are gaining experience and will be the great fighters of the future. Of course there can be great fighters in all associations and at all competitions, but the breadth and depth of the talent on display this week, and the spectacle that was the World championships demonstrated the quality of the event and I am so glad I was a part of it.


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review of the year

Happy new year!!!

Well what can I say It's been an amazing year
Here are the numbers

33 tournaments entered
60 club members competed.
264, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places gained
10 Grand champions
1 Cimac team of the year
1 WAKO world bronze medalist
5 seminars with top martial artists
3 charity events supported
2 demos done.

In 2014 we threw off the shackles and decided to commit ourselves to pushing the club and it's members as far as we could with the results you see above. The potential has always been there , but the right circumstances were not.
BKO is made up of many members who require different things from it. We have members of varying ages, top level competitors, part time competitors, Members who primarily want to grade, members who want to keep fit. There are many reasons for training and we try to meet all these expectations.
As a club we are looking to move forward and develop many more areas of Kickboxing. Adding more classes and training aids as well as developing the mental side of training and competing further. 
The social side of the club has always been important and more social events are planned for the coming year as well as links to other clubs and martial artists. Including our own local tournaments

2015 was a great beginning, but 2016 looks to be even better with many things planned. I would like to thank everybody for your support over the year, whether you competed in tournament's trained at a class, helped out with teaching or organising etc, or were a taxi service that enabled the kids ( and in some cases the adults) to train and compete.

BKO is a club of many varied and different people and personalities, but ultimately it is a group of people who come together to train and pursue excellence in it's many forms. Numbers are not so important, individuals are and the club could not exist without every single one of them. From the teachers to the raw beginners, from the oldest in the club (Steve Moore) to the youngest toddlers. We are all on an individual journey together. A journey that will continue and grow in 2016.

I would like thank you and wish you all a Happy new year and look forward to meeting all the challenges and gaining all the achievements with you in the future.

A Brief review of the year. (Just a few of the things that we did in 2015)

2015 began with our first seminar with Ryan Marlow in January. Followed by some great results from the Kwon tournament and Watford open including wins for Jeppo and Curtis.

We followed this in February when Kat was given the WAKO Veterans British championship and Vinnie, Kat and Michelle got silvers and Bronze at the same championships.

After several more local tournaments we went to Dublin in March with a squad of 20 people. George reached the final of his weight category after fighting for 18 rounds. Finally losing a great bout with Dean Barry in the final. Following an excellent and informative seminar with Chris Aston we began our challenge for the Cimac Superleague with many great results and Paul secured injury of the year by breaking his hand. March also saw the start of the Grand slam league.

In April we had Jadi Tention pay a visit and give a brilliant seminar.. More tournaments including Super league and Chessington. Also the culmination of the latest beginners course.

In May we went to Holland for the Dutch open where Kerry got to the quarter finals and George came 2nd. Andy and Vinnie fought at the Top ten open and Lucy came third in her section. We then went to the Northants open and George and me won the grand championships. George had a great fight with Blaine Watson in the final and me with Daz Ellis. Also Kerry won her first major title.

June Gradings took place and lots more tournaments. Then a great seminar with Zsolt Moradi and Cheeky Nandos. We also gave a couple of demos in June.

More tournaments in July and sponsorship from R Brown Laundry engineering and Sap enabled us to buy pads for all the kids. In July also we had a very hot and excellent seminar from Kristian Jaroskiewicz. Gribbs left the club for the 10th time in this month and gatecrashed his leaving do. (He wasn't invited). More tournaments at Chessington and superleague as well as gradings and beginners courses this month.

August. 10 of us went to the Kiraly summer camp for a week of intense training, spa, and drinking. Andy Ron and George were selected for the WAKO British team.

September. More tournaments, Superleague. Infinity, Lordswood, Grand slam. Chessington was cancelled. George and Spazzy become Grand champs at Lordswood tournament.
John, Kat and Liz take part in the Only the strong Fight night in Watford.

October. Chessington returns. Bristol open sees us taking some golds silver and bronzes. 
We receive our new suits thanks to the sponsorship. Jeppo wins his fight night match up.

November. George and Andy win their belts in Wales. We win loads of grand championships from the Grand slam tournament and Superleague where we are crowned team of the year 2015. George Andy and Ron take part in the WAKO world championships with the British Team. Andy fights Raymond Daniels and Ron wins Bronze.

December. Kerry and Gribbs announce a new BKO member arriving next year! Massive adults Christmas do and the kids running wild at JJs. Vinnie and Kat win the competition league for the adults and Charlotte for the kids.. Andy and Tyler get student of the year, Paul gets injury of the year
BKO world championships are won by Vinnie and Charlotte.

Happy new year!


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