Well done Michelle, Who went to the Kwon tournament in Birmingham on her own!! She was intent on getting mat time and  improving.
She was ready to fight in two sections but she was the only one entered for the ladies veterans, so she pulled out. 

In the Ladies intermediate section she won a couple of bouts and then earned a siler medal


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Yellow belt grading

Well done to Nikki last night who passed her yellow belt. It hurt and she did not think she could do it, but with encouragement and determination she passed. Congratulations

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Irish open 201`6

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back from Dublin and what a great weekend it was. BKO all fought well and showed such an improvement from last year. There were no 10 point clear drubbings and no p*** and panic fights. Everyone showed great composure and most of the fights were very close. We had 6 members into the quarter finals including George in the Grand Championships and one silver medal. 

Friday: The kids were amazing. Robbie, Maggie and Rossi showed excellent spirit in the team event where we were surprised at the size of the kids they had to fight. Robbie did particularly well as he went forward constantly and gained a draw. Kat had a real battle in the continuous section and got hurt with a hard shot to the nose and a kick to the sternum by a much heavier opponent, but in true Kat fashion she got up and won the bout. George fought in the team event with AKA and reched the third round losing to Team Bestfighter.
Saturday: I fought in the vets under 79, But knee problems, illness and no training meant I was well under par and lost to me old Mate Frank. smile emoticon
George had a good draw in the mens u79kg section and was looking good for the final but he made a mistake and lost to someone he really should have beaten. In the U84 kg section after several fights he met Top fighter Robbie Mcmenamy and had a good fight losing narrowly. Vin fought in the vets section and won through the first round, then fought well against his second opponent. With 6 secs to go Vin stopped because he thought the clock said zero and his opponent scored on him winning the bout. I then fought in the super vets category and although I was still far from on any type of form I got a silver medal. (It's a funny old sport).
Sunday: We started with the kids categories, Charlotte showed her kicking skills and strength to win through the first round of her first division, But was unable to progress further. In her second one she had a very close fight with a similar fighter but lost narrowly.She has great technique and strong kicks but was unlucky this time. Robbie also had a tough close first fight and maybe used his legs too much here. Rossi played his usual moving and evasion game in both his fights and at one point performed an amazing escape from the corner. We just need to get him punching and cutting back in to score the points. Maggie had a great fight in the heavier section against a bigger girl. Maggie traded kicks and hit her opponent 3 times in the head. The refs only scored her one point however and she lost the bout by a couple. In the next section she met the girl who won Britain's got talent! A bigger girl with a quick side kick. A valiant effort but she lost the bout 3-0.
Vin got up in the inter division and showed his improvement against a bigger fighter!!! It was close and Vin just didn't read a couple of reverse punches which lost him the bout
Spazzy used her side kick and Backfist well in the first fight and lost by a point to the eventual winner in her second bout.
Nicole in only her second tournament gained valuable experience about the hook kick. Which is the only way to get it. smile emoticon She fought well and is developing her techniques nicely.
Andy's reverse punch movement is strong and he needed to realise it against his opponent. A great performance by Andy but as with most bouts it is tactics that make the difference. Andy went for some side kicks that his opponent countered, but when he launched his reverse punch it scored every time. 
Kat fought her second round continuous bout but was still suffering from the previous injury. Her opponent was a tall rangy fighter who was hitting very heavy. We decided that it was best to pull her from the bout and keep her injuries to a minimum for the points section. Kat won her first fight here. In her second fight she took a little to long to suss out the Italians kicks. But when she did her movement and counters were working really well. Too late to win though. Kat also fought in the womens veteran section where they were all senior grades and included world champions. She won her first bout and fought well against a good experienced opponent. Despite scoring some nice reverse punches she had to concede the bout 6-4.
Charisse has shown such an improvement. becoming tidier and more clinical in her fighting and techniques. A really close fight with a Czec girl followed and if Charisse had attacked on her fakes more it would have gone her way.
George fought through Italians, a German and a Mexican to eventually arrive at Jack Felton in the Grand Championship. George is still one handed at the moment and had a great bout with one of the best fighters in the world but had to concede this one.
I am so proud of everyone that fought in Dublin. We have a depth in the club that is now producing good results from Kids to adults. From beginners to advanced and against world class fighters. There is still plenty to do, but in the last year our fighters have developed in maturity and skill and it is showing every time we go out to fight. Keep up the great work people. Well done.

A New Ladies class starting in March. for all beginner ladies. Contct us for more details.

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Well done the newgreen belts. Basics, defences, in line, sparring, bagwork, padwork, effort, pain and endurance. All demonstrated to a high degree with skill, passion and determination. Congratulations.

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Well done theyellow belts. Put through their paces doing bagwork, defences, basics, focus pads and sparring and emerged victorious. Congratulations.

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Red belt course

Congratulations to all those students that completed the red belt course. showing excellence in their basics, combinations, defences and bagwork. Well done! The next course will start in March. Message us if you are interested.


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Great day at the WAKO British Championships yesterday.
Robbie was up first and had a hard bout with a very good fighter. Robbie chased his opponent fand scored a great hook kick to level the fight at 7all In extra time Robbie continued working hard but eventually lost by a couple of points. His opponent went on to win the section.
George was having a difficult day with his injured hand and his Rhythm. He fought through to the semi final of the mens under 79kg section and lost to an opponent who he would normally have beaten. He then fought in the mens under 84kg section where he won through to the final meeting World champion Thomas Banks. George's form returned and a very close fight ensued with both fighters pulling and pushing to get an advantage. All was level after the first round and the movement, faking and scores were excellent. In the last seconds George managed to gain a point and this proved enough for him to win the fight and become British Champion.
Ken was up in the Vets 094kg section. Still finding his feet in competition, Ken made it to the final where he met the world silver medalist. A long bout ensued and Ken gave the advantage back to his opponent a couple of times by employing the wrong strategy. However the final bell saw Ken the winner and British champion.
Vinnie also fought in this section and had a good close fight in the semi final but was just pipped by a low body shot and had to settle for bronze. Vin also fought in the mens o94kg section. Despite a brave performance he couldn't progress any further here.
Kat met World Champion and legend Ruth Nelson in her first round. She scored some good points and would have a had more if she did not turn her head when countering. Kat was gaining experience with this fight however and gave a great account of herself. She then met Gemma Upfold another champ in the ladies section. Hard fights for Kat today, but great experience.
Michelle met Spazzy in the semi final. and it was a battle of Spazzy's side kick and backfist against Michelle's movement and straight puncht. With seconds to go Michelle was a point ahead, but Spazzy backed her up and scored to level the fight. Extra time was also close, but Spazzy's side kick scored he decider and put her into the final. Bronze medal for Mitch.
Spazzy met Ruth in the final and came out scoring the first point and uttering war cries. Was this going to be an upset? Ruth showed her class and scored points. Spazzy gave her all but had to settle for silver this time.
Andy fought in the mens Under 85kg and won easily against his opponents. In the final his movement and fast punches coped well with his opponens kicks and he deservedly ran out a winner and British Champion.
Rob fought a very close bout in the mens under 74kg section, It was level after the first round. In extra time Rob's opponent managed to get a couple of points clear and win the bout. Rob gained valuable experience here and has great potential to win in the future.
I fought in the mens vet over 94 kg section and ran out the eventual winner. 
So a great weekend for BKO 4 British champions, 2 silvers, 3 bronze and most importantly good perfomances for everyone. Roll on Dublin.

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