New kids red belts

Well done to Leon, Amber, Mia, Julia and Jake who passed their red belts last night. Great work.

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New Red Belts

Congratulations to the new red belts who passed their grading on Tuesday. After showing their basic techniques, Combinations, Defences and bagwork in the heat, they all received ther belt and wristband.
Well done all..

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BKO league

After 16 tournaments so far this year. Paige is top of the BKO league table with Charlotte close on her heels just 7 points behind. In third place (No it's not Andy)! but Maggie followed closely by her Brother Robbie. George comes in at 5th Rory going strong at 6th and Liz taking 7th place despite being out of the circuit for a while. Jasmine is our youngest fighter in the top ten at position 8 Nicolle is 9th and sneaking into 10 place is Michelle. :)

16 tournaments entered so far this year with 52 fighters competing and 180 podium places. Nice work team, we still have a packed summer with BKO socials, Kids summer camp, Kiraly summer camp. Wako squad weekend and the Junior European championships. In Hungary. Then there are 10-15 more tournaments national and international before the final tally in December. so, it's still wide open. We are having equipment prizes for the top people this year. Check where you are in the league below. :) #GOBKO


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BKO kids summer camp

BKO kids summer camp this year is  from 29th July-2nd August 10- 2 every day

You can come fro a day or the whole week and the focus is on training games and fun plus there will be Nerf wqars of course.

To book a place message us.

BKO summer social

We are having a get together at the club for everyone. We run 17 classes and teach 150 people  a week. It's nice when everyone gets together for a catch up. and meet people from other classes. It should be fun. Parents and partnes welcome also. 

Cimac world cup

Results from yesterday (to my memory)
Jasmine - ?
Mini Mancino - 4th (but fought excellently first time stepping up to a harder tournament)
Maggie ??
Charlotte - ??including open weight champion!! 
Robbie -??
Rossi - 4th but fought his first fight very well. 
Paige - ??
Ellis - ??lost to Freya who is a top level fighter and with a bit more time will be a strong challenger.
Liz - ???
Michelle- ?
Kerry - ?
George -??
Rory ??
Andy - ?

 ? brilliant fighting from everyone