BKO in the Gazette

BKO in the Basingstoke Gazette. 


Merry Christmas

I would like to wish allour members, Parents, helpers, instructors, kids and adults a merry and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy and prosperous new year!
Look forward to all your good work in 2020

Happy Christmas. :)

Beginners course Jan 2020

The next BKO beginners course will start on Wednesdasy January 8th 6-7pm. The course is £40, runs for 6 weeks and will encoupass basic techniques, defences, bagwork plus fitness and stretching routines. There will be a red belt grading on completion.. All other BKO classes are free for the duration of the course.

Come along and learn a great sport, Defend yourself, get fit, meet new people and have fun.

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BKO Christmas party

Saturday the 14th December saw us all descend on the Riverdene pub for the BKO Christmas party and presentations. there were 40+ in attendance this year and many trophies and awards were given out. There was drinking and feasting and Kareoke, dancing and fun had by everyone.
Rory received his award for Student of the year and Rob was Fighter of the year. There were many smaller awards for peoplewho had distinguished themselves for good and not so good reasons plus Black belts and coaching awards.
A great night as usual with partying and celebration of the club and everyone's achievements of 2019. On now to 2020 and to further glories.
Happy Christmas everyone!

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BKO Grading 2019

The large grading of the year took place this week with over 40 people working for their belts. From Ninjas (under 5s) to older vets and black belts. The technical grading took place on Saturday  and ran from 9.30 am- 7.30pm with basic drills and combinations, plus various defences, bagwork, padwork, against the wall drills and much more. the fighting part of the grading was on the |Thursday with everyone completing their points' light cotact and full contact disciplines. 
Well done everyone who took part. The grading is just the culmination of all the hard work and dedication put in over the last year and it was an amazing performace.

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BKO league 2019

Here's the data from this years competitions.
This year we fought in 30 tournaments

We took 298 trophies. 86 1st 87 2nd and 104 3rd
We had 15 national Grand champions.

World Championships. 1 Gold, 1 Sliver 1 Bronze.

European Championships. 1 Silver 2 Bronze.

3 British champions

Cimac Fighter of the year.

Top of the league this year is Me with 5005 points! :) . Not bad as I only fought in 2 tournaments, but I did meet myself in the final of one which is pretty awesome time travelling!

The actual first place is Maggie with 366 points. Charlotte is 2nd just 18 points behind. followed closely by Robbie and then Paige in 4th. The highest adult is Liz. Not bad after having a baby this year, then George in 6th Rory 7th and the youngest member of the team Jasmine making a great 8th place. Ellis has a well deserved 9th place and Nicolle completes the top ten.

54 members competed and Robbie did the most tournaments this year at 20

Have a look and see where you came. Merry Christmas and happy hunting for next years circuit everyone. 


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BKO Christmas Party

Tickets have arrived for the ???? BKO CHRISTMAS PARTY ????
Karaoke, Burritos, Awards, Drinks, Music and dancing ????.
Grab your tickets ASAP as we need to know numbers for food.




BKO gradings will take place on Saturday 7th December  with intermediate and Higher grades completing their sparring disciplines on Thursday 12th

Gradings are £10 and you will have a time slot  to come along. You can come early and warm up aor stay longer to help out if you like.

Ninjas 9,30

Red  10.00

Yellow 11.00

Orange 12.00

Green /Purple 12.30

Blue 2.00

Brown 3.00

Black 5.00

Live time updates will be available on facebook.

Then there will be an outing to the White hart at 8pm to celebrate and George's birthday.