Superleague September


Superleague 14th Sept


KIDS------ SUPER LEAGUE. By George.

wow what a big day that was. a lot of ups and downs but getting our head back into tournaments. the standard was very high for the kids as there were no intermediate section.

first up was the mighty jamie! who had his first ever tournament. he listened well but fought a much more experienced fighter. i was pleased that i wasn't running into kicks and was keeping his distance well. when we can get his stance strong and focus the power this kid has into scoring points he is gonna be big trouble for the rest of the category

second up we had Harry baker. who had to fight the most advanced beginner i have ever seen. harry didn't give up and kept the fighter in him going but the kid twice his size and an obvious advanced!! well done harry for keeping at him and not letting him scare u.

after that we had his twin George Baker who fought well but took a while to get going. his front arm is improving and again like his brother kept on fighting hard. timing was strong but need to tighten up his techniques and we will have a winner.

after we had there last of the triplets charlie baker. who was confident and ready on the matt. me did what he does best move round and cut in with a blitz. only getting caught when he wasn't caught sideways it was 3-3 with two seconds to go. charlie decided to go for the win but got countered. loosing in the last two seconds by 1 point. a special mention to his first point when he out timed the kid with the most beautiful blitz.

all three bakers had some tuff competitors but fought well. more time on the matt and you will b up there with the top

next up the one and only charlotte evans! this girl just gets better and better. she has a natural instinct to win. here first fight was up against what i would believe to be a strong kicker. as the girl kicked charlotte would move back find her distance and out strengthen her competitor with her kicks! beautiful hook kick and round house combination. on to of that nearer the end of the fight she had her hands ready and is now using them. she wins and onto the next round

charlottes next round was a tuff opponent another strong kicked but also a strong brawler with her hands. she fought as hard as she could and it was a very close fight. again the strength in her legs are out powering any of the girls on the matt. but just needs to line her hand up ready while kicking. she only jus lost and was put into a fight off for third.

her fighter for third place was from team bristol who are a strong squad. surprise surprise a kicker. I thought charlotte was a much better adapted fighter and could beat her, but the scores weren't going her way.

4th place in an incredibly tuff category

Tyler was up next for his first ever tournament. with his strong reverse punch, made his way past the first fight with great distance and movement. with bait more confidence in your blitz and more matt time you will be flying. great first win for you Tyler.

tylers next fight was against a good beginner who made it to the final. he was more experience and had a powerful roundhouse which at first phased tyler. but as the fight went on tyler got use to his kicks and score a few lovely points blocking the legs and throwing the revers punch. if he was more ready for the kicks i think the result would have been different. but tyler was through to fight for third place.

third place fight off was a very different kind of fighter. he was fighting someone who was more of a counter fighter. again a lot more experienced. but tyler gave him a good fight we just need to keep that back strong and not b scared to push people around on the matt bait more. tyler fought his heart out but came 4th. hopefully this is the start of the next step for him. great fighting.

last of the kid we had the reverse punch queen abi.

there was no one in abi's category so had to fight a girl the weight category up who was a lot taller. a very scary thing to do when its your first every tournament. but abi took it on and warmed into it. to start with she was a little stiff and nervous about the powerful roundhouse kick she had. abi was winded and had to take time out, but she came straight back blocked her round house kick and reverse punched her. she did this 4 times to make it 4-4. an absolute brilliant comeback from being hurt! (note to self dont hurt abi or else you will pay)

in the last 10 seconds of the fight her opponent gained a point and bait had to chase her. she could find the point to get her level but i must say this girl was way bigger and was a massive mountain for her to climb. she did amazing and saw a completely new side to her.

Well done to all the kids you all fought brilliantly. the standard for kids in that room were the best in the country. its great for you guys win or loose to go up against these people as well as people your own level because it helps you progress so much and makes you realise u can score on them.

u all should be super proud and scared of no one after this.

proud to be your coach all gave me 100% and can see some great potential.

Adults fought well. Ken getting his firs trophy for 10 years! Vinnie with his usual strong perfomance picked up a 2nd place. Spazzy kicked her way to 3rd and George entered himself in the continuous section by nistake, but still won!! Charissew fought in the senior section and had a great fight against a strong opponent in the final, 2nd place

Ken 3rd

Vin 2nd

Spazzy 3rd

George 1st cont

Charisse 2nd

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