Kiraly summer camp

Kiraly Summer camp.

The Kiraly summer camp took place 1st to 9th August and we had 10 BKO members in attendace.

The camp has 3 training sessions a day. The first being either an early morning run or fitness workout.
The second session is mid morning and has 5 stations covering Kicking with Zsolt, Defences with Tamas and Richie, Blitzing with Lazslo and Conditioning with Kristyan. These were rotated throughout the week.
The evening session was taken by Istvan and involved sparring and sparring drills and insights.

There was also a full hospitality program with trips to the hot spa or the leisure pool and evenings out at the bar or other venues.
Accommodation consisted of 2 to 4 to a room and full board.

On the Saturday we arrived and had a warm up training session in the gym. Following this we were asked if we would like to go to the Hungarian music festival in the evening. Most of the BKO team took off with the others expecting an evening of folk tunes and Balalaikas. We were quite pleasantly surprised to find that it was a full on Glastonbury type music festival with bars and clubs blasting it out all night. Some of the BKO team stayed all night as well. George and Charisse coming home at 4am!

Needless to say they were absent from the first early morning class, but appeared at the mid morning one.
I the early morning session some of the girls went running with Zsolt. The runners stretched out and Zsolt went ahead to check on others. BKO stayed together and kept running. After a while they realised that they were lost and decided to run back. Meanwhile all the other runners had finished and Zsolt was re-running the course looking for them. It turned out that they had run twice the distance and was late for breakfast. After this our ladies had Roland as a chaperone every time they ran.

As the week went on the Hot spa became a life saver. After the mid morning session we would get the bus to the spa which had various hot and cold pools and a resting pool to ease the aching muscles.

We went to the bar on several occasions and got involved in some serious sing-alongs and drinking of much Palinka! Especially on the Tuesday night as Wednesday was a rest day.

The training at the camp was intense and so much was taught and absorbed. Sparring and training with all the Kiraly team as well as excellent fighters from across the world. By the end of the week we were all feeling the pace.

The final day was a tournament that we all took part in. George was on fire and worked his way to the semi final where he had a great battle with a Hungarian fight that went to sudden death. George lost the bout, but it was a very close thing.

Once more we were all at the bar for the last evening, More Palinka and beer flowed and more songs were sung till the early hours.

The next day we woke tired and a little hung over and it was time to catch the Flight home.

An excellent week of training and fun. We learnt so much and met some great people from all over the world. Istvan and the Kiraly team were great hosts and did all they could to make sure we had a great time.


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