Chessington April

We took a squad of 20 down to the Chessington open in April. There would have been more peole fighting, but the previous day was the trampolining session for the club and some were nursing sore legs.


Chessington is a round robin tournament and a great opportunity for fighters to get mat time and experience, or just have a run out. There are a mix of abilities and grades here.


Up first were the teams and in ours were George, Curtis, Gribbs and Kat. The points were accrued rather than individul fights scored. We had a very close fight with Guildford. All fighters giving their best, especially Kat who fought the winner of the Irish open and refused to back down eventually getting a draw. George stepped out for the fight off and although we thought he scored on his opponent, he lost the bout by one point?? 


Kids were up next. Rossi fought his usual cagey fights, but lost all four of them 1-0. It is to his credit that he can keep his opponent from scoring, but we are now working on his punching and attacking so that he can win these bouts in future.


Maggie had a good final bout in which she was using her reverse punch much more and her usual excellent kicking. Her opponent had the better of the punches however and Maggie had to settle for 2nd.


Laynar met Aimee in the final and it wasa close affair with Laynar pushing her side kick out and using her accurate reverse punch and Aime blitzing her points. Laynar ran out the eventual winner and Aimee 2nd.


Chloe fought in her first ever tournament and only had one opponent in the tiny's category. She had to fight two rounds and threrw some excellent punches. Chloe can sometimes become static and her opponent capitalised on this scoring two or three points. Chloe attempted to fight back and hit a lovely stepping backfist in the final seconds. It wasn't enough however and she was 2nd.


Owen fought his first tournament as well, Using his front hand to good effect in the early rounds. He met a very competent fighter in the final and the points were close. Near the bell Owen had to score to level the fight. He Chased his opponent down and hit a lovely backfist. Unfortunately the Ref said he just called time a split second befor the strike, so Owen had to have 2nd place.


Gribbs fought in the seniors and gave a great perfomance. Some lovely straight punches to the head. Sometimes he can be impatiant and throw attacks from too far  away and this proved costly today.


George Fought in the seniors and won his first round 8-1 against an opponent he has lost to on previous occasions. It is showing how he has improved. In the final He fought against someone who he had beaten and felt comfortable, but his points didn't seem to be scored. In the final seconds he scored a backfist and the refs gave it the other way giving the fight to his opponent. George through his gloves up in the air in frustration but soon got over it. This is the fight game, there are many variables and the decisions are made by others. When you fight alot you can risk losing more. You peak for the big tournaments and sometimes at the smaller ones there is not so much to psych for.


Andy Evans fought Vinnie in the first fight  of their section and had to contend with Vinnies long and broken style which he did well. Throwing counter kicks and reverse punches. Vinnie Ran out the eventual winner of the section however With Andy gainin a creditable 2nd.


Andy then went on to fight in the Intermediate section against a heavier and more experienced opponent. Andy's Front leg scored well as a counter and his reverse punch and movement has made great improvements. This led to him controlling the fight and winning the section 1st place


More to come.

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