Superleague March

Sunday March 22nd saw the first Superleague tournament of the year at Windsor. This was also the first time that we have taken a kids team to this tournament. The Superleage is a series of six regional tournaments that culmonate in a final competition at the end of the year. Points are awarded for places and Grand championship trophies awarded. This year had seen a change to the categories as in previous years some became rather empty with just two or three competitors. This benefited some areas and made it harder in others. the kids categories were seperated into novice  and Intermediate/Advanced. This meant that green belts would be up against black belts. On the other hand novices would compete no higher than 3rd grade.

 First up was Rossi,  Robbie and Maggie Brown. Being green belts they were in the inter/advanced category. Robbie fought a good Bristol fighter and traded legs well, but was beaten to the punch on a couple of occasions which swung the fight to his opponent. Maggie had a similar fight in her section. Once again the more experienced fighter won, but Maggie showed her skill and kicking ability. Rossi got a bye into the quarter finals. he circled his opponent and moved around the mat well. keeping him at bay with his side kick. Once again experience told and Rossi let a couple of points slip which lost him the fight.

On the whole a great performance from the Browns fighting in a higher category, but demonstrating not only great technical skill, but strategy and movement as well. Fighting more experienced opponents it is just a case of more mat time before they achieve great results.


Laynar was moved from the novice girls u45kg  category to the over 45kg one because there was no one in her section.

This section was the highest weight category and susequently had no upper limit. One girl was clearly much bigger than Laynar and vastly experienced. The referees had a long discussion about whether she should be moved up to the higher category. It was decided to allow her to carry on and she bcame Laynar's semi final opponent. 

Laynar was very nervous coming into the fight, but she launched a great reverse blitz which I though scord easily but the point went to her opponent. Laynar was hit hard during this exchange and it rocked her but she didn't give up and attacked a few more times. The task was too much however and she lost the bout.

In the 3rd place fight off Laynar met a fighter closer to her size and ability. She gave a good account of herself here, pushing side kicks out and her long reverse punch found the target on a few occasions. She evenyually lost the bout and had to settle for fourth place. A great gutsy performance from Laynar and one she should be proud of. Her attitude and ability will gain her great rewards in the future when coupled with a little more experience.


As usual the adults had to wait till 6pm befor ethey got underway


Kat, ladies novice. fought her customary cool fight. Still carrying her calf injury she revrese punched and blitzed her way to 2nd place. and 3rd place in the intermediate/advanced section.


Michelle entered the ladies Novice u70kg section and fought through to the final and the fight of the day She was being pushed by her opponents kicking and follow up combinations and having difficulty countering. Mitch was hit hard and down 7-3 when she decided that she'd had enough. Using what she learnt at Chris Astons seminar the previous day. Mitch went on a leg blocking and reverse counter spree. Putting her opponent on the back foot and Leveling the scores at 10-10. In the final seconds her opponent changed tactics and caught Michelle with a hook kick that won the fight, but what a great comeback. Unlucky Michelle. She also gained a 3rd place in the intermediat/advanced section


Spazzy got a well earned 3rd place yesterday. We saw a new determined and tactical fighter in her today, scoring spinning kicks and using great timing to win through. She even floord the ref with her banter and he had to stop the fight because he was laughing so much!


Paul entered the men's heavyweight intermediate section and after 9 seconds he launched a blitz which his opponent met and there was a loud bang as the two collided. Paul came off nursing his hand and had to retire. It turns out he has broken some fingers and dislocated one!! An early attempt to secure injury of the year no doubt.

Vinnie fought his customary hard fight in the Mens section. His  straight right hand flooring his opponent on several occasions and his kicks casuing problems all over. He reached the final, but was unlucky not to win. He fought the huge guy who Paul injured his hand on managing  2nd place.

Vinnie then enered the veterans section Making it through to the semi final. You could see that Vin was tiring by this time and despite a good effort Vin lost, but managed to recover to win the 3rd place fight off.

George fought a hard bout with Brandon from the fighting Falcons in the first which went to sudden death. George made a small mistake and lost the bout on that one point Gribbs also fought, but didn't manage to prgress beyond the 1st round. In his own words "I didn't turn up today"!
Sean had a good fight in the novices section. demonstrating good timing again, but was unable to convert this into a win. He has great potential and will soon be winning fights and tournaments I am sure.

Not a bad day for BKO. After 9 tournaments so far this year and two seminars, everyone was a little jaded, but the level of skill and expectation has risen vastly since the start of the year. We have a month off to recharge the batteries and then make another assault on the tournament scene in April.

smile emoticon

Laynar 4th
Rossi 4th
Michelle 2nd, 2nd
Kat 3rd, 2nd
Vinnie 2nd, 3rd
Spazzy 3rd
Ron 1st
Also George, Gribbs, Paul, Sean, Robbie, Maggie, Kerry,


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Ron 1st. Vinnie 3rd.                                     Paul's injury of he year bid.