Flanders 2019

Back from the Flanders open, for me one of the hardest tournaments to win with amazing talented fighters throughout. It is long, but worth being part of and watching.


Maggie 1st, 3rd

Liz 1st, 3rd

Paige 2nd

Rory 3rd

Annais 3rd

Killian 3rd

Unlucky Ellis, Robbie, Rossi and George.

Great fighting from BKO squad. Maggie's final was awesome and Paige was unlucky to lose by just one point in hers. Liz would have done more but suffered a suspected broken nose and had to pull out of the light con sections. She came back to win the final of the points, battling the blood from her nose. Rory had great battles in a packed vets section and was robbed by a dubious decision in one and just missed in sudden death in the other.

A great weekend and a tiring one. We spent some time in Bruges after of course.
Thanks to MATNAV for guidance and Support and to Richard for getting kicked off by the ref. :) plus entertainment form Gianni.


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