Southern area grand slam

Southern area grand slam
23 Sep

We took a small team down to the Southern Grand slam today. Some great fighting from everyone. .Jasmine showed her improvement in attack and strategy. Robbie had a run out and won his main section well, but lost concentration in his second final.Liz was dominant throughout and was gaining mat time for the upcoming world championships. Andy showed his improvement as well countering a kicking opponent . Kerry made her first step on  the mat this season and her front hand and timing served her well. Jaime once again showed his strong kicking in a section that was dominated by bigger and older opponents. Well done to Pete on his first ever tournament

Jasmine 1st, 1st

Robbie 1st, 3rd

Liz 1st,1st,1st

Andy 3rd

Kerry 1st, 2nd

Jamie 4th

Pete 2nd