GB Grand slam Bristol

GB Grand slam Bristol
16 Sep

Results from a great GB Grand slam tournament today. Great fighting from all today. Good to see Nicolle stepping up to the advanced category working her reverse punch and taking on all comers. 

The grand slam is making inroads into the tournament scene and Jacee and the crew are adding great innovations to push tournaments to the next level. 
The day started on time! Everyone knew what time they were on and what area! It also finished an hour ahead of schedule! This is thanks to the effort put in to running the registration and categories. The facillitators who run each mat is a brilliant idea and helps all the officials and fighters to have a clear idea of running order etc. It also takes a lot of the pressure from the scoring table and the refs who seem more relaxed and able to do their jobs.

BKO are committed to supporting anyone who is attempting to better the tournament scene for the fighters, competitiors and organisers and seeking to develop a more professional attitude and platform for the sport we all love.


Review of the day

Georges Spinning kick in the -79kg division and his performance in the final in the open weight was a classic. George showed how to deal with an exceptional kicker with variety and precision. Just one mistake cost him the gold, but what a bout!

Paige smashed both sections using her kicking and power punching and she beat opponents that she had lost to before.

Rossi raised his game using his punching and blitzing more. He is gaining in confidence with his hand techniques.

Olly battled his way to 1st, some great ridge hand counters made sure he got to the final in both of his sections. Winning one and silver in the other.

Maggie used her vision so well today. Moving and turning as she kept her eye on her opponent and waited for the leg to drop before striking with the reverse punch. 

Charlotte kept her cool once again and used her clinical counters and pressing kicks to win gold.

Rory's countering worked well for him in the semi final as he ground his opponent down and took the lead. Then strode away with his counter reverse punches.

Liz's movement and attack are improving all the time. She is playing a more clever game at the moment, keeping opponents guessing as to what she is going to do.

Ben's blitz is awesome and when he gains more confidence in it he will realise what a weapon he has.

Ellis' reverse punch worked well against an experienced opponent today, she warmed into the fight and showed some great timing and distance decisions.

Well done also to Kerry who Reffed for the first time today. 

Paige 1st, 1st

Olly 1st, 2nd

Maggie 1st

Charlotte 1st

George 2nd

Rossi 2nd

Rory 2nd

Liz 2nd, 4th

Ben 3rd

Ellis 3rd

Nicolle 3rd, 3rd, 3rd

Robbie 3rd

Belle, attacked everyone with great timing, but her accuracy was not on form. 

Katrina's reverse punch blitz was hitting, but the refs were not scoring it today.

Jasmine's attacking was great in her second fight. she had to keep charging in and showed great courage and deternmination.

Joshie's mind! Where is that!!! :)

Jamie's awesome axe nearly took his opponents head off.

Andy warmed into his fight and when he moved and faked he was a great difficulty to his opponent.

Cat's kicking is amazing and she threw some great blitzes today. She just needs to have more confidence in leading with her hands which are very good.
No podium this time for these fighters, but great fighting and super spirit. Well done all and thanks to all the parents and helpers who make it all possible.

And rest!

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