Kiraly Summer camp

Kiraly Summer camp
16 Aug

This year we took 10 people to attend the Kiraly Summer camp in Csongrad Hungary

As with previous years there were mainly 3 training sessions a day. A run in the morning. A technical session mid morning and a sparring session in the evening. This year the sessions were taken as a whole group rather than splitting into different stages  and it worked well. Each day a member of Kiraly team would run a session on their own particular tactics and the class would work through and apply what was taught. 
As usual the afternoon was taken up with going to the spa and resting before the evenings sparring. On Wednesday we had a day off and  most of the team met up at the famhouse that was rented by Kerry and Gribs for a BBQ.......and Palinka.

  We worked through each session every day and concluded with a round robin tag team  tournament for each category. With Andy winning his section and Gribbs coming 2nd. All the BKO members worked hard and enjoyed the experience once again, of training with top class athletes and with many competitiors from around the world. It was great meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.The intense training gives a great boost and helps to prepare for the 2nd half of the season starting in September.

The following week Liz, Kat, Robbie, Killian and Maggie stayed on to  attend the light revolution camp. Hosted by Kiraly and taught by instructors Oleg Solovey and Thomas Barada. It was a hard physical experience and the team members learnt so much and were put through their paces in every aspect of light con and kicklight fighting. 



Thanks to all the Kiraly team for their expertise, patience and advice. 
We will be back next year.


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