Irish open 2019

We took a small team of 9 to the Irish open in Dublin. The biggest Kickboxing tournament on the calendar with 3,700 entries.

Friday  saw the Teams, light con and Vets sections. 
George was up first joining a team with energise and other fighters. They had to take on the strong Barras team and George was up last. He started the fight 8 points down and was attacking all the time, but it was a difficult task to catch up. No progression this time, but a great warm up.

Andy was up first and used his reverse punch to good effect moving on to the quarter finals. He then had a tough bout and despite some great reverse punching he was just outpointed in the end

I had a litte outing on the mat as well. getting to the quarter finals.

Harry was in the senior light contact section. He reached the semi final against a very tall and strong fighter. Harry started well.moving around and driving forward with flurries, but his opponents reach and long legs were hard to beat over 2 rounds. Harry had to settle for 3rd.

Rory fought in the vets -74kg  and was using his timing and cool head to move through to the semi final. A tough bout against a Candian? but Rory took the fight with some nice reverse punches and drawing movements

In the final he met our old training mate Darrell. A close fight in the first round,  The second round saw much of the same. Darrell managed to get5 his nose in front and  extended his lead to win his First Irish Open title and Rory got 2nd.

Nicolle fought in her first Light contact bout and moved really well using combinations and footwork to make her point. Near the end of the bout Nicolle threw a punch and her opponent moved which meant she spun, but turned immediately to fight again. She was warned for turning , which I though was harsh and lost a point and the bout.

Saturday was  adults points sections.

Paige fought first and was on fire kicking and striking with power and accuracy that saw a 10 clear victory. In the qurter finals she could not reproduce her form and lost  by a couple of points.

George was up next against an italian and despite hitting 4 scores in the first round that either one ref or another didn't register, one was a jumping back kick that dropped his opponent he lost the bout. One point was refused on the basis of it not being pulled back. I made a complaint to the chief referee and he confirmed that there is no rule in WAKO that states strikes have to be pulled back in the points division, but we keep coming up against this false ruling

Nicolle entered the intermediate section and once again moved around the mat with skill. she was slipping kicks and scoring punches well. This brought her to the semin final where she had a hard bout and narrowly lost, but gained a well earned bronze.

She repeated this feat in the Advanced section beating several opponents to reach 3rd place. Great work from Nicolle.

George then entered the -84kg section and beat some very good and difficult fighters from Ireland and Mexico. He reached the quarter finals and once again a very close bout that he narrowly lost through a head kick.

Rory entered the mens inter section and won several bouts to reach the semi final again, but this time he was caught with a side kick that finally ended his battle. Another Bronze for Rory.

Paige also fought today, however her form could not be repeated and she lost both her fights. 

Liam fought in the light con division and carved his way through the first rounds with strong wins. He reached the final and showed his skill and dominance of the section by taking the title. Congratulations  Liam.

Sunday saw the kids fight. 
Belle gave her best, but  her movement, timing and distance were not their best today and she lost her first bout.

Ellis. learnt to zig zag  and was taking a leaf out of Nicolle's book when she would slip kicks and reverse punch. Her first time in teh advanced section and she reached the semi final earning a well earned Bronze.

Charlotte entered 3 sections with very good fighters in. Fighting in both bigger and more advanced categories. She showed her improvement usin more punches and hand counters to win throiugh to the quarter finals in all categories. beating very good fighters on the way.  Charlotte's final tally was a Bronze in the +47kg category this time, but some great experince and improvement was seen today.

George fought in the Open weight, but was tired and aching after his efforts yesterday and despite a good fight lost  out before the finals.

So a good Tournament for BKO with 7 medals. 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronzes this time and everyone reaching the quarter finals and some great fighting and partying for the team. 
Roll on next year.

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