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GB Grand Slam Cannock




Great work again from our team at the GB Grand slam in Cannock. 
Belle was up first in the pee wees section which, despite it's name had some high grade fighters. She lost her first bout agains a very good and experienced fighter,  but came back in on the repercharge type system and won her next two bouts. She met another very good fighter in the simi final and using superior tactics  of moving and then rushing attacks the fight was level.There was then a clash and I thought the refs gave her the point to make her one ahead. I told Belle to keep back, but it turned out the score had gone the other way. Great fighting and spirit from Belle.

Rossi also gave a great performance today, fighting two opponents that he kept back with his kicks and scored defensive side kicks to reach the final. The final was a great bout with both fighters wrestling for dominance and trying to out time and out maneuver each other. It went to extra time with teh same result. Eventually Rossi's opponent managed to get a punch in  and that settled it. Awesome work Rossi.

Ellis used her reverse punch and leg blocking to make it to the final and was fighting a very strong fighter. She scored once again with her reverse punch, but had to settle for 2nd this time.

Nicolle has shown her great timing and movement has improved even more when she won the Intermediate section after a 3 round final. She then entered the lasies advanced and fought someone who towered over her. The plan was to pull her kick out and tehn drive the reverse punch to score. This worked well and it was a very close fight. Nicolle missed a coupel of shots and got caught, which gave her silver.

Maggie also fought her heart out in the semi finals. The bout ended 22-18 to her opponent, but the main thing was that Maggie score 17 of those with her hands!!

A good standard of vets was here today. Andy reached the semi finals and had a tough bout  settling for 3rd. Rory made the final and tit for tat fight ensued with Rory pulling his opponents techniques out. the fight went to extra time and his opponent managed to get slightl ahead which settled the fight.

Charlotte 3rd x2

Belle 3rd
Ellis 2nd
Robbie 2nd
Maggie 3rd
Nicolle 1st and 3rd
Rory 2nd
Andy 3rd.
Once again some great fighting from the team. Many members moving up into higher and heavier/older categories and making an impact.
Well done team!
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