WAKO British Championships

Results from British Championships today.
Maggie. 3rd
Robbie 3rd
Charlotte 2nd, 3rd
George 2nd
Andy 3rd
Rob 2nd, 3rd
Rory. 3rd
Paige 3rd, 3rd.
Not forgetting Adam S. Who had some great fights in the senior categories and scored some lovely points.
A high level there today. Some great fights from the team. One of those days where we all performed well and really raised their standard, but the gold eluded us. 

Vets were on fire with Rory, Andy and Rob pushing hard and using their tactics and timing to great effect. Rob suffered a setback to his bid for the championship when he caught an elbow and broke his nose. He carried on fighting though and was eventually stopped by the ref for bleeding.  He then fought in the final, of the next section, but was too injured to make it a gold. 
Paige also had great fights and moved up to the  advanced ladies for experience today gaining 3rd in both her categories.
George had a few problems today being ill and having a broken finger. He had a very close fight in the open weight and lost narrowly in sudden death, but started to get his timing in. He then reached the final of the - 84kg  and once again was unlucky not to take the gold in a very close competition. 
Kids were on fire today. Charlotte lost in sudden death after a great spirited perfomance, Maggie too, stepped up a section and had a close fight, but had to settle  for 3rd today.
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Awesome work team BKO.