Black belt grading

BKO had their first black belt grading in four years. Rob, Andy, Harry and Neil  have been dedicated to training for it for the last 6 months. 
The grading included pressured technical drills and defences. Many 3 minute rounds on bags and pads plus sparring disciplines such as against the wall, back to the line and in line sparring. Culminating in 16 rounds of technical disciplines which took  6 hours.

The sparring section covered 20 rounds and included points, light continuous and full contact sparring. They had to perform all disciples to a high physical and knowledgable  standard and show the dedication, spirit, integrity and honesty that come s with being a BKO black belt.

BKO have been grading people to black belt for 32 years and these four pupils have brought the count to 27 black belts passedin that time.


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