Cimac Superleague finals

Cimac Superleague finals
03 Dec

The Final National tournament of the year took place in High Wycombe at the Superleage finals.

We took a large team and had a few in the running for grand champions.

There were some great fights from all our members 

Paige fought in the advanced ladies category and got a 1st, 3rd

Katrina 2nd, 3rd. Charlotte 1st. Rory 1st. Robbie 2nd. Ellis 2nd. Rossi 4th. Maggie 2nd, 4th. Liam 2nd. Szymon 3rd. Andy E 2nd. Rossi 4th. Jasmine 4th. Jake 4th.

Then it came time to find out who the Grand champions for  the league were and BKO had quite a few.

Maggie became grand champion in 3 Categories both points and light contact.

Liz. Ladies

Andy E. Mens vets

Rory. Mens inter

Page Girls advanced

Katrina Pee wee Girls

Liam Boys light con

Charlotte Girls advanced

Then to crown the year off Charlotte was announced as fighter of the year. A great accolade.
Well done team a great year competing with 270 1st 2nd and 3rd place trophies for the club .

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