Kiraly Summer camp 2018

Kiraly Summer camp 2018
06 Aug

We took a team of 8 to the Kiraly Summer camp in Hungary. 


The camp takes place over 8 days with training three times a day. The morining training involves a drills based workout for an hour to start the day. Mid morning there is a skills workout with 4 stations. Kicking, Offensive, Defensive and conditioning , which each group rotates around daily. In the evening there is a sparring workshop involving some fighting drills and 16 mats of general competition sparring. On the Saturday it is the Kiraly Tournament. This year involving 2 man tag teams.

Our journey did not get under way too well as we missed our flights on Saturday due to the Meet and greet parking failing to turn up for 30 mins. Some of us arrived late on Saturday however and Me and and George had to wait till Sunday to train. Once at the camp though we settled into the routine of the training sessions followed by the afternoon at the spa to recuperate. The accommodation is dormitory like, but allows great interaction with the team. The food is 'CHICKEN' every day done in many different ways for every meal except for the eggs at breakfast. Which is still 'Chicken'! There is plenty of it though and it is healthy and gives you the energy to keep going.

The training sessions were very informative and intense. It was great to work out with so many different people and styles and make new friends in the process. We have learnt a lot and had confirmation that our own training is up there with current practices. To relax in the evening we would sometimes pop down to the local bar or go to the Csongrad music festival, where you could eat or stoll amongs the bars by the  river. 
Wednesday was rest day where you could choose to go to the local town of Szeged  or play Paintball? or just relax at the camp in Csongrad. Because of the day off,  Tuesday night is a bit of a party night with some beer and the deadly Palinka flowing. Some suffered worse than others!
Training continues for Thursday and Friday with sparring and drills as well as an anylisingl session of frighters with Kiraly coach Istvan and other team coaches. Then Saturday is the camp Tournament, which this year was two man tag teams randomly generated. I was pleased that we had four of us in the finals and the BKO fighters gave a good account of themselves with Charlotte and me winning our sections and Paige and Andy coming second.
Saturday night is the sayanora party at Gringos pub and once again the Beer, Palinka and other dubious liquids flowed until about 4am. There was dancing in the corridors and disco lights. On Sunday everyone gets up late. (Obviously) and although there is an offer of a training session. Very few take it up and slowly people get the bus or car and travel home. The camp slowly becomes quiter as they dissapear and soon it is our turn to leave and it is over for another year.
 The Kiraly training camp is one of the highlights of the year for us. It is a great burst of intense work that boosts your fighting

for the coming tournament season, and gives you skills and startegies for your future training and competing. It is  like 3 months training compressed into a week.  It's also a holiday, with warm weather and relaxation, especially for the parents and spectators.  You get to train with some of the best Kickboxers and make contact with people from across the world. Bonding and making  friends and connections in the kickboxing community.
Although the camp is great value for moneay and your cash goes a long way out there. for next year we will besetting up an account so that people can pay monthly and spread the cost


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