Dutch open and Cimac Superlegue

Dutch open and Cimac Superlegue
01 Apr

This week BKO entered two tournaments.


George headed for the Dutch open in Amsterdam. It was along drive to get to the venue which this year was run on one day. This made it especially long. George started competing at 9.30 am a nd finished at 11.30 pm. There was also very strong competition this year.

He entered the open weight where he eventually met Richie Veres from Kiraly team. It was a close and shut out affair and |George lost 5-2 in the end.

In the Tag team he was with Brando Prince and they fought a stong fight against the Norweigan opponents, but it seemed the refs were unable to see their scores and they lost by a point.


In the -74kg  section George beat several opponents 10 clearing some and scoring with spinning kicks and a tornado kick. He was extremely tired at this point and had a deal with Brandon that if they reached the semi finals and had to mette eachother one would drop out giving the other energy for the final. Because it was the -74kg category it was George who had to step aside leaving Brandon to win the section and George to pick up 3rd.

George v Richie Veres.

The rest of the team went to the Cimac Superleague in High Wycombe. A great new venue and a well attended tournament.

We saw Katrina start the day by running from mat to mat to compete in several sections and get a third.

Star of teh day Was Maggie who gain 4 GOLDS!! in light con and points. She also won the -37kg section which is 9 kilos heavier than her. An amazing performance and one that inspired the whole team  as Maggie showed her workmanlike approach and never say die attitude.
Robbie then emulated Maggie and gained his first Gold at the Superleague with a great composed performance, following this up wath a silver.

Charlotte also improved her game and fought through to the finals where she fought a great fight but lost by a point.

Liz also got a silver and showed how her points fighting has improved.
Adam also got a bronze.

There were some great performances today. Andy Evans timing and strategy was much better. Rossi fought well and and was brave enough to enter the light con, a discipline he  has not had ,uch practice in. where he fought a very experinced fighter who hit hard. Andy Gould also entered his first tournament and gave a great performance as did his son Dan.

Not a bad start to the  Super league, but there will be plent more opportunities to get on that podium and become a grand champion.