BKO kids summer camp

This year the summer camp took place from 15th - 18th of August.

Because the weather was good we spent the first couple of days training outside  at Eastrop park. We introduced the kids to hill sprints and running exercises and also circuit training using the park equipment. We then had  an hour or so of grading work followed by sparring and then some Nerf wars in the trees.

The last two days we spent at the club and the training intensified. Some would be taking their grading at the end of teh week while others were getting their heads around them for later in the year. There was still plenty of sparring, fun and games and teh usual Chaos of indoor Nerf wars with tennis ball granades and foottball bombs.

It was a great week with lots of fun and hard training. As usual it was wondeful to see all the kids progressing and focussing on their individual skills.


Well done to Sophia, Jasmine and Belle who gained their red belt and to Sam and Princeley who got their orange. Also well done to all the kids who came to every class and also the regular BKO classes. Especially Robbie, Maggie and Rossi who put in 21 hours of training  over four days!!!




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