Hands down October 2016

Back from a packed Chessington tournament with a high standard throughout. Some big round robin categories with a lot of our fighters having 6 fights. Well done all BkO fighters. really saw an improvement in fighting and attitude today. Well done also those who were fighting for the first time. Technique of the day goes to Robbie's jumping defensive side kick to the head! Fighter of the day was Tianna who attacked and attacked with great heart. Tyler too had to compete with huge opponents who were at least 5 years older than him. Rossi also scored with a blitz! Mitch won her first tournament.Too many great performances to mention here but a great team effort. Well done
Things looking good for Bristol open next week.
Tianna 1st, 3rd Michelle 1st, 2nd, 3rd Rob 1st Ben 2nd Dave 4th Abi 4th Joe 2nd Maggie 3rd Robbie 2nd Rossi 4th Josh 4th Dan 4th Adam 4th  George 4th Regan 4th Tyler 5th.

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Chessington October 2016


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