WAKO world Championships. Dublin

Back from the WAKOworld championships. A wonderful experience and the most talented packed tournament in the world! To win a gold or even place here was an achievement. 60 countries competing with nearly 900 competitors taking place over 5 days. All the big guns were here. Kiraly. US all stars, Ireland, Russia. ( How many times did we hear the Russian national anthem? With top fighters like Roman Brundle, Dean Barry, Raymond Daniels, Zsolt Moradi to name but a few. There was also very good teams like Slovenia, Mexico, Greece etc Not to mention the mighty GB team who took away 5 gold medals, 2 silver and 9 Bronze.
"How ya feeling GB"!!
For BKO George got to the quarter finals facing a Greek fighter with amazing kicks. George had some harsh scoring go against him when they scored some kicks to his guard and he had to chase the fight. Andy also made the quarter final and met world renowned Raymond Daniels. Andy stood proud and met Daniels with his reverse punch. I though he scored in the first four exchanges, but the ref's didn't. Andy didn't capitulate or get overawed as many do, but fought it out. It was a great performance and one that he should be rightly proud of.
I made it to the semi finals and really expected to be in the final and would have loved to fight Gunter Weninger but fate had other ideas and although I thought I was hitting first, the points were not going my way.I should have changed tactically and that's the lesson to learn from this one. In the world championship you can't take anyone or anything for granted. Still, A Bronze in the world championships is fine I guess. smile emoticon
There has been lots of talk and comments made concerning WAKO and other associations and I don't get involved, but this week has shown the quality of the WAKO world organisation and the fact that this is where Zsolt Moradi wins his world championship, This is where jack Felton wins, his world championship, This is where Henrietta Nagy, Ruth Nelson, Krystian Jaroskievicz, Julia and Roberta Cavaliaro, Sharon Gill, Natasha Balwin. x2, Roland Veres, Scherbakov, Tamas Imre, Chris Collymore, Darryl Merryweather, Gunter Weninger all win their world championshipsis testament to the level at which these championships are respected throughout the world, and there are so many more competitors I could mention who Stood on the podium or were unlucky this time or are gaining experience and will be the great fighters of the future. Of course there can be great fighters in all associations and at all competitions, but the breadth and depth of the talent on display this week, and the spectacle that was the World championships demonstrated the quality of the event and I am so glad I was a part of it.


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