BKO kids tournament June

Great BKO kids tournament today. Some fantastic fights from everyone. Thanks to all the kids and parents and helpers who supported us. Love it!

On saturday we had a full contact Kickboxing seminar with Tennessee and Leigh randall. Tennessee is one off the top full contact fighters in the world and fights for the WAKO GB team. The power she generates and the skill she demonstrates is amazing. Tennessee has been coached the whole time by her Father Leigh who was showing us their regime, tactist and skills today

They took the kids class first and then a two hour adults session. Both classes were shown the importance of guard and gnerating power from the shoulders and hips as well as footwork and timing. It was a great seminar and everyone was buzzing after. the kids loved the game of steal the headgurd and the adults enjoyed the line work and in line sparring at the end.  the skill and dedication of both Tennessee and Leigh is evident in their teaching, demonstrating and perfornance in the ring and it was a priviledge to have them at our club.
We also went for a cheeky Nandos after. :)

Just a few of us at the finals of the Superleague today but great fighting from BKO. Little George got to the final and despite throwing some good reverse punches had to settle for silver today. George showed his spirit by coming back and scoring after a hard kick to the face. Michelle entered the Ladies light con. Ladies advanced and inter sections. Her fighting is going from strength to strength in both Disciplines where she is matching top fighters. Michelle's combinations were flying in the light con section where she reached the final. Against a very tough opponent she worked her jab well and got into the fight but was out pointed and took silver.
The points section saw some great movement and an awesome defensive jumping backfist .
Liz showed her skill in the light con section. we all know she has boundless stamina, but her superior technical and strategic work today made her unstoppable and a convincing winner. She also is showing great understanding of distance and movement in her points fighting today. Liz was also crowned Grand champion to add to her gold.
George's preparation for the WAKO European championships in Greece this month is looking good after today's performance. Strong blitzes and reverse punches have been addded to his fighting as well as improved vision which secured him first place in the senior section.
Great results, but more importantly great improvement from everyone.

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Sorry we haven't been postng for a while. We have a new website coming. But it's not completed yet.

I will continue to post on here until then.

Bristol open 2016

Back from an action packed weekend at the biggest British tournament of the year.. Great fights to watch and some great performances from the team. 
Quick Results
Charlotte 1st !!!!
Mitch 2nd and 3rd
Joe 3rd
Tag team Quarter finals
Great fights from Tyler, Adam, Abi, Dan, Andys, George, Gribbs Neil and Kerry.
It's getting better all the time. Onwards and upwards.

Click a link underneath photos to see videos of Bristol Open 2016




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 Charlotte's fights  BKO v Greece GEORGE u79kg  BKO v Italy
 Brannmanndan Bristol      

Beginners course October.

With over 100 people who have successfully completed this course so far and many moving up the grading ladder or competing, the next beginners course will start 6-7pm Friday 27th October £37 for the six week course plus all other BKO classes free for the duration of the course. 
(10 per week) Message me to reserve a place.

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Hands down October 2016

Back from a packed Chessington tournament with a high standard throughout. Some big round robin categories with a lot of our fighters having 6 fights. Well done all BkO fighters. really saw an improvement in fighting and attitude today. Well done also those who were fighting for the first time. Technique of the day goes to Robbie's jumping defensive side kick to the head! Fighter of the day was Tianna who attacked and attacked with great heart. Tyler too had to compete with huge opponents who were at least 5 years older than him. Rossi also scored with a blitz! Mitch won her first tournament.Too many great performances to mention here but a great team effort. Well done
Things looking good for Bristol open next week.
Tianna 1st, 3rd Michelle 1st, 2nd, 3rd Rob 1st Ben 2nd Dave 4th Abi 4th Joe 2nd Maggie 3rd Robbie 2nd Rossi 4th Josh 4th Dan 4th Adam 4th  George 4th Regan 4th Tyler 5th.

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Chessington October 2016


*EVERY WEDNESDAY 10.00-11.00am*
Six week course fee is £37 and Includes free access for new starters to any other BKO classes for the duration of the course. That's 10 classes a week!
BKO run Six week adult introductory kickboxing courses for complete beginners. All those people who have wanted to give it a go but haven't walked through the door for the first time. Training with People of the same ability, starting at the same time. So your'e all in the same boat.
At the end of the six weeks we'll undertake a red belt grading and you should have enough confidence to continue through the gradings in the ladies class or maybe join one of the mixed ability pay as you go classes we run.
Message me to reserve a space.

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Flanders open Belgium

3rd place in Flanders after a battle in the semis. Coming back from 7 points down to level it over 2x2mins. Then an extension of 1 min finally losing after sudden death. Not at my sharpest, but it's a start for the Euros. George fought well in the teams for 3rd place. He is suffering from illness and fatigue. Nothing some rest won't cure.